Hello everyone! In case you haven’t read my previous post, I will be sharing some of my favorites, so you all can get to know me a little bit better

Today we are talking about Barbie!!

More specifically the Barbie movies!

Aside from Sailor Moon, Barbie was a major part of my life growing up and still is. Barbie represents more than just beauty, but the epitome of a strong, intelligent, and brave female heroine. To many, Barbie was simply a character that they grew out of. However, I believe she relates to many individuals no matter the age, gender, and race. I also really appreciate Mattel’s new vision of creating a more diverse and inclusive branding. Barbie has now evolved to a fun and expressive role model for all ages!

Like many, my twin sister and I outgrew the Barbie phase. It wasn’t until our freshman year of high school when we decided to watch  “Barbie and The Diamond Castle” and the rest was history! We were captivated by the magic of Barbie once again and it’s meaningful motifs behind each movie.

Each film exemplifies not only adventure, but self-empowerment, hope, and belief.  

Here are some of my favorites Barbie quotes:

Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)
“There’s a difference only you can make.” 

Barbie: Fairytopia (2005)
“What makes you different makes you special.” 

Barbie: A Fashion Fairy Tale (2010)
“Magic happens when you believe in yourself.” 

Barbie and The Three Musketeers (2009)
“True courage is pursuing your dream, even when everyone else says it’s impossible.” 

Barbie and The Magic of Pegasus (2005)
“There is always hope.” 

Barbie as Rapunzel (2002)
“Love and imagination can change the world.” 

Let’s talk about my favorite Barbie movies…

Although I love many of the movies, my all time favorites are “Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses” and “Barbie as Rapunzel”

 These films are Barbie’s classic as they are depict a more fairy tale approach. What makes these two films great is the great attention to detail, strong protagonists, and an enchanting soundtrack. 

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Last, but not least, the Barbie Vlogs!

More recently, Mattel has re-positioned their brand to a more “modern” Barbie to adapt to the technological environment and competitors. The evolution of Barbie has led to Mattel reaching to the YouTube world, which has been extremely penetrating for many different demographics. What I really enjoy about the vlogs is how realistic Barbie is. You feel as if she is a real person talking to you! Most importantly, she uses her platform to discuss individuality, forgiveness, and standing up for yourself and others. 

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Originally posted by thatdamnchristian

here are some barbie blogs that I think you should follow! :)

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brand new have evolved so much they’ve gone from dramatic smol little punk boys to grown ass bleak ass men writing about death n shit but i love every bn era ok theyre great theyre a great example of changing as a band without getting wORSE they get better

ed. note: Krispy Kreme’s (krispykreme) Chief Marketing Officer, Dwayne Chambers, recently visited Tumblr HQ bearing treats. We asked him about the Krispy Kreme brand and business in the second of our ongoing interview series with titans of industry. Previously: Shake Shack.

Congratulations on opening your 1,000th store. Krispy Kreme is now in 24 countries and eyeing further growth. Besides taste, what do you think contributes to the popularity of the Krispy Kreme brand in international markets? How does the brand evolve as it enters new regions and countries?

Our hot, original glazed doughnuts certainly are the main reason Krispy Kreme is so popular in the US and around the world. However, from the beginning we have focused on our mission to touch and enhance lives through the joy that is Krispy Kreme. As a result, after nearly 80 years, legions of fans have developed a strong emotional connection to the brand. That connection has been shared through the generations and has spread organically around the world. 

Today, the world is a much smaller place with the ever increasing presence of social media in our daily lives. As a result, while a Krispy Kreme shop may not be in a particular country, there’s a very good chance consumers are aware of the brand through the experiences of friends and family in the US or in one of the 24 countries in which we operate. So, when we enter a new country, we do so with an already high awareness of the Krispy Kreme brand. 

We know though that brand awareness will get us a lot of trial, but if we aren’t delivering that unique Krispy Kreme experience that consumers have heard about or experienced elsewhere, it will be difficult of the brand to grow and evolve in that particular region or country.  

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Gaetan.O - model

For this photo shoot, I chose to wear a wool sweater Sandro, a Asos jeans and sneakers Jimmy Choo.
I love this close-fitting sweater and printed sneakers that goes very well with the rest of the outfit.
Sandro, a French brand of ready to wear clothing, present since the 80’s, a brand that has evolved in 2007, accompanying new creators.

