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How To Build A Successful Personal Brand

So I figured a good first post could be about exactly what it is I am doing here in the first place, developing a personal brand.  Like many others out there today, I am hunting for a job.  I moved to a new city, and in doing so I gave up my solid full-time job.  The decision to move was based on a need to be fulfilled in other ways rather than having a successful career, but now that I am in the place that satisfies my other needs in life, I need money.  As I applied to countless job openings with few return phone calls, I started researching ways to make myself seem more appetizing to potential employers.

First off, what does it mean to have a “Personal Brand” anyway?  Well, in today’s digital age, everyone younger than your parents has some sort of personal information out there on the interweb.  Whether you are aware of it or not, that information can give people, like potential employers, a sneak peek into who you are.  If this online persona is not responsibly managed, that sneak peek can do a lot of damage without you even knowing about it.  However, with a little attention to detail, you can paint a picture of who you are to not only those you already know, but people and employers you meet.

So, where to start?  

Make yourself an expert.  It’s not going to any good if the only thing an employer can find when they search for you is cat pictures, so decide what it is people should see.  Do you want to be known as the great artist, affienado of local cuisine, or the next great guitar player?  What ever it is, establish yourself as an authority.  Simply re-writing articles you find online, or regurgitating the thoughts of others isn’t going to get you anywhere, be sure your personality is visible.

Be visible.  It’s not going to do any good to spend late nights crafting great blog posts if nobody can find it.  read up on utilizing search engines, keywords, and tags.  Also consider purchasing a domain with your name it it.  Google will certainly find your Facebook and Twitter account, but having your personal website pop up reassures people it is actually you.  It doesn’t need to be fancy, and there are plenty of template website bulders out there.  A picture, a brief bio, and links to your other online adventures will be plenty to assure people they have found the right person.

Finally, be consistent.  I have fallen victim to this plenty of times myself; you get excited about writing a new blog and you tear it up for a week or two, and then you fade off into the distance.  You are not writing a novel, it doesn't have to be a 10 page essay every time you write, but it should be consistent.  Set a time everyday, or once a week to sit down and put something up online.  It not only shows that you are committed to something, it will develop the skills to continue posting better content. Your Twitter account and your Facebook page should be speaking the same language.  That’s to say, if you blog about fishing, post some stuff on your other accounts to tie it all together.

I am no expert.  Quite the opposite really.  I am a student of this stuff as much as the next guy, and I am learning more about this everyday.  But as I learn more about how all this works, I look forward to passing it along to you.  If you have ideas on how to brand yourself, or an awesome success story, let me know.  Feedback and conversation are the best ways to get better, for everyone involved.

CAS Tips: Brand Yourself

by Kristine Faxon, Executive Director for Career and Alumni Success at SCAD

As a candidate, you can wow potential hiring companies by showing you know how to brand yourself. After all, if they hire you, you’ll be a brand ambassador for them. And, if you’re in the creative class, you’ll likely be a major part of their brand. Here are some tips to help you shine as you.

1. Google yourself
Knowing that they’ll look at you in this way, make your online brand the best it can be.  First, Google yourself. Is what comes back how you’d like to be seen by your dream company? If not, change it.  By using keywords in your online content, you will also come up in relevant searches.

2. Get LinkedIn
You can’t afford not to be on LinkedIn. Many recruiters start with LinkedIn to find candidates, review resumes and work, and move to other sites.

3. Create a website
You can really show off your creative expertise by creating your website and showing your work. To get started, you can use one of the many free templates out there, or post on SCAD Portfolios.

4. Online portfolio
Even if you have a stellar website, create a portfolio on SCAD Portfolios.  This will increase your traffic, and make you findable to recruiters using this site.  Link to SCAD Portfolios []from your website, LinkedIn and your resume.

5. Review
Review your online presence and brand with your SCAD Career Adviser

Brand yourself; The 4 V:s

When creating and communication your own brand the use of the 4 V:s, Voice, Visuals, Value and Variation are essential to consider. Your voice and how you talk makes bigger expression that you think. Your tone, the words and your message should fit your personality as well as the company you are applying for. Do you talk sharp, fast, and pointed or smooth, easy and effective? Choose your words, try them on for size and make sure they convey your brand promise. Some will immediately respond to your voice. However others will be influenced by your visual appeal.

When thinking about your visuals, think about how you want to be perceived, what clothes that appears on the company you are applying and finally which clothes that makes your brand promise feel authentic. A professional look engenders confidence in your potential to solve a customer’s problem and that’s really what all brands do; solve a problem.

When continuing with your values, make sure that you know the competitive landscape for your product or service in your arena. Understanding your potential customer’s most urgent needs will help you here. Does your value correlate with these? What makes you values necessary in this market?

