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jess mariano + smiling/laughing (requested by anonymous) 

#i would like to take a moment to acknowledge how difficult it was to find scenes without rory where he was genuinely smiling #she is his sunshine and light #carry on

i want you to smash the idea in your mind that there are “important people” and then, there’s you.  that there are worthy people, special people, and then, on the other hand, there’s you.  nothing is further from the truth.  you are important.  you are just as important as anyone else, and you’re the hero of your story– as heroic and amazing as your favorite heroes from your favorite stories.  you’re the protag.  this is your epic quest.  this is your Test.  and, believe me when i tell you, you’re doing so, so well

McFarlane Toys are Releasing Destiny Guardian Action Figures

IGN exclusively revealed the initial wave of toys that features all three Guardian classes which will all come in window box collector packaging and featuring a Destiny-branded base. As part of the partnership between Bungie and McFarlane, the toy company will create more 10-inch figures as well as role play items. These are set for a release this July for a suggested price of $19.99. 20 FUCKING DOLLARS!

Now we wait for news about Destiny Funko Pops…

  • Cherry
  • Moose Blood
  • I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time

There’s only one place that I wanna be,
It’s home with you, girl, so I can hear you breathe.
With your hair up like you do,
And that face that you give me when you’ve missed me.

people on my dash are complaining abt d+p’s branding for the tatinof movie and documentary. .. .  and i’m like …. my pals… . . remember ….this is their chance to dump it all and move on. they are leaving it all with a bang. the rebranding is coming. embrace the storm for now while you can.

Warm Me Up ch. 23

I don’t remember the songs I listened to oops. 

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Eyes seemed to follow him everywhere. It made Will feel on edge and frustrated. He walked, trying to ignore it as he got his work done. Forget months of hard work. One little bad day seemed to have branded him untrustworthy.

Part of him wanted to quit and intern elsewhere, but he was worried they wouldn’t take him if the doctors told about what had happened. What did they expect anyway? He was still just a teenager. And he was usually good about separating personal and work life. It wasn’t his fault the two had suddenly decided to merge into one giant headache.

“Keep your chin up, pal,” Malcolm said, walking beside him. “Just don’t look so angry when doing it. You’re supposed to look approachable.”

Will rolled his eyes and sighed. He gave a forced smile and shook his head. “Yeah, I know. It’s just creeping me out. Like everyone’s waiting for me to burst again. They know I’m not like that. It was… a bad day. After a few bad weeks.” He shook his head and rolled his head to try and shake off the stress. “I have to go check on one of my kids. I’ll see you later.”

Malcolm smiled at the term and nodded, disappearing into another wing of the hospital.

Meanwhile, Will hurried to the room for a little girl who had stayed a few days after a severe asthma attack. He opened the door and smiled brightly as the little girl sat up. “How are you feeling today, little sunflower?” he asked. Her name was Flor, and she was so bubbly and happy, that it was easy to provide a nickname for her.

“I’m okay,” she answered, licking pudding off her fingers. “Are you going to do the routine again?” He smiled and nodded. Her older brother chuckled softly as she scooted forward and sat up.

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BBC One orders Gunpowder from Kudos

BBC One today (19.02.2017) announces a brand-new three part drama series Gunpowder developed by Ronan Bennett, Kit Harington and Daniel West, written by Ronan Bennett (Top Boy, Hidden) and produced by Kudos.

The series will star Kit Harington (Game of Thrones), Peter Mullan (Top of the Lake), Mark Gatiss (Sherlock), and Liv Tyler (Lord Of The Rings), and will be directed by J Blakeson (The Disappearance of Alice Creed).

Piers Wenger, BBC Controller Drama Commissioning, says; “Ronan Bennett’s powerful scripts tells the visceral and resonant story behind the Gunpowder Plot and I couldn’t be more delighted that J Blakeson is on board to direct and that Kit Harington, Peter Mullan, Mark Gatiss and Liv Tyler will star. Gunpowder will be unmissable event television.” 

 The 3x60’ series will be written by Ronan Bennett, directed by J Blakeson and produced by Kudos (Apple Tree Yard, Broadchurch, Grantchester and Humans) in association with Thriker Films.

Executive Producers are Ollie Madden for Kudos and Stephen Wright for the BBC. Kit Harington and Daniel West are Co-Executive Producers for Thriker Films. [X]

Flower girl
I am not what I seem
I’m the reason
Your leaves are withering
My sun has set
And I will never keep you warm again

How I long to be in bloom for you
How I long to be in bloom with you

Pollen eyes
I fear that I’m falling asleep
Winter’s calling me
Far sooner than it ought to be

How I long to be the soil to keep you safe
Will I ever be more than my mistakes?

Stoner veins
I’m feining death
I’m losing breath
And sense of time

—  Sorority Noise// Fuschia