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pairing: kim taehyung x oc // kim seokjin x oc 

summary: what happens when Taehyung falls for someone who’s already taken? Can he control his feelings or will they take over and render him powerless? In the end is it all her fault or his…? 


bonnie & clyde - dean  • bloodstream - stateless  • up in the air - thirty seconds to mars  • tear you apart - she wants revenge  • little monster - royal blood  • animals - maroon 5  • untitled - brand new  • the heinrich maneuver - interpol   • twice - little dragon • arctic monkeys - do i wanna know  • wicked game - chris isaak  • i’ll let you live - taking back sunday  • neverland (a fragment) - sisters of mercy  • be gone - brand new  • 

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SHEEF + SOULMATES (i'm so boring)

so not boring, i love it. 

S: So Contagious - Acceptance
O: Out of Range - Brand New
U: Untitled - Paper Route
L: Last Night Here - Kill Hannah
M: My Demons (Acoustic) - Starset
A: Am I Wrong (DJ Dark & DJ Vianu Remix) - Nico & Vinz
T: Taro - Alt-J (I promise this one is relevant to the theme, provided you know the story of Gerda Taro & Robert Capa…)
E: Each Coming Night - Iron & Wine
S: Swan Song - Lana Del Rey

send me a ship + a word and i’ll make a themed playlist out of the letters

30 Day Writing Challenge

The story I’m focusing on for the next thirty days is a brand new, currently untitled work of currently undetermined length about a traumatized former teen superhero who’s gone off the grid for college.

Day 1:
write five possible first sentences

  1. Lydia never asks about my scars despite her desperate curiosity.
  2. Battling winter winds all the way across campus is nearly worse than the time [insert cool villain name] turned half the team into ice sculptures. Guess which half of the team I was on.
  3. My parents always wanted what was best for themselves.
  4. Secret identities barely exist thanks to social media. More power to the supers who like the attention, but it took a lot of time and shady favors for me to disappear.
  5. “Introduce yourself to the class” should’ve died a miserable death in grade school, but Professor Bell points us out at random and asks we regale him with our life stories. I try to sound convincing as I lie through my teeth.