Finally, the 4 V, Variation. How do you differ from all other applicant brand that is offered? “Why should the company buy this product or service from you instead of someone else?” Using the Four V’s to plan your brand strategy will keep you focused, honest with yourself and help you identify your personal brand strengths.

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Personal Branding, A Complete How-to Guide from A to Z [Infographic]

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Personal Branding – What is it?

What is personal branding?  It is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands.  Personal branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual, group or organization.  To help you build a brand that represents who you are and what you’re about, study these six exercises.

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Six Exercises for Finding Your Personal Branding Voice

  1. Make a list of the adjectives you would want people to use to describe you after they meet you, talk to you, see or read about you.  Examples could be:  creative, compassionate, leader, determined, insightful, scrupulous, thoughtful, peace-maker, etc. Then, narrow the list down to three.
  2. Ask other people: “What’s my special sauce? How would you describe me?  If you had to be a reference for me, what would you say?” Take notes of the answers you get.
  3. Make a list of at least five successful professionals that you follow and respect. Spend some time examining them. How are they alike? How are they different? What about their character intrigues you? Often what we admire is what we aspire to be.
  4. Ask yourself: “What makes me different?” What sets you apart from the others? What make you unique? Find your uniqueness. It may be your actual job function like “social media scientist,” or it could be something broader like “connector of people.”
  5. Answer the question: “Who is the most important audience that my brand needs to speak to?” All the content you create and everything you say in the public domain will be discoverable online forever. By identifying and communicating with your most important audience, you’ll avoid any chance of personal brand misalignment with your larger goals. In fact, you’ll make sure your personal brand represents the values you and your audience hold.
  6. Ask yourself: “How does this make me feel?” When searching for your authentic voice you have to go with what speaks to your heart.  You have to continually check in with yourself to make sure you can emotionally live with your intellectual decisions. It’s so much easier to be motivated if we’re true to ourselves. You don’t have to pretend to be anyone that you’re not. In fact, I would adamantly advise against faking it at all. Everyone will find out eventually.

Now, onto the A to Z Guide to Personal Branding: 26 tips that will help you solidify your credibility, expand your influence and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

Personal Branding – The Complete A to Z Guide to Doing It Right


Wikipedia / Personal Branding

Placester / Personal Branding Infographic

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MY QUESTION FOR YOU TODAY:  Do you have your own personal brand?  I would love to hear about your personal branding experiences.  What has worked for you?  What advice would you give to others who are trying to create their own personal brand.


I hope you have enjoyed, “What is Personal Branding, A Complete How-to Guide from A to Z [Infographic]“

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Seize the Day – Daily Motivational Quote

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. ~ Confucius

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Brand Yourself Online - Get The Job You Want

Brand Yourself Online – Get The Job You Want

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Brand Yourself Online – Get The Job You Want

We have all had that dream where we are standing naked in front of an audience. The feeling of anxiety, fear, and the unknown take over. What do you do? For most of you, you wake up. For some of us, we embrace it and go with it.

Take Neil Patrick Harris (left) for example. He came out in front of everyone during the Oscars in just his underwear. For…

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How Important is Brand Identity in the Music Industry?

For anyone trying to make a break in the music business, there is one key thing that the industry demands: an understanding of marketing. But these days, too many talented musicians just do not take music marketing and brand identity as seriously as they should. 

Don’t know what we mean? How about this: the elements of a brand (like colours, design, logotype, name and even symbol) that together identify and distinguish the musician in the hearts and minds of the most important people: the fans. 

To be able to establish your brand- you need to plan it out. The colors you choose, type of design, logo, the name of your band… almost every decision you make is going to set the standard for how the public is going to view your business. 

Here are a few things you might want to think about before you go into this:

WHAT ARE YOU BRINGING TO THE TABLE? Are you offering a product or a service? Mixtapes or albums? Any live performances? You need to know- in detail- what you are going to be bringing to the music marketplace. 

WHO EXACTLY IS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE? Knowing this is really going to help lay the foundation for all of your promo efforts. Keep in mind things like age, gender, language, income, buying habits and hobbies. 

WHAT IS GOING TO DIFFERENTIATE YOU FROM EVERYONE ELSE? Why should fans listen to you over some other guy who can strum a guitar and hold a tune? 

YOUR TEAM! Every successful business has a well-oiled machine behind it. Who are the people standing behind you, and what does each of these people do that contributes to achieving your goal? 

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At we make sure these things are handled for you. We help you make these decisions- and help you understand what is going to be in your best interest. Check back here next week for more information on how to make sure you  have a strong brand! HC


كوّن ماركتك الشخصية في ست خطوات ناجحة!

