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Russell Brand discusses Iggy Azalea and the appropriation of black culture (watch the full interview from October 2014 here)

  • “Hasn’t that always been the way with mainstream culture? Whether it’s the blues or rock n’ roll [or hip hop]. The re-appropriation of black culture into the mainstream? That’s always been the way. It becomes sanitized. It loses its original message without ever conceding any rights to non-white people. Take the best bits. Keep the fruit. And abandon the people.”
  • “The idea that black culture is constantly being ransacked is a powerful narrative, a powerful story that began with slavery, one of the great abominations of human history. That injury hasn’t been healed. The civil rights struggle is only 50 years ago and still racism is a prevalent issue in this country and all over the world.”

arizona green tea is lgbt+ culture… in fact no, all arizona brand beverages are lgbt+ culture now, crack open a can of wild gay energy


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Allura: I suppose I should talk about how the cafe was founded. When I graduated college my father proposed to me I run my own small business before taking on the family company.

Lance: Allura here is the princess of Altea department stores like… for real. She is swimming in the hot okane* stacks!! ( money)

Allura: Yes well. I have always been interested in the idea but many of the maid cafes around us lacked subtly. While I love delighting and entertaining with more of the otaku brand culture, I wanted to add my own. We often hold lessons on fine dining and western tea. Helping our customers become more eloquent and elegant and poised.

Coran: I of course as her father’s assistant, saw to that Allura was doing her job.

Allura: Now I love the shop, struggles aside it is so rewarding.

Coran: Now for the rest of you scrappy lot!

Allura: Yes! Why did you all join us?

Shiro: Ah.. i-it seemed interesting (( 'cause he liked Allura))

Lance: Y-Yeah good work opportunity (( ‘cause he liked Allura ))

Hunk: I get to spend time with my b-buddy! (( Lance’s wingman/ free food ))

Pidge: Money. (( Lance’s backup wingman…. and really money ))

Keith: Broke a window.

Keith: It’s alright. A job’s a Job, right? But a reason?

Keith: No reason really.

Haha, remember when people actually protested and striked for an 8-hour day?

Those silly old-timey people didn’t know about the New Economy, where we choose to work 14-hour days because we’re go-getters and self-starters!  We’re building our personal brands!  It’s the startup culture, it’s the gig culture, it’s the everyone-is-an-entrepreneur culture!  We’re not oppressed, we’re motivated!  Let’s show the world what we Millennials can do!

…sometimes i’m so tired i don’t even feel safe driving home