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1. Izzo (H.O.V.A.) by Jay-Z

2. Grammy Family by Consequence

3. Let Me Tell You Something by T.I.

4. Heaven by John Legend

5. Encore by JAY Z

6. Angel by The Game

7. These Walls (Dirty MC Edit) by Nappy Roots

8. Otis by Jay-Z

9. Make Her Say by Kid Cudi

10. There Will Be Tears by Mr Hudson

11. Used To Love U by John Legend

12. Supernova by Mr Hudson

13. Rebuilding by Goodie Mob

14. Chi-City by Common

15. Knock Knock by Monica

16. More Or Less by Shyne

17. Do U Wanna Ride by Jay-Z

18. The Rape Over by Mos Def

19. Break My Heart by Common

20. GO! by Common

21.Ghetto by The Madd Rapper

22. Let’s Get Lifted by John Legend

23. D-12 World by D12

24. Live It Up by John Legend

25. Flashing Lights by Kanye West

26. Around My Way by Talib Kweli

27. Talk About Our Love by Brandy

28.Dreams by The Game

29.Selfish by Slum Village

30. Start The Show by Common

31. Not The One by The Madd Rapper

32. Paid The Price by Do Or Die

33. I Wanna Love U by Memphis Bleek

34. Straight No Chaser by Mr Hudson

35. Get Down by Beanie Sigel

36. You’re All Alone by The Madd Rapper

37.Didn’t I by Leela James

38. Swagga Like Us (Feat. Jay-Z, Kanye West & Lil’ Wayne] by T.I.

39. Ghetto by Smitty

40. Billie Jean 2008 Kanye West Mix (Thriller 25th Anniversary Remix) by Michael Jackson

41. Guess Who’s Back by Scarface

42. Hear The Song by Freeway

43.Stronger by Kanye West

44. The Cool by Lupe Fiasco

45. Another Summer by 213

46. Gettin’ It In by Jadakiss

47. No Problems by DJ Kayslay

48. 03’ Bonnie & Clyde by Jay-Z

49. It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop by Dead Prez

50. Izzo (H.O.V.A.) by JAY Z

51. New World Symphony by Miri Ben-Ari

52. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly by Consequence

53. Brand New (Dirty Version) by Rhymefest

54.I Swear by Petey Pablo

55. Strawberry Bounce by Janet Jackson

56. Show Me A Good Time (Album Version (Explicit)) by Drake

57. One Last Time by Twista

58.I Got A Love by Jin

59.Dead Or Alive by Cam'ron

60. Let The Beat Build by Lil Wayne

61. Nothing Like It by Beanie Sigel

62. Still Dreaming by Nas

63. Get By by Talib Kweli

64. Lucifer by JAY Z

65. New God Flow.1 (Album Version (Explicit)) by Kanye West

66. Fly Away by Miri Ben-Ari

67. Sunshine by Mos Def

68. Slow Jamz by Twista

69. Party by Beyonc‚

70. I Try by Talib Kweli

71. Gangsta, Gangsta by Beanie Sigel

72. Stand Up by Ludacris

73. The Morning (Album Version (Explicit)) by Raekwon

74. You Don’t Know My Name by Alicia Keys

75. Everything I Love (Feat. Nas & Cee-Lo) by Diddy

76. Don’t Forget ‘Em by Consequence

77. Throw Your Hands (In The Air) (Dirty) by Mobb Deep

78. Where You Wanna Be by Brandy

79. I Changed My Mind by Keyshia Cole

80. Down by Chris Brown

81. Came Back For You by Lil’ Kim

82. The One (Album Version (Explicit)) by Kanye West

83. This Way by Dilated Peoples

84. Doin’ My Job by T.I.

85. Bull’s-Eye (Suddenly) by Syleena Johnson

86. Wouldn’t Get Far by The Game

87. It’s Alright by Leela James

88. Everything I Love by Diddy

89. Drive Slow by Paul Wall

90. Grown Man, Pt.2 by Young Gunz

91. My Life by Foxy Brown

92. Find Your Love by Drake

93. My Life (Feat. Mary J. Blige) by Fabolous

94. Higher by Do Or Die

95. I Want You by Janet Jackson

96. Chi Town by Da Brat


Catch up post #2

A week ago Sunday, I had the sprint triathlon and @amft ran a half marathon in Oklahoma and then that night we scrambled to meet each other. Both starving, we made some terrible nutritional decisions that will never be discussed in public and then went to The Majestic in Dallas to watch Brandi Carlile’s , The Story Tour. It’s hard to believe that song is ten years old, but it is.