يتمتع معظم الباحثين عن الوظائف ببيانات الاعتماد نفسها أو الشبيهة ببعضها إلى حدّ بعيد. إن لم تكن لك ماركةً شخصية مميزةً، سوف تتقلّص فرصك في انتزاع الوظيفة لنفسك. في هذا السياق، يؤكّد دوغلاس ج. براون، مدير البرامج الأكاديمية لشهادة الماجستير في إدارة الأعمال / ابتكار الشركات وريادة الأعمال في جامعة بوست يونيفرسيتي، في واتربوري، كونكتيكت: “إبدأ بالتفكير كصاحب شركة صغيرة للأعمال لأنّ الأدوات ذاتها التي ستستخدمها لإطلاق الشركات عادةً يمكن ويجب أن تستخدم في تكوين ماركتك الشخصية.”

وفقاً لبراون، إنّ تكوين العلامة الشخصية يتحقق بست خطوات، هي التالية:

توقف وفكر في من تكون: ما الذي يميّزك؟

ضع أهدافاً واضحةً: لا بد لك من أن تعي تماماً ما تودّ تحقيقه والسبب الذي يدفعك لهذا المبتغى

قيّم مواطن القوة والضعف لديك: يطلق على هذا النوع من التقييم اسم التحليل الرباعي في مجال إدارة الأعمال أو SWOT analysis (وهو يجمع بين القوة والضعف والفرص والتهديدات). كن صادقاً مع نفسك وقيّم مواطن القوة والضعف لديك بمنتهى الصدق والصراحة. كما يجدر بك أيضاً أن تقيّم التهديدات والفرص السانحة في سوق العمل. إذا كانت وظيفة الأحلام متاحةً أمامك وكل من يتقدم بطلب الحصول عليها يتميز بمؤهلات معينة، لا بد من أن تكتسبها لنفسك. بإمكانك أيضاً أن تطب من أحد الأصدقاء إجراء التحليل الرباعي عنك.

حدّد مسارك: حدّد رسالةً ورؤيا للأيام القادمة.

حصّل المعلومات حول إدارة الأعمال: طالع الكتب التي ترشدك إلى كيفية صياغة خطة للأعمال والفكرة من وراء عروض القيمة، وإياك أن تنسى تعلّم الكثير حول تكوين العلامة الشخصية. بمهاراتك الكتسبة حديثاً، يمكنك تكوين ماركتك الشخصية وستحصل على تلك الوظيفة حتماً! كما ستخوّلك هذه المهارات أيضاً أداء وظيفتك على نحوٍ أفضل.

عندما تصادفك الفرص، إسأل نفسك، دائماً وبشكلٍ متكرّر ما إذا كان ما تقوم به هو حقاً ما تريده وما إذا كان ما تقوم به يؤثر على ماركتك الشخصية وما إذا كان سيساعدك على تحقيق هدفك.


عندما تنتهي من تكوين ماركتك الشخصية، سوف تكون في الموقع الريادي، في مقدمة خط المنافسة. وعلى حدّ قول براون: “سوف يكون لك ما يحتاجه معظم الناس في مرحلة الانتقال. سوف تحكم السيطرة. وتتضح لديك الأهداف وطريقة التفكير. سوف تعلم ما الذي تمثّله وما الذي تسعى إليه. كما ستعرف ما الذي يجب أن ترفضه، وهو الأهم. بهذا الوضوح، سوف تتمكن من ابتكار الصورة والرسائل لشبكتك الخاصةل ورب عملك، ما سيسمح لك بتحقيق أهدافك.”


هل من خطوات أخرى تعتبر ضروريةً برأيك لتكوّن ماركتك الشخصية بشكلٍ ناجح؟ شاركنا أفكارك في خانة التعليقات أدناه.

Brand Yourself The Best Way Run A Great Business From Home

Brand Yourself The Best Way Run A Great Business From Home

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Why brand yourself (you inc) is actually a new idea in business that’s becoming evermore present.
Home businesses are validating themselves for being thriving as well as financially rewarding choices.
Whilst the choice to become home based isn’t for everyone, for some it is the ideal match.
This article features a number of ideas and guidance for the beginner as well as the seasoned home business…

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5 Key Characteristics of a Stellar Personal Brand

5 Key Characteristics of a Stellar Personal Brand

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The rise of social media has made it more important than ever to have your own personal brand. Like a product brand, your personal brand tells people who you are and what value you bring to the world. Your personal brand is your reputation and it’s essential to take control of it, whether you’re a growing business or a job hunter. There are 5 key characteristics that it needs to have.


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