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Time sensitive! In gym class, I will get extremely dysphoric about my chest because my sports bra doesn't compress at all. I'm basically stealth in school and when I'm in my binder I'm almost never misgendered, I can be read as male easily. But without it, I'm still seen as female by some people. My baggy shirt doesn't hide my chest, and I don't know how to distract myself from it. Do you have any tips that could help?

Kai says:

yeah, if you have a way to get a compression sports bra, then that would probably help. Underworks is a binder company but has a compression sports bra you could wear during gym. Other athletic brands have compression sports bras as well - you would have to check reviews, recommendations, try them on,  etc. to find out that works for you, but they’re definitely out there.

During gym, if it’s not too hot, can you wear a hoodie/jacket/sweatshirt/crewneck?? because at my school, we had uniforms and PE uniforms, but you could wear your sweatshirt as part of your gym uniform and it was common, even when it wasn’t that cold, but very common when it was cold. That would help hide the chest and if anyone asks, say you get cold easily. If it’s really hot, I would just go with the sports bra.

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Is it unsafe to bind with the Dibble sports bra method?

I haven’t heard of this method (and googling it hasn’t helped me figure out what is happening) but we have a post on binding with sports bras in the FAQ and I suggest you follow that (and even at that, sports bra binding can be very unsafe)

I suggest, the safest method if you’re unable to acquire a binder, buy a branded high compression sports bra and use that.
Good luck -Matt

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i need to bind but my parents are unsupportive. they know im trans and they're trying but they don't understand the importance and think binding is going to give me cysts or breast cancer or some bullshit and i need to bind. sports bras don't work because im heavier and have a mid-large sized chest, and i can't order anything online bc i don't have my own paypal/credit card, everything has to go through parents. none of my friends can order one for me. what can i do?

If you feel it would be helpful at all, your parents may benefit from knowing that binders do not cause cysts or breast cancer. While there are no binder-specific studies, several studies have been conducted on tighter bras and sports bras to see if there have been links between compression of the chest and abnormal breast tissue and they’ve come back with no correlation. The cause of cancer is not yet fully understood but compression of the chest would not cause gene mutations leading to cells dividing suddenly and rapidly. They’re playing into fear mongering tactics, though it’s important to understand that they are concerned for you and while it’s not helpful or supportive in the way you need it to be they do care.

As for how to obtain a binder, you have a few options:

- If you have cash then you can buy a reloadable debit card to use online. These can be found in almost any grocery store, but here is a storefinder you can use to see where the closest place for you to find one is. You go to the cashier, give them the cash you have, give them the card, and they put the money on the card for you. You then activate this online (the website will be on the card) and you can then make purchases. A binder from Underworks will cost $36.74 with standard shipping.

- Make a binder. These can be a little more difficult with a large chest and an effective one might require money and sewing skills to make, but it’s worth a try if you have no other options. Option 1. Option 2. Option 3. There are many more options out there that you can find by searching ‘homemade binder ftm’. And of course, a small guide on how to know if your binder is causing you harm.

- Seek out compression-specific sports bras. I recognize that you said sports bras are not effective for you, but in looking for patterns of DIY binders I came across a few sports bra brands that other guys have sworn have been as effective as a binder. This might be helpful to yourself or to others out there. There would be Champion (choose ‘compression’ in the style) and a specific brand of Underarmor sports bras.

- Use binder hand-me-down programs, such as:
In A Bind
Big Brothers Binder Program
Replace The Ace
Point 5cc T-Shirt Company - .5cc has a program where you can receive a free binder with the purchase of a t-shirt. If possible, you can ask your parents for a t-shirt and then fill out the form to have a binder sent to you without them knowing. I generally don’t advise lying, but sometimes it’s what you have to do.

- Look for binder giveaways here on tumblr. I’ve held 3 of them myself (a total of about 12 binders) one of them being possible because Aydian from .5cc gave me binders he didn’t feel comfortable selling. Look in the “binder giveaway” tag. These can become very popular and your chances of winning aren’t always high, but it never hurts to enter them.

I hope you find this helpful. If you have any other questions or I can help in any other way just let me know.

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Hey ! So I wanted to know if anyone could tell me what brand sports bra is best for making a chest look flatter ? I’m a 32B and I wanna know what would make my chest look smaller (if not completely flat looking like an A would be great too) cause I’m gonna go shopping for one soon

I have a Nike high compression bra and it works great.
Followers? -Matt

Is Your Sports Bra Really Supporting You?

It physically pains me to see women (especially those with an ample bust) exercising without any support. Don’t get me wrong, these women look fantastic in their strappy sports tops, with supposedly inbuilt ‘bras’, or the cute and colourful bra-lets and crop tops. However, they have no proper support and are therefore bouncing all over the place and causing irreparable damage.

 Did you know that the average sports bra doesn’t actually provide you with the support that you need while exercising, even if you are an A/B cup? Conventional sports bras act only as compression bras and do not limit the in-and-out, and figure-eight, movement of the breast, whilst being active. This movement strains the Cooper’s ligaments, the connective tissue which keeps the breast perky, to strain which can cause these tissues to become relaxed and cause the breast to sag.

It is advisable to buy encapsulated sports bras, which are your actual bra size – it should have a back closeure, and be made of moisture-wicking material to prevent chaffing. Also, the sports bra should come in actual bra sizes, not small to large – if you have a certain cup size in your everyday bra, why wouldn’t you need one when exercising?

I recommend the following sports bra brands after doing some research;

-       Freya: Who won the 2014 sports bra awards, and are ideal for full busted women.

-       Panache: Who won the UK best sports bra awards in 2012 and 2013, and come in a range of styles and sizes, also great for full-busted women.

I also quite like the following brands (although they aren’t as supportive as the above brands, they are more supportive then your average so called sports bras). These also come in a range of sizes and cosmetically appealing and flattering styles:

-       Shock Absorber

-       Nike (Pro Rival)

Left to right: Freya, Nike (Pro Rival), Panache, Shock Absorber. 

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I was wondering if you knew of a good sports bra that made you look a bit flatter then normal because even though i would like to wear my binder all the time its bad on my ribs.

Fox says:

I wear (and love) Danskin. My mum thought that I was binding while wearing one Danskin-brand sports bra. If you’re USA, you can get them $10 for 2 at Walmart.

Hope Danskin sees this and gives me money for their sales boost, man.