Most of Tumblr is too young to have watched Ally McBeal, but each of the characters had a theme song. And like Ally McBeal, my theme song the past three years has been, The Story. Sometimes it was one line.

“Even when I was flat broke, you made me feel like a million bucks”

And even Ironman.

“I climbed across the mountain tops. Swam across the ocean blue”

And even sometimes very personal

“I crossed all the lines, and I broke all the rules. But baby, I broke them all for you”

At different points throughout the three years, the song changed meanings. It applied to different parts of life and different people.

To watch her perform it live, it was kinda life stopping, life altering, and I’ll forever be a different person than I was before I saw her perform it.

It’s so much more than a song for me. Thank you Angela for one of the greatest gifts you could give me.

“All of these lines across my face
Tell you the story of who I am
So many stories of where I’ve been
And how I got to where I am”

And where I am today…. is not where I want to be. But hopefully soon, things will change.

My first impression of Lightning Returns is that Hope is Navi and everything is brown.

Redesigning my old ocs Brandy Sinclaire and Grimly! Brandy name is changed to Carmilla now. I didn’t like the old name for her for a long time. The black coat with the claws doesn’t get rip it is part of her fur. She has two forms of vampire bat and fuse with Grimly to a big monster. (x) I’m going to design her vamp form some other time! And her mechanic outfit she normally work she build lots of machinery for her long sleeves that is hidden with many weapons and objects. 

George Brandis…

1. Fights dirty to destroy independent watchdogs.

Example A: Gillian Triggs (Human Rights Commissioner) criticised the government’s refugee abuses so Brandis bullied her to quit - when his job as AG is to *defend* her from attacks to preserve her independence.

Example B: Parliament blocked his attempt to kill off the Freedom of Information Commissioner (who helps keep government transparent) so he defunded it, effectively killing it off in a betrayal of Parliament’s wishes. As former Liberal Attorney-General John Dowd told Brandis: “The rule of law is not a nebulous concept but does have some very specific components, one of which is the doctrine of the separation of powers … It is disappointing that we have to draw this simple principle to your attention.”

2. Hates the environment.

Example A: In 2003, he gave a 20 minute speech in Parliament linking environmentalism to Nazism. Google it.

Example B:  When a court found the Environment Minister broke the law in too hastily/sloppily approving a coal mine near the Great Barrier Reef, Brandis tried to change the law to stop green groups taking such government law breaking to the court.

Example C: Defunded and killed off Environmental Defenders’ Offices (they’re like environmental Legal Aid) two months after the mining industry asked him to.

Example D: Justified sacking CSIRO climate scientists because “if the science is settled, why do we need research scientists to continue inquiring into the settled science?” Not that he personally believes it’s settled.

3. Defunded Legal Aid.

Example A: Aboriginal Legal Services was defunded but he did fund $2.2m to those *challenging* native title claims.

Example B: Women’s community legal centres and other CLCs defunded when access to lawyers to escape domestic violence is life and death.

Example C: Only willing to give funds to community legal centres if lawyers there were forbidden from speaking up for law reform (to help the homeless, jobless, abused etc). These lawyers are on the frontline and are valuable in telling us where our law is failing our fellow Aussies.