On the topic of ‘rebrand’

Not that im into speculating too much these days, but i just wanted to point out the slight changes in the One Direction logo… Referencing this post you can see the ever evolving rebranding these artists have gone through in the form of slightly changing their logo as the years went on and how “when your business model, operations, service offering or product is changing, you often rebrand to realign with your new (forgive the pun) direction. To lose the old logo is not entirely out of the question.”

The changes in the One Direction logo are so slight you wouldn’t notice them unless you put them together and compared say the UAN logo against the logo on the Drag Me Down single.

I’m not a graphic designer but I do know that if they were using the same logo from day 1 on all their albums and promo items then the letters would be the same thickness, the first N and the T in the DMD version wouldn’t be slanted, the D wouldn’t look slightly different… They would be using the same file and there wouldn’t be these slight changes.

I know these changes are so small you probably wouldn’t even consider it to be changing… And if you look at the other logos of the artists on the post i linked above you would notice that the changes between those logos are a lot more dramatic. But is that because they’ve been around a lot longer? Active for 10+ years for each artist on that post… where this is only One Directions 5th year of being active and we are now experiencing their first noticeable ‘rebrand’ within that time.

So i know this isn’t much… And it doesn’t prove anything. But it just piqued my interest a little bit when i saw this logo and then compared it to the logo used for UAN. I guess it’s something that I’m going to be keeping an eye on… And if nothing comes from it, then so be it. If the logo on the 5th album goes back to the same as the UAN one then i can put this down to different graphics or whatever for the DMD single and I’m cool with that. But an ever evolving logo is a positive step forward in terms of keeping your brand fresh and updated as your product is changing and growing with you… so i will be hopeful that these little changes continue as the the boys grow up and their music and brand evolves as well.


Swarto. 3k. SFW. Definitely SFF. (other writing here)

a/n: I never really planned on writing Swarto, but alas it’s #TrinityWeek so why not try something new?! That means you too readers, SHIP ALL THE SHIPS! Many many thanks and praise to the loveliest hartbigguyz for her excellent beta work and to you, you know who you are, thanks for the inspiration and the push to write something new.

Hannah’s phone is buzzing incessantly. She can hear it next to her, vibrating on the pavement in a rhythm so insistent in its repetition that she knows it can only belong to an angry Swike continuing to push the call button over and over in a parade of frustration and maybe a little worry at finding Hannah’s room completely empty. She has a panel that starts in 33 minutes and she was supposed to be at an interview for What’s Trending 11 minutes ago, but instead her phone is buzzing and her mind is buzzing, and everything is scattered.

The thing is, VidCon is overwhelming.  It’s an endless string of hugs and interviews and giving advice and being “on” and even Hannah knows her limits when it comes to indulging fans. After a particularly sour media personality asked her if she felt like her show encouraged binge drinking and what exactly did she think of the fact that her average viewer was under 21 and really what did that say about the kind of example she was setting for them, her head was spinning enough to make a run for the nearest elevator to seek solace. How she ended up on the roof is beyond her capacity of thought at the moment though, as she tips her face towards the beaming summer sun and just enjoys what are surely the fleeting moments of her own personal bubble where no one is touching her or asking her what her favorite kind of alcohol is for the 4,000th time in one afternoon.

Her rooftop escape has its pluses for sure, mostly because Hannah’s first love was concrete. It seems strange, but its drowsy heat radiating warmth into her teenage frame and the bright sky open above her made the top of her school feel more like a home than her own. There’s something so consistent about the feeling of sunlight creeping inside you that it has become something Hannah craves when the world gets to be a bit too much and she needs to quiet her runaway train of thoughts before it turns into anxiety and panic.

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There’s something to be said about consistency. Season after season, CALLA manages to deliver crazy, colorful yet incredibly chic collections. Who says one must follow the traditional winter palette or aesthetic? CALLA is a brand I’ve enjoyed watching evolve - This presentation absolutely nailed it on all fronts. Basically, I want to own everything pictured here. So happy to see print mixing being taken to extremes. Sometimes, especially in the winter, more is more.

Also… Before I forget, can we talk about the beauty looks? Always gorgeous. More on that coming soon!

- RS

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SEGA Launches New Franchise Strategy for Sonic the Hedgehog with Sonic Boom

For more than two decades Sonic the Hedgehog has been one of the world’s biggest gaming icons, with over 70 video game titles, four animated series, and an extensive global merchandising line to his name. This year SEGA is excited to introduce a new branch of the Sonic universe, entitled Sonic Boom, that will debut a new look for Sonic and friends and launch their first-ever CG animated television series, new video games for the Wii U system and the Nintendo 3DS hand-held system and a new toy line. The creative driving forces behind these projects are working together with SEGA to kick-start a global campaign for Sonic Boom that will excite and engage new and existing fans across a variety of platforms. 

