Is IHOP teaming up with the shitlords of #WorldPatriarchyDay or something?

IHOP deleted the tweet. But the Internet is forever, sexists. 

They may have tried to sweep that gross tweet under the rug. But here’s another one from last month that no one has thought to get rid of just yet:


What is this, the International House of Problematics?

I give the transgression of letting sexist pancake bros work your pancake social media account four problematics. 

White Feminism 101: Is It Working?
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by Megan Huynh

When the term “white feminism” is heard, celebrities like Taylor Swift, Lena Dunham, and Amy Schumer come to mind. All of these women claim to espouse feminism, some even making the message of girl power part of their brand, but fail to acknowledge issues pertaining to race and class. So what exactly is white feminism? White feminism is feminism that is primarily centered around the issues and struggles that affect white women and does not recognize intersectionality, or the notion that issues such as race, sexuality, disability, and others are all intertwined and cannot be discussed as separate issues. 

Let’s look at some examples of white feminism. White feminism is white, upper class women obtaining suffrage in 1920, while women of color could not vote until decades later. White feminism is fighting the pay gap, arguing against women gaining 77 cents to a man’s dollar, while failing to acknowledge that our black and Latina sisters are earning 64 and 54 cents, respectively. White feminism is supporting Miley Cyrus for embracing her sexuality, while slut shaming Nicki Minaj for doing the same. White feminism is assuming every female is equally oppressed, when in actuality, minorities, such as women of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community, face hate crimes on a much greater scale than the average middle-class, cis white woman. White feminism continues to ignore the voices of trans women and queer women, while solely focusing on, of course, white women. White feminism is wearing a t-shirt that advocates for equal rights while not recognizing that that very same shirt was made by a woman in a third world country, barely making enough money to sustain themselves and their family.

One classic pop culture example of white feminism in action was the Summer of 2015 Twitter feud between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. After getting snubbed for a VMA nomination for her video “Anaconda,” Minaj took to Twitter to voice her frustration, also highlighting the problematic lack of diversity common in awards shows and the discrimination she faced as a black female artist. Swift then took personal offense at this comment, shifting the conversation from racism and double standards in the industry to her own personal message of “girls supporting girls” and “female empowerment” and suggesting that “one of the men” took Minaj’s spot. This is a quintessential white feminist move, drawing away focus from issues of things like race to make the situation solely about gender. 

Currently, white feminism seeks to silence and erase the voices of women of color and other oppressed groups, which ultimately distracts from issues faced by minorities and is detrimental to the idea of feminism as a whole. When we strive for equality between the sexes, that should mean true equality, no matter race, sexuality, gender identity, class, or anything else. The alternate to white feminism, however, is intersectional feminism. It is impossible for one’s experiences related to gender be separated from their experiences based on race or class. Of course, feminism should also seek to include those that are not women as well, including men and non-binary people.

So what if you find yourself to actually be a white feminist? How should you make your feminism more intersectional? Shift your perspective of feminism from your position or a position of privilege to one of others as well. If you make a mistake and say something discriminatory, do not act defensive and recognize your error. Include the opinions and thoughts of people of other oppressed groups in your conversations about feminism. And most importantly, remember to think about how certain issues affect people not only of different genders but of different races, ethnicities, sexuality, class, and ability.

Aint Never Had a Servant Like ME- A fate edition of “Never had a Friend Like Me”


Master, I don’t think you quite realize what you got here!
So, why don’t you just rejoice
While I give the choice of possibilities!

Well, Hassan-I-Sabbah had them 80 thieves,
Heracles had a thousand lives.
But master you’re in luck, ‘cause up your sleeves
You’ve got a brand of servant never fails!

You’ve got some weapons in your holy church!
Some heavy command seals in your hand!
You got some slice, dice, chop and wow.
See, all you gotta do is make that pact, and I’ll say:

“Mr. Kotomine, sir, what will your order be?
Let me take your command, act it out?”
You ain’t never had servant like me

Life is your restaurant and I’m your Tofu for free!
Come on whisper what it is you want;
You ain’t never had servant like me!

