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hey! sorry to bother you, but I dont know about the whole gremlin dva thing? what is it?

Oh wow but I wish you’d asked this off-anon, racist overwatch fans are really sensitive about this subject and like to throw little tantrums whenever anyone says anything against it! I’m gonna start from the very beginning in case anyone doesn’t know the basics of the situation

Okay, so this is D.Va:

D.Va, AKA Hana Song is a nineteen-year-old professional Starcraft player from Korea. There isn’t a perfect analogy, but in Korea, Pro Gamers aren’t viewed the way western gamers are, they’re held in a closer regard to professional athletes, or even rock stars. D.Va’s name is indicative of her personality: She’s a celebrity diva. She’s confident to a fault, she’s courageous and a bit cocky, she’s charming and she knows how to work an audience. Her fame as a pro Starcraft player has led to a career as an actress, which brought her fame worldwide. 

At age 16, through a “last starfighter/pacific rim” type situation, the Korean Government decided to address the problem of “giant robot keeps attacking Korea and traditional military tactics and regular soldiers are useless against it” by recruiting pro gamers (with their fast reflexes and unconventional tactical know-how) to pilot mechs to keep the giant robot at bay. D.Va was the best Starcraft player in the world (except her dad, the one person in the world she still can’t beat), and amazingly, she was also the best at fighting this giant robot. Because her gaming ability is what makes her so good at fighting this particular giant robot, she approaches her job the same way she approaches video games: by perpetually chasing the horizon of perfection and trying to improve her skills.

In-universe, she streams her missions worldwide on Twitch, and her fan following as a Superhero is as big as her following as a Pro Gamer or a Movie Star. Because she streams her missions, she’s often heard using gamer-speak in-combat because she’s addressing her audience directly. Outside of combat, many other heroes (like Lucio and Reinhardt) are huge fans of hers and look up to her, she’s a fan of reading scientific journals and is a bit starstruck to meet her favorite scientist (Mei) and she’s deeply hurt by the destruction she saw in her home country. She’s also sensitive about being called a child, because she’s now 19 (an adult) and a decorated soldier and deserves a certain level of respect. 

This is Gremlin D.Va:

Gremlin D.Va is a fandom-created meme based on approximately nothing from the actual game or lore except the word “gamer” in her description. Gremlin D.Va is a caricature of western white male gamers (interesting given that D.Va is a Korean woman who acts approximately nothing like western white male gamers). 

Gremlin D.Va is approximately four years old (or less!! A lot of the fanart includes her wearing diapers, sitting in strollers, sucking on a pacifier, the line is between “gremlin D.Va” and “baby D.Va” is blurry enough to be practically nonexistent). Gremlin D.Va is obsessed with doritos and mountain dew (she has her own brand of chips and sponsors a cola brand in-game, but we’ve established that the people making this meme don’t really care about what is or isn’t part of the game). She is supposed to be dirty and disgusting, she speaks in broken english even though Canon D.Va is fluent (they chalk this up to be “she’s like a baby!” but infantilization isn’t much better), she is mischievous and sneaky, she is presented as a childlike, and, well, pretty much aligns with every harmful stereotype of East Asians except the hypersexualization (which they claim makes it progressive). Also, as noted in the above picture, part of the meme is that she’s been adopted by two of the white characters, Soldier: 76 and Mercy, neither of whom she’s confirmed to have ever even met. She’s usually presented in the comics as a burden to that white man, which, yikes. 

Essentially, Gremlin D.Va is a list of harmful and baseless stereotypes and tropes about Asians and Asian-Americans like “sneaky” and “childlike” and “perverse,” and defenders of the meme like to pretend it’s okay to project lots of anti-Asian racist stereotypes onto an Asian character as long as they’re not doing so because she’s Asian, but, the fact is, it honestly doesn’t matter whether or not they mean to be racist, but it’s somewhat hard to believe it has nothing to do with the character being East Asian: It would be very different if she were a white character being treated the same way, since there’s really no cultural baggage that presents white people as subhuman (you’re literally calling her a “gremlin”) and childlike (don’t try to dispute this, half those comics put her in a damn diaper), but for SOME REASON the white characters in the game are never presented that way!

The one exception to that is in the Halloween sprays where D.Va is very much presented as a child, and defenders like to claim this makes Gremlin D.Va “canon,” although this doesn’t really hold any water, since the sprays seem to show children dressed as the heroes trick-or-treating, and almost all the heroes are given a trick-or-treater spray. Here’s just a handful, for instance:

Now, I’ve gotten yelled at a lot for calling the meme racist, and 99 times out of 100 it is, but the fact remains, even if it was totally not racist: it’s just plain not funny! It’s boring and unimaginative and doesn’t make sense! People always try to act like “it’s just a video game, it’s fictional, let us have our jokes,” and I wholeheartedly agree, except that I expect jokes to be even mildly funny. 

People also come back with “but it’s Chibi! Haven’t you ever heard of Chibi!” which, of course I have!! In fact, like all the Overwatch heroes, there’s a Chibi version of her available in the game! It doesn’t look like a screaming dorito-encrusted toddler in the care of a cheap knockoff Clint Eastwood, though, it looks like a chibi version of the character:

There she is standing next to her mech! She’s got a look and pose indicative of her trademark cocksure attitude, she’s clearly an adult and not a child, she’s not sexualized in this image without being desexualized through infantilization, and it looks like her, but in that style!! 

Now, the thing is, I know it’s futile to ask racists to stop being racist, especially when they don’t agree they are being racist. They think they’re being funny, and they try to dismiss any criticisms with “it’s not that serious,” but the thing is, if it wasn’t that serious to them, why do they throw a little tantrum whenever anyone voices discomfort with it? And I mean every single time, they whine and complain and act smugly superior because they haven’t been “offended,” but the fact is that most normal fans of the game are content to roll their eyes and scroll past their unfunny meme, and they’re the ones who get all worked up whenever they find out people don’t think it’s funny. 