Sonic Boom’s visual identity includes character designs inspired by the abilities and unique personalities of each of the characters while still maintaining the core identity and values of the Sonic brand. The rich worlds of the TV series and videogame will share a common narrative and a number of location and stylistic similarities reflecting full collaboration between videogame, TV series partners and SEGA from the outset.

The Sonic Boom television series, coproduced by SEGA of America Inc. and OuiDO! Productions, will debut on Cartoon Network in the U.S. and on CANAL J and GULLI in France during the 2014/2015 season. The series is an ensemble comedy consisting of 52 x 11-minute standalone episodes packed full of high-adrenaline action. Every episode starts from a small character-driven story and explodes into an epic tale of saving the world, robot battles and more.

Serving as a prequel to the stories revealed in the TV series the Sonic Boom video game will deliver a totally different experience to previous Sonic games with collaborative gameplay at its core. Developed in the U.S by California based Big Red Button Entertainment (Wii U) and Sanzaru Games (Nintendo 3DS) in collaboration with Sonic Team, this is the third title to be released as part of an exclusive deal with Nintendo. Sonic Boom will take advantage of the innovative hardware of both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, with traditional elements of Sonic games, such as speed, also featured. The videogame will also introduce exploration, combat and a new Enerbeam tether mechanic that will allow the Sonic Boom world to be discovered in totally unique ways.

Sonic Boom will be supported by a robust global licensing and merchandising program, anchored by new master toy partner TOMY. TOMY’s line will showcase the new character looks, stressing interaction between core characters, and will feature new play patterns based on both the new game and TV series. TOMY will develop a comprehensive toy range across a broad number of categories including plush, action figures, RC, role play, vehicles and novelty. Sonic fans can expect a high-quality, collectible toy line fueled by TOMY innovation and energized with speed, lights, sounds, motion-activation and action-performance. SEGA will launch a broad licensing program across multiple categories including toys, apparel, publishing, accessories, food and beverage, health and more – making this one of the biggest license initiatives SEGA has undertaken in recent years. The company will enlist many of its current partners who have had tremendous success with Sonic over the past years while seeking new licensees to join this exciting new Sonic licensing program.

“We want to ensure that the Sonic brand continues to evolve and appeal to new generations of Sonic fans and this different look introduces a fresh approach that will be at once both familiar and new to consumers,” said John Cheng, President & COO, SEGA of America. “We are committed to supporting this initiative to provide great entertainment to fans for all aspects of their lives.”

Sonic the Hedgehog first appeared as a videogame character in June 1991 and instantly became an icon for a generation of gamers. Defined by his super-fast speed and cool attitude, in the years since he first raced on to videogame consoles Sonic has become a true global phenomenon with over 140 million videogames sold or downloaded worldwide across consoles, PC’s, mobile phones and tablets. SEGA’s iconic blue blur has also gone on to enjoy incredible success in many licensed areas, such as toys, apparel, comics and animation.

External image

Sonic Boom TV Series Teaser:

i want a makeup museum

like makeup through the ages and around world. with workshops done by hairdressers and makeup artists on different types of makeup around the world through history. and workshops on how people made makeup at different points of history, down to preservation techniques and what plants were used

a section on hair styles. could be different exhibits through the year. one focusing on different countries and have workshops on how hair styles were done using the same tools of that region and period

and could even show the evolution of a type of makeup. like mascara. or how hand cream changed through the ages. ingredients that were used or what was later found toxic. 

an exhibit on the science that goes into makeup

or hair styles and wigs 

guest lecturers talking about beauty through the world. and the gift shop having replicas of makeup from different periods. like combs and makeup cases from antiquity

and even big makeup companies could have exhibits to showcase how their brand evolved throughout the ages

idk, makeup history is cool. it would be neat to have a museum that is interactive and inspiring 

Mishka’s 2014 Summer Lookbook

It’s been one long-ass winter—filled with crusty lips, chapped butt cheeks, and snotty noses. But it finally looks like the cold is coming to an end, which means it’s time to switch up the gear and put away the dark puffy clothes for more colorful, Miami-coke-kingpin-type shit. Luckily, Mishka has you covered with their summer 2014 collection. The vibe of their latest pieces harkens back to that classic quirky shit that is Mishka's bread and butter. The patterns are eccentric and subversive and have a chaotic vibe that captures the excitement of a sweltering summer in New York City.