4. Grab-bag of crapness.

Example A: He spent $28K of taxpayer money on a personal library.

Example B: He pushed for metadata laws but couldn’t explain metadata.

Example C: He wanted s18C scrapped because ‘people have the right to be bigots’.

Example D: He thinks climate change believers are stifling the ‘free speech’ of climate deniers.

TL/DR: George Brandis is Attorney General, the “first law officer of Australia”. His job is to protect the rule of law (but he attacks those who bring up when his government are *breaking* the law), protect free speech (but only when it serves his agenda, the free speech of green groups and community lawyers he goes out of his way to silence) and protect the fair running of the court (but how is that possible if you defund Legal Aid, the only way the poor and most in need can access the courts?).

His attitude to the Solicitor-General in the news today is not surprising.

All That Matters (Part 2)


“What the fuck is this?” Nash says angrily, my eyes widening as he walks up into Shawn’s face, raising his fist. I push my (Y/H/C) hair behind my ear.

“I saw it Nash, so I just presumed that you were done with me.” I said.

“What did you see?” He asks, guilt taking over his features. He lowers his fist and takes a step back from Shawn. I could feel Shawn’s hand tighten around mine and I started rubbing his had with my thumb, calming him down.

“Let me refresh your memory. You, no clothes, and a bed. Oh wait I’m missing something, let me think… That’s right! A shirtless, braless, Lindsay Demeola straddling you chuckling as you plead for Taylor not to tell me.” I recount the video, not letting my emotions take over.

“(Y/N) I, it was an accident. It only happened a couple times… It was a mistake.” Nash pleads as all the other boys stare at Nash in shock. 

“A couple times? We had been together six months Nash. You ruined it for some filthy tramp.” I spat, walking past Bart and asking for Shawn and I’s room keys.

“You’re not gonna say hi to the other boys?” Shawn asks.

“Shit you’re right, that was rude.” I say, walking back towards the lobby. “Hey guys, sorry for being bitchy earlier.” You smile at the others, noticing Nash’s absence.

“It’s no problem (Y/N). We understand.” Gilinsky says to me, giving me one of those famous smiles as he rushes to hug me. Gilinsky picks me up and spins me around in his strong arms. Out of all the boys except Shawn and Nash, Gilinsky and I have been the closest. He’s like the brother I’d never ask for but got anyway, except I like him a lot. I greet all the other boys and they tell us they’re going to the beach and to come soon. Shawn and I go up to our room with Gilinsky and Johnson trailing behind us. 

“So, you and Nash… It’s over right?” JJ (Jack Johnson) asks me, sympathy clouding his face.

“Yeah, as far as I know. I’m just glad I have Shawn you know?” I say grabbing his hand as Shawn kisses my forehead.

“Oh, so you guys are finally together? Thank God, now Shawn can stop complaining about how you’ll never like him blah, blah, blah.” Gilinsky says and my eyes widen as I look up towards Shawn’s flaming red face.

“Yeah, I’m happy. ” I said being a little embarrassed for Shawn. He liked me this whole time? Maybe Gilinsky was just saying that… 

“Seriously?” Gilinsky asks making kiss sounds at me and Shawn.

“Yeah, truthfully.” I said looking into Shawn’s eyes as he smiled at me. We end up at the room and us four walk in, amazed by the ocean view. I pretend not to feel weird about the information I just took in… I mean, I tell him everything. Even everything about me and Nash. The stuff we’ve done. Oh God.

“Are you gonna get ready for the beach? We already are.” JJ said, snapping me out of my embarrassed thoughts, and gestured to him and Gilinsky, pointing to their swimming attire.

“Yeah, I’ll change in the bathroom.” I say as I open my suitcase and grab my black bikini and some frilly black Brandy shorts. I quickly change out of my plane attire and open the door to the bathroom just as Gilinsky lets every single Magcon boy (including Hayes) into our room, Nash and I making an awkward eye contact, with me just wearing a bikini top and shorter-than-short-shorts. I had let down my wavy (Y/H/C) hair and slipped on my red vans, and on the way out I grabbed my tie dye penny board. All the other guys had them so I guessed I needed mine. 

