brand: ninja polish


Ninja Polish Zultanite

I am in love. Autumn is my favourite season and the only way to describe Zultanite is autumn in a bottle. It shifts between green, gold, and a deep reddish-brown, with oodles of similarly-shifting glitter. The glitter doesn’t shift quite as much as the base colour, so there’s some really cool contrast there. In some lights I can even see blue in the bottle, but I haven’t been able to capture that on the nail. The formula is on the thin side, easy to work with and dries quickly. I only needed one coat of topcoat to completely smooth out the glitter.

Shown here is one coat over black. You could wear Zultanite alone, but it’s very sheer and I’d much rather preserve this bottle for as long as I can. Obviously, how well it wears without chipping/tipwear will depend on what you layer it over. I used Cult Nails Nevermore and got amazing wear out of it, with no chips and only minimal tipwear after six days. I’d also love to try it over another duo/multichrome and see what happens!

It’s a truly stunning colour and I can’t wait to try the other two polishes in the Ninja Polish Facets collection, nor can I wait to see what they release in the future! I’d recommend signing up to be notified of new stock on the Ninja Polish website, since this one sells out fast whenever it appears.

I went to Ross to pick up a blister pack of LA Colors polish - I didn’t really want the whole pack, I just wanted a glitter in it that’s a dupe for OPI’s “I Lily Love You”, but it wasn’t sold separately so…whole bunch of polishes for cheap, no idea what to do with the extras.

And then gradients with black and white glitter started going all over my nail boards last week, and I had this sort of blue-violet creme and this teal creme and I stuck them next to each other and thought, “Hey, that looks nice." 

So there you go.

Unnamed LA Colors - there’s no names on the bottles or the blister pack.

One coat of Ninja Polish "Sticks & Stones”.

I said I’d start posting my nail polish here– I like to pose putting my hand on my bass because it makes me practice more.

This is A. England Lady of Shalott + Ninja Polish Howling Blue Moon + a wee bit of Crow’s Toes Triple Black Diamond. Attempting a sort of gradient galaxy thing. I am not the bestest nail painter ever but I like how this came out.

I finally used my Sticks ‘n Stones polish and I LOVE IT!

First I did a black and gray gradient. Then I added Sticks 'n Stones as a gradient on top. The differently shaped glitter is like confetti on my nails!

Sticks 'n Stones is so much fun! I must use it again soon!

Polishes Used:
China Glaze 652 Recycle
Jordana 089 Black
Ninja Polish Cover Band Sticks 'n Stones

Most nails have a few coats of Ninja Polish Festive Floam, which I originally waffled on getting but am now glad I did.  The accent nail has Butter London Dodgy Barnett—yes, it’s actually a holo, but you can’t tell with all the other stuff going on. The tree is from the Bunny Nails HD set and is stamped in Konad Green. The way the ornaments are arrayed reminds me of a Dalek every time I look at it.  And, of course, no tree is complete without an iridescent yellow plastic star glued on it.

Overall, this was fun but kind of more subdued than I had envisioned.

Ooh I have been looking for a way to use this grey jelly polish and none of the ways I tried were working - until now.

Two coats of OPI ‘My Pointe Exactly’ then one of Cover Band/Ninja Polish 'Sticks and Stones’, and two more of the OPI on top. Sure, it’s a loooooooot of polish but doesn’t it look cool?

My usual butter London base and topcoats were used. And this is much better than that disastrous Barbie pink from earlier!