Which is the most important facet of Gremlin D.Va: it’s not funny! It’s boring! It feels like the kind of thing Seth Green would write in a mediocre Robot Chicken sketch that he didn’t put all that much effort into. Even if it wasn’t racist, it just doesn’t make sense that people keep pushing this unfunny joke despite the fact that the response is more groans than laughs! In fact, most people I know mock and ridicule the people who are boring enough to find it funny! 

So, that’s basically it in a nutshell. 

Requested Otayuri prompt

Prompt: “Will your parents be proud of your gold medal?“
Pairing: Otayuri
Warnings: Yuri’s bratty mouth, hurt/comfort, sfw
Word count: 1,756

Another season, another year. Another competition in another city and a new gold medal hanging around his neck. It’s so new that his name isn’t even engraved on its backside yet. It weights against Yuri’s chest like he was born to win it, reflects the golden shimmer from his hair like they are one. Meant to be.

Yuri is proud, satisfied. The hunger inside him gone for the moment because all his efforts, all his hard work paid off. He’s no longer the Russian Fairy, the wonder child, the next Viktor Nikiforov. He’s Yuri Plisetsky - the ice tiger of Russia and his stripes are golden. The world knows that by now.

And everyone wants a piece of him. Including the press.

Yuri just turned 18. He’s blond and handsome, tall and athletic. His eyes are the colour of the stormy sea on a sunny day and his mysterious charisma is sexy and unpredictable.
At least that is the kinda bullshit they write in teen-magazines about him after they slapped his moody face on the front cover. Pissed of and rude is apparently the new interesting and desirable.
Which is only one of the reasons why Yuri hates dealing with the media.
Of cause he’s also grateful for the opportunities it gets him: Brand deals, sponsoring, advertising and modeling - a shit ton of money he can send home to his grandpa and spend on whatever the fuck he wants.

It’s the interviews he dreads. The personal stuff he can’t deal with.

He isn’t like Viktor. Viktor can happily chat with the media for hours without revealing the tiniest bit of his private life if he doesn’t want to. He can endlessly chatter and has everyone giggling and nodding in agreement. He’s a master of distraction and in the end half the spread is about Makkachin and every poodle in Russia gets adopted.

He isn’t like Chris who turns the tables around and makes the press-people blush and stutter. He can’t charm and flirt his way through every interview, making everyone drool until they forgot their original question.

And he certainly isn’t like Otabek who always keeps a pokerface, no matter how intrusive and rude the questions get. He couldn’t keep calm and cool like him. Otabek simply told the people if it was none of their business, that he wanted to protect his privacy. In a polite way of cause.

No, Yuri isn’t like them but he tries to be better. Tries to not snap and curse, to not throw a tamper tantrum anymore whenever he’s pissed of. He tries to act like a professional or like a grown up at least.

He still grits his teeth as the lady in the chair across from him asks one personal question after another. She’s not interested in his training or diet, doesn’t want to know what his next goals are and how he will surpass his own achievements. No, she’s very intrusive.
Yuri takes a deep breath, feels the medal move against his sternum. He can’t stand her, from her bright pink lipstick that stick to her teeth to her fake laugh, the look in her eyes reminds him of a shark he saw in a horror movie a while ago.

The journalist asks about Viktor and Yuri’s private life, which triggers something similar to protection inside of Yuri. She asks if he ever had a crush on Mila or maybe one of the hockey players at his home-rink. He huffs. She asks about his relationship with Otabek and wiggles her drawn-on eyebrows, looking over her shoulder at Otabek who is leaning against the wall just a few feet away from him. He’s playing with his phone while waiting for Yuri to finish up so they can go and grab something to eat.

Yuri glares at her, it’s getting harder for him to act like he doesn’t despite her and her cheep perfume that starts to hurt his head. But still, he tries to stay calm, grinding his fingers painfully into the armrest of his chair and giving her vague answers that she doesn’t want to hear.

Then she goes one step too far. "Will your parents be proud of your gold medal?“

Yuri’s blood runs cold. No. „Next question.“ He hisses out but now her eyes are gleaming and she won’t let die topic slide. Hot angers starts forming inside Yuri’s stomach at every new question she fires at him that is relating to his family. She wants to be the one to write the reveal of the Plisetsky-family-secret so, so badly.

She’s gonna be disappointed because Yuri is no idiot. He’s been skating alongside superstar Viktor Nikiforov for half his life, was a child prodigy to his home country that grew into another Russian athletic legend, he’s used to press and media. To be constantly watched and photographed.
His first kiss with a random girl was on the front cover of every Russian newspaper hours after it happened. The internet knows how much his cloths cost, which club he leaves with who and how he drinks his coffee. There are theories and gossip about his parents but he has never said anything to anyone besides Yakov and Viktor, Yuri doesn’t know if anyone guessed right yet.

The reporter doesn’t get her scandal story because Yuri snaps 20 seconds after she asked the question. Will your parents be proud of your gold medal? It’s echoing through his ears. What follows isn’t pretty. Yuri screams and says some ugly things, kicks his chair over and pours a cup of coffee over the notes the journalist had scribbled down during her interrogation. It’s probably all gossip and conspiracy theories anyways, this has nothing to do with figure skating!

Then Yuri storms out, his eyes starting to burn dangerously. Otabek follows after him, having watched his outburst.

He finds Yuri back at the ice-rink, sitting on the bleachers that are completely empty by now. They are alone, spare for a janitor that cleans up at the other side