“Damn, (Y/N), you sure know how to wear a suit.” Cameron says as we walk out of the hotel, fans immediately swarming us.

“You sure know how to make a girl blush, Cam.” I say, looking over to see Nash fueled with rage. 

“I missed you (Y/N)” Cam says, giving me a hug as we walked through the crowd of screaming girls, greeting them as we get into the van to go to the boardwalk. 

“I missed you too.” I say once we hop in the van.


Shawn    Jack J     Carter     Bart

(Y/N)      Jack G      Matt            Front

Cam    Nash     Hayes     Taylor )

I cuddled next to Shawn on the way to the beach, earning confused looks from the boys and sad looks from Nash. In a way I felt bad for Nash- even though he broke me- because I never even told him it was over, and that was really harsh. But what Nash did, more than once, was also very harsh. I used to leave Nash in California all the time with Lindsay and her sister, I trusted him. He was probably fucking her the whole time we were together. I shudder at the thought but no one seems to notice.

We arrived at the beach and I grabbed my penny board and hop out of the car with the rest of the boys. We find a nice spot on the beach and Shawn and I lay our towels right next to each others, earning some weird looks from the boys. Taylor, Shawn, Nash, Hayes, and the Jacks go to take pictures with the fans while Aaron, Carter, and Matt go fuck around in the water. I slip off my shorts, start to tan, and try to forget about the whole mess that this trip has been. I feel the warm sun baking my pale skin and the cold hits me. I open my eyes to see Cameron blocking the sun.

“What’s going on (Y/N)?” He asks me, sitting down on Shawn’s towel next to me.

‘What do you mean?” I ask innocently.

“You and I both know that Shawn likes you, and three days after you find out Nash slept with Lindsay you move on? If you’re using Shawn for some type of jealousy thing…” Cameron continues, and I’m shocked that he would even think that of me.

“Cameron, if you honestly believe I would ever do something like that you aren’t a true friend.” I say sharply. He looks down to the sand in either shame or guilt, or both. He knows I’m right.

“I know (Y/N), it’s just that I don’t want Shawn to get hurt. Especially by you.” He says and gives me a worried look.

“I would never hurt Shawn. All of you boys should know how much I love him. We’ve been through everything together and I would never give him up to make someone as pathetic and low as Nash Grier jealous. I don’t care what Nash thinks, does, or says anymore because he’s not my problem. I’m with Shawn now and if you guys can’t except that then…” I stop when I hear a muffled sob behind me and I turn around to see Nash in tears. I turn to face Cam and see that he’s about as shocked as I am. Nash never cries, especially not in public.

“Is that true? You love Shawn?” He chokes on his words. I fight every urge that I have to hold him and run my fingers through his hair, telling him it’s gonna be okay and that I love him. Because I don’t love him. I hate him.

“Yeah, it is true Nash. I love Shawn more than I ever loved you.” I say to him. My voice is so sharp I’m afraid I could’ve physically hurt him.  Shawn walks over to us to see my angry expression and gives me a confused look. Nash’s feelings seem to have overloaded and he turns to face Shawn, waiting to do what he’s wanted to do all day. I watch in shock as Nash’s fist collides with Shawn’s face.

(AN: Hope you enjoy this. I really like writing this and yeah, Love you guys and thank you so much!)

I was really hyped for Guardians of the Galaxy the movie and Rocket Raccoon is all time my favorite (raccoons are my favorite animal). I was in the mood to draw my demonic raccoon babe, Brandy. There are slight changes, like the hair is more bouncy and poofy, those annoying arm bands she had is gone, and the wings are different.
Brandy Sinclaire & Grimly belongs to me