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mines L and 5 if you're still doing them

L: “On go, we’re going to run, okay?”
5: “High School Musical.”

im going to use my OCs for this tbh, bc i kept thinking about them in this situation

“What, pray tell, the fuck?”

Aeko rolls her eyes and taps Zoya’s nose again, briefly pointing behind her and at the group of performers dressed in red and white, several of them holding streamers, banners and flags with various versions of a red wildcat vector and Wildcats! written in white, loopy handwriting.

Zoya wrinkles her nose and shifts until Aeko is between her and the ground of people coming towards them. “Its like a zombie apocalypse decided to come early.”

Aeko huffs a laugh and hides a grin. “Its just High School Musical.”

Just High School Musical?” Zoya repeats, tone coloued with shock. “Ko its flash mob and we’re gonna get trampled by them.”

Zoya looks between them, the crowd slowly coming and shudders when she hears the beginning of ‘I don’t dance’. Aeko smirks at this and goes on her toes to lean her head against Zoya’s shoulder and wrap her arms around her waist.

She moves closer, Zoya’s hand coming up to play with the short strands of her hair, and whispers “Hey batter batter, hey batter batter swing.”

Zoya squeaks and squirms away from Aeko’s touch with a hiss. “Heathen! You heathen, the musical vibes have taken my girlfirned, you’re corrupted with the disease and are here to corrupt my brain now!”

Aeko rolls her eyes at her girlfriend’s dramatics and pecks her cheek. “Too late, you’re officially a zombie now.”

She smiles at Zoya’s flushed face, olive toned skin going pinker by the second as she kisses Zoya’s chin next, avoiding her mouth at all costs. There’s a small whine from her and Aeko nuzzles her jaw before tapping Zoya’s waist.

“On go, we’re going to run, okay?”

Zoya nods dumbly, still flustered and looking away from her partner’s eyes - stormy and devious. “Uhm - uh, yes, yeah sure, lets - do the running, yes good um.”

Aeko shakes her head and looks back at the crowd coming closer, voices increasing in volume as they danced towards the two girls nearly wrapped around one another.

“On one - Go!”

Zoya splutters when her girlfriend takes off running and follows with a yell, Aeko’s giggles leading the way.

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