Yes sir, I pride myself on perfection.
Your the master, the fake, the overseer!
Say what you wish; it’s yours, true dish.
How 'bout a little more destruction?

Have some of vault A, try all of vault B,
I’m in the mood to corrupt you, dude.
You ain’t never had servant like me

Could Assassin do this?

Can your lancer do that?

Can other servants pull this

Out their little gate?

Can other servants go poof?
Well looky here

Can your friends go Enuma Elish, let her rip,

And then make the world disappear?

So don’t just sit there pale-faced, dead-eyed,
I’m here to answer all your mid-day prayers,
You’ve got me entertainment certified;
You’ve got a servant to win the war

I’ve got a powerful urge to corrupt you now,
So what you wish, I really wanna know?
You’ve got a list that’s three miles long, no doubt,
Well all you’ve gotta do is kill tokomi so, and oh ­-

Mr. Kotomine, sir, have a Grail or two or three.
I’m on the job you fake ol’ priest
You ain’t never had a servant, never had a servant,
You ain’t never had a servant, never had a servant,
You ain’t never had a servant like me.
You ain’t never had a servant like me


Bottle brand #13 failed

I should really stop being scared of my babies having nipple confusion everytime I have one .. MARK MY WORDS.. baby number 3 (whenever that will be ) is getting at least two bottles a day when my milk comes in .. I am not doing this shit for a 3rd time. A friend sent me literally the only other 2 brands of bottle on the market that I have not tried, and the one was just a fail. 😩😩 I’m so over this. I feel like a shit mom and girlfriend because my baby is refusing the bottle and my poor boyfriend has to be miserable everyday I work because Haakon cries the whole damn time and just refuses. Like how does a baby not get hungry after not having anything to eat for 6+ hours?!? “They will eat when they’re hungry” is a crock of shit. This kid is standing his ground.

♥︎ @townterror

THE PARTY IS DULL, the food bland, the people blander still. perhaps flying out all the way to japan ( for a makeup brand destined to fail ) was a mistake. at least the people are nice. boring, mundane, cookiecutter. but they aren’t hollywood zombies, thank fuck.

barbie smooths her dress and looks around, gaze landing on a man standing uncomfortably to the side. she walks over to him, smile bright, and traces the outline of her champagne glass with a redpainted finger. over and over and over, almost as if to HYPNOTIZE him.

 you look lost

Thoughts on Dans new video

I have to say, I’m very happy that Dan is moving away from the “danisnotonfire” and “reasons why Dan’s a fail” branding, because he isn’t a fail and not a lost teenager anymore, so it would just feel un-genuine.

I like the idea of the video. It’s something I think a lot often, and although I don’t agree with everything he says, it’s certainly interesting. But I didn’t really like the execution. It felt very rushed, forced and all over the place, there were too many topics, and because of that I didn’t really get some of the arguments behind his statements. In my opinion, it should have been longer, maybe a little bit better scripted in terms of logical connections between topics.

Also, it was a bit too zoomed in which irks me, but that’s probably just me.

I hope this type of video is what Dan continues to make, just a bit better planned and maybe a bit more relaxed?

I agree that ACWNR isn’t the start of Erwin and Levi’s deep trust like some of us wanted it to be. However, I like ACWNR because of the contrast of their relationship then and now. However, Levi’s “revelation” in the VN isn’t about Erwin. It is about himself. Even though Erwin manipulated Lobov (and I believe getting rid of Lobov was Erwin’s prime objective since Lobov was going to cut SL funding. He needed Lobov to higher an assassin so that he could have substantial proof of Lobov’s unworthiness of his station, getting Levi was an added benefit but not his first objective), Levi still had a choice and he chose to kill someone he didn’t know. He decided to kill someone to higher his station in life.