The homies behind the ever-evolving streetwear brand have given VICE the pleasure of exclusively premiering the lookbook for their 2014 collection, which you can scroll through below. With glitchy GIFs and backgrounds that remind us of old-school pen-and-pixel art, the photos evoke the cut-and-paste pastiche that is defining cool shit right now.


New Logo Design Celebrates DC Brand’s Past, Present & Future

Logo to Debut on May 25 Release of ‘DC Universe: Rebirth Special #1’ by Geoff Johns

DC Entertainment announced a new identity and logo for its iconic DC brand.  The new DC logo is a mark that leverages over 80 years of heritage with an eye toward the future.

“While comics continue to be the heart and soul of DC, the brand has evolved to now stand for powerful storytelling across so many different forms of media.  DC is home to the greatest Super Heroes and Super-Villains, and the new logo has the character and strength to stand proudly alongside DC’s iconic symbols,” stated Amit Desai, DC Entertainment Senior Vice President of Marketing and Global Franchise Management.

“The launch of the new logo is the perfect tribute to DC’s legacy, exciting future and most importantly, our fans.”

The new logo will debut on the cover of the highly-anticipated DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH SPECIAL #1 comic book written by Geoff Johns releasing May 25 and available in comic book shops and digitally.  REBIRTH represents the next chapter in the ongoing saga of the DC Universe, mixing traditional values and a modern aesthetic.

“I’m very proud that REBIRTH will be the first comic book published with the new DC logo.” stated Geoff Johns, DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer.  “To me, REBIRTH and the new DC logo are built on what’s come before while looking to what will come tomorrow.  I can’t wait for people to see it on the cover.”

The new DC branding will be introduced immediately on various digital platforms, including DC websites, social media channels, DC All Access webseries, and DC All Access app and will continue to rollout worldwide across all DC content and products.  One of the many benefits of the new logo design is its versatility to showcase DC’s iconic and timeless characters and stories across all media.  Look for the new logo to come to life at key events in the coming months.

The new identity and logo were developed in partnership with Pentagram, the world’s largest independent design consultancy.

Who's Taylor Swift Anyway?

There seems to be a lot of confusion in the fandom to certain things and I think everyone could benefit from this kind of breakdown, so I thought I should probably write it down instead of just ranting and explaining to invisible people in my bedroom.  

Ok, so first we have to understand that Taylor Swift can mean multiple things, and we have to break it down.  I like to think of it in four main parts.  First, there's Taylor Swift the person.  This is the actual living breathing thinking speaking human being behind the entire everything.  This is the one who dates people and gets her heart broken and loves and hates and feels.  She loves her family, her friends, her fans, her significant others whoever they might be.  She’s a real human being.  She gets her feelings hurt when someone says something hurtful and she learns how to deal.  Then there's Taylor Swift the artist.  This is how Taylor Swift the person has learned to deal with her emotions and feelings.  Channeling them into the artist.  Like any other artist, she goes through phases.  Things that feel more artistically interesting or fun.  Things she wants to try and things she wants to stay away from.  Currently, Taylor Swift the artist is in a really polished synth pop phase.  Before, she’s been in the country phase, and the “IDEC LET’S TRY ALL THE STYLES” phase.  Each album has a theme and a feel to it, and that theme and feel is what the artist is exploring at the time the album is being made.  

Now we have to get into the parts of this equation that involve the public.  The person and the artist are personal.  The public is not included in that. Taylor Swift the public figure, on the other hand, we are included in.  This is the version of Taylor that is specifically for the public.  It’s her demeanor in interviews, her diction, her style.  The things she will publicly comment on and the things she won’t publicly comment on.  A good way I’ve found to separate the person from the public figure is the fact that she curses in private but not in public.  Because Taylor Swift the public figure doesn’t curse, even though Taylor Swift the person does.  This ties into Taylor Swift the brand.  Taylor Swift the brand is all the things that Taylor Swift the public figure represents.  The brand is where the public’s thoughts and opinions will go to directly.  Note here by “the public,” I don’t mean the fans, I mean the general public.  Like Joe Average on the street.  Currently we’re in a phase of rebranding, which means that everything is shifting deliberately so that the public will have a different opinion and that the public figure will represent different ideas.  The public figure is the brand’s representative in the world.

The rest of this is under a cut for length, I wanted the initial part to be out in the open.  

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