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Sup Tumblr 🙌

My name is Adeen. I decided to join Tumblr today thanks to my little sister.I’m 24 yrs old and I’m from Philadelphia born and raised. I just moved to NYC a couple weeks back but wasn’t sure about the whole Tumblr situation. I’m a mechanic and I own my own auto-shop. I’m single with no kids 🚫. I’m all about my family and business. I’m pretty easy to get along with ya feel me? I play basketball 🏀 and football 🏈 when I ain’t busy. I’m always at all the events going on around town so don’t be surprised if y'all catch me at a party. That’s it for the introduction, my inbox is open if y'all have anymore questions. Don’t be a stranger Tumblr folks ✌️

spoopy-snek  asked:

Do you babes have any hobbies?

Adeen shrugs, “I don’t really have a hobby, unless working out is one of them?”

Big Mama perks up a bit, “I collect trophies from battles that have given me a run for my credits, I’ve actually formed quite th-” The door bursts open as Calabaza jumps through.

“I TAKE THE SKULLS OF MY ENEMIES AND MOUNT THEM ON MY WALL!” Calabaza yells, as in the background Big Mama screams.

Adeen Carrageen | 19 | 5'7” | Inkling |

Adeen is Anne’s older cousin and seen like sister to her. Adeen is a very talented mature Inkling and can do many things from speaking a second language to playing guitar. She’s seen as one of the most beautiful squids in the plaza. She also has a rep with using flirting to mess with other Inklings and splat them when they’re confused. She often keeps her hat off when she’s not really seeing anything serious in turf, but when there is, She puts it on and gives one halibut show.


the love of my life