Some people also seem upset that Erwin didn’t reach out to Levi, but Levi is literally there to kill him, to end his life. Would you reach out to somebody that you knew wanted to kill you? Yes, Erwin’s scheming is the part of the reason he is there but another reason Levi is there is because he decided to kill a man and I don’t think that is stressed enough. Yes, Levi lives in a harsh world where he has to survive. Yes, Levi cares about his friends and grows emotionally attached to them. But, he is also capable of morally reprehensible things.  He even tries to justify this morally grey decision by holding on to the belief that Erwin is like all the other selfish, greedy higher ups. When this belief is shattered, when he learns that Erwin is fighting for a higher cause and isn’t just an egotistical, slimy rich guy, it affects Levi’s perception of himself more than it affects his perception of Erwin. Levi’s revelation is not how Erwin is a good man, it is how Levi is a selfish, prideful person in comparison to Erwin.

Some people say that it is Erwin’s fault that Isabelle and Farlan died and while that is partly true there are several things to suggest that Levi deserves the majority of the blame (in the VN).

First, correct me if I’m wrong but were they even supposed to go outside the walls? This might be in the manga but I remember that Farlan didn’t want them to go outside. But, Levi, whose pride had been hurt (which, to him, justified his “need” to murder someone he hardly knew) insisted that they stay so he could kill Erwin himself. I might be wrong about this, though. Would Erwin have let them leave if they had wanted to? IDK how he could stop them. The only way he even “caught” them was because they wanted to get caught? And if the choice he gives Levi in the end is an indicator I do think he would have let them leave if they had really wanted to.

I think it all boils down to this. In ACWNR both Levi and Erwin were gambling with human lives. Erwin wanted Levi as a weapon and murdering Erwin was Levi’s ticket out of the underground. They both wanted something from the other, no personal feelings attached what so ever (and in Levi’s case, the only thing attached was a substantial dehumanization of Erwin. Someone once said to me that to even consider murdering someone, especially someone you don’t know, you have to dehumanize them). Both Erwin and Levi dehumanize and objectify each other in ACWNR, however as Levi later discovers, Erwin is doing this for the good of humanity (or at least what he thinks is good for humanity) and Levi is doing this only for personal gain and to heal a wounded ego. Furthermore, Erwin’s gamble did not require a human’s death while Levi’s did (Erwin’s death). I will never believe that Isabelle and Farlan dying was part of the plan, unless of course someone can convince me that Erwin planned for it to be a rainy and foggy day, planned for his brand new formation to fail spectacularly in front of his superiors. Plus, Erwin believes in Levi’s strength (or else why would he go through all the trouble to get Levi in the SL) and if Levi’s head had been on straight that day Isabelle and Farlan would have been in the safest position possible in the context of the mission. Not only were they placed in the most protected part of the formation, they had Levi with them. However, because of pride and a desire to kill, Levi didn’t consider all the consequences of his gamble. He chose to leave Farlan and Isabelle unprotected (and unlike the OVA he doesn’t try to justify it by saying they will be “safer” or some other BS). He prioritized his own selfish, morally grey desires over the safety of his friends. This of course counts against Levi’s original motivation being his desire to make a better life for his friends on the surface world. In the end Erwin was a better, more thoughtful gambler who didn’t let personal feelings compromise his subordinates’ safety.

Levi’s revelation is the fact that he does morally grey things for personal reasons and sometimes doesn’t think about the consequences, which puts people in danger, which causes"useless" deaths.“ Yes, maybe Levi stays for a shot at redemption, but not just for redemption for his friends’ deaths, rather for redemption for the way he has lived his life. Erwin is offering Levi a chance to do good and possibly become a better person because of that. Levi is definitely like Kenny when he meets Uri, Kenny became more self-aware of his reasons for killing and how they weren’t always for survival, how he might have enjoyed killing for his own personal gratification. Uri told Kenny that he could do good for the world and that is why he stayed. Not just because Uri was so "awesome” but also because of the way latching on to a cause made him feel about himself.

