brand: marni


I’m going jump right into Spring and start it off with Marni. What’s not to love about this collection? I’m very much obsessed with every piece, the construction of the garments, and even the shoes! Let’s talk about my favorite pieces, which pretty much includes every piece, jokes aside I’m pretty sure the color of the year is burgundy (It’s everywhere.) I completely want and need the short-sleeved denim shirt! I’m dying for the color blocked boat neck T (I’m not one to wear T’s.) I think over the past recent years my style has definitely changed I’ve gone from a Preppy guy, to a tad dapper, little hipster (it’s casual Friday for a reason), and I think now I’ve really defined my style and who I am. I’m totally a Marni guy and I like it! Ok back to fashion my second must have piece are those yellow trousers. And this will be the first time I’m actually looking forward to wearing shorts this year; I will be rocking them all. The printed jumper is on some other level status. But let me give some love to the long length coats … everyone go buy and wear it to death (You know you WANT it.) OHH and you guys’ that red wine zippered jacket I die. And we all need a black suit! Also those shoes are immaculate, it’s spring, time for new shoes! Also you I’m too down for sandals with socks!! GO check out Marni your life will be changed!