ACWNR isn’t a story about how Levi and Erwin started a personal relationship and developed an unbreakable trust. It is a story about the morally grey things people do and the reasons behind them. When are they justified, when are they not? If you gamble with human lives, what should your motivations be? It is a story about Levi taking responsibility for his actions, taking responsibility for how he affects the world and humanity. It is a story about how Erwin Smith was perhaps the first person to ever tell Levi that he didn’t only have to survive but that he could do good for humanity. It is a story about how Levi’s world came crashing down like a cold bucket of water to the face which didn’t reveal the inherent qualities of Erwin’s world view, but rather revealed the flaws of Levi’s world view. Despite Erwin being the master schemer, within his grand scheme Levi was still left with many choices. Should he kill a man he didn’t know for monetary gain? Should he go outside the walls, against his friends’ advice, to ensure Erwin dies by his hands? Should he abandon his friends in the middle of rainy, foggy titan territory just so he can gratify himself by murdering Erwin? And to sum it all up, Levi made the wrong choices. That is why Levi decides to stay with the SL. Not because going back to the underground is the worse of two evils, in fact Erwin says Levi would be pardoned for all his crimes so Levi wouldn’t even have to go back to the underground. He could have a fresh start as a respectful, legitimate surface citizen. He stays because he made all the wrong choices and his friends died because of them. He stays because he owes it, not to Erwin and not even to himself, but to his dead friends to start making the right choices. If doing good by humanity and fighting the Titans can lessen the suffering of the poor, underprivileged people like him and his friends than that is what he will do.

I can see why someone could look at ACWNR and despair at the fact that Erwin seems cold af, and Levi seems to stay in the SL out a sense of defeat and emptiness. But that is not how I read it. ACWNR, I think, is Levi taking control of his own redemption and his own strength. But that is just my interpretation.

I haven’t read the ACWNR VN in a while though, so I might have gotten some details wrong here.

yumiko27  asked:

53,68,89 :)

53. Favorite make up brand?

Tbh, I don’t wear makeup often since I like to take care of my natural look more but the brand that has never failed me when I did use makeup would be MAC Cosmetics. 

68. Twitter or Tumblr?

Tumblr. I’ve only used Twitter once and I hated it since I ramble too much for 140 characters, lol.

89. Name a person you hate?

Kristina Dietrich. I did say I would be honest and it’s not like she’ll ever see this, haha. She caused a lot of drama in my life and lied about being my friend (not to mention she always managed to ruin any love life I had going for me.) We have no contact anymore but the scars and hate are still there. 

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What did jeffree do now?

Recently he commented about KVD’s new Pastel Goth palette about how “it’s called pastel but there’s no pastels” followed by proceeding to call her brand a “mall brand” and an “epic fail” through hashtags. People were calling him out for this being unprofessional, and he tried to victimize himself under the guise of “but it’s muh opinion!!! u silencing my opinion is disgusting!!!” Basically trying to demonize the people calling him out, as usual. 

Another incident is that a customer when hitting pan discovered a hair embedded in her Skin Frost. It took contacting customer support a couple of times and her posting about it on social media for the CS to finally get back to her. A Jeffree-stan was trying to “prove” said customer’s Skin Frost was “fake” by comparing a BRAND NEW skin frost (& its logo) to the customer’s USED (with the logo fading & it’s pan exposed) skin frost. Jeffree responded to his stan laughing and calling the situation “crazy” and the customer’s complaints “displaced anger.” He’s recently in the last hour went on a twitter rant about “the haters” though I’m positive part of it was directed at the hair-in-the-highlighter fiasco since for some reason he felt the need to say that we should keep “highlighting our cheeks”.

And not that I know much about this, but apparently he called a youtuber a f*ggot and there’s a screenshot of it but ofc people are calling it fake, so do what you will with that info. However, JS has been making false copyright claims on said youtuber’s videos even though they’re protected under fair use. 

someone needs to make a “how tumblrs brand of social justice failed in the year 2014” masterpost. include:

  • feminists making a scientist cry over his shirt
  • the utter failure that was #stoptheparade
  • anita sarkeesian being revealed as a fraud
  • shia lebeouf’s ignored rape
  • doxxing
  • defending lena dunham

and the others i know im forgetting. anyone wanna help?

EDIT: i just realized all of the things i mentioned here happened within the last month or so…holy shit

Let’ take a moment to appreciate all the great things that happened to Jessica and f(x) these past few days…

For Jessica:

  • Jessica started filming in Beijing
  • The release of Jessica’s photo shoot for W Korea
  • Sica following Krystal on IG again
  • News of Jessica expanding into cosmetics
  • B&E UK & US expansion 
  • Jessica attending MM6 gala
  • B&E official entry into the Chinese Market announced
  • B&E became the first business partner of Hitao
  • B&E winter collection announcement

For a year old business, B&E is doing really well. Many people said her brand would fail about a year ago, and Jessica is surely proving them wrong.  Somewhere in the shadows, many people are probably crying out of bitterness or pissed off. I can’t wait for their next “predictions” for her.

For f(x):

  • The first & solid hint of their long overdue comeback finally happened
  • Teaser for their exhibit
  • 4 walls 
  • Victoria exhibit
  • Luna exhibit
  • Krystal exhibit
  • Amber exhibit
  • f(x) group exhibit
  • Sulli supporting f(x)
  • Baby Jung birthday
  • Comeback performance broadcast date announced 
  • Billboard, promotions, and recordings

After being pushed over a countless times, f(x) finally got the comeback they deserve. I am so rooting for them. I can’t wait for them to slay! 



A Quick Look at Shiseido Maquillage Spring 2014 Offerings

I haven’t actually tried the Maquillage line before, embarrassingly enough. I usually gravitate to the stronger colors and textures in the main Shiseido prestige line, and passed over the other 2 mainstays, Maquillage and Elixir.

Developed in Japan primarily as a mega drugstore line, it quickly became a popular mid-to-high end line in other Asian countries. The brand features soft, fail-safe colors in neutral, office-appropriate tones that flatter Asian complexions (although a lot of these colors would honestly look beautiful on everyone), and the same silky textures that you would expect from premium lines.

This March, the brand is launching 2 new neutral eyeshadow palettes (S$69), one with a silver-blue accent (BL231 above) and one with pink. The will also be launching a couple of new True Rouge lipstick shades (S$49) and Essence Glamorous Rouge glosses (S$43), all in variations of “my-lips-but-better” tones. 

Aside from this, there will be a limited edition highlighter which I haven’t had the privilege to see yet. But if most of the Japanese limited edition highlighters are an indication, it will likely be painfully pretty to look at. :/

Permanent Addition

One addition to the permanent range is the new True Liquid Long Keep UV foundation which I’ll have to do a separate post about at some point. 

This matte finish lightweight base comes with a separate sponge and case (very nice thought as most liquid foundations don’t come with one!) and is designed to create a luminous, pore-less complexion. 

 P.S. Sorry for those who saw an incomplete post going out the other day! I’d scheduled this post to go out at the wrong timing.

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Where do you think they're going from here?

 You mean the band? After last night’s “exclusive”?

I think a lot is changing for them soon. I’m sure they already have new contracts ready and waiting to be signed; contracts that involve not even the tiniest scrap of Simon Cowell’s declining figure. Syco and Columbia can’t be behind the latest One Direction’s shift and nothing of these proportions would have happened if the band planned to actually break. We wouldn’t have had such a Louis’s push and only smaller Niall’s mentions if this was aimed at building their solo careers. No way. I do believe the band is simply adjusting to a new, healthier rhythm and need to repeatedly warn their fans in advance because they are not used to it. I would be really surprised if One Direction isn’t back and on the spot by the end of 2016, while managing to never completely abandon the spotlight in the meantime.

All I’m certain of is that Mr. Cowell must be so, so upset. He played all of his cards to keep the boys, even gave his blessing about the coming out, tried to turn Zayn’s leaving at his advantage, but finally had to resign himself. Most of his words to the press are sandcastles, truth is things are not as bright for him as they used to be a couple of years ago. The XF brand failed miserably in the US and is living its last days in the UK (while still quite popular in other countries), Syco’s economy is set to progressively diminish and I strongly doubt Louis will be working with him again in the future.

Pretty explicative and coming from a direct experience is that a couple of years ago the client I work for, internationally famous but coming from an anglo-saxon background, was offered to be a judge on the XF UK. He declined in favor of the same role in two similar projects outside England, both of which resulted more successful and productive (even though he didn’t have any connection at the time in one of these countries!).

So, let Simon and his entourage get their last vent and expect the boys to achieve much better results for their professional and personal lives. I’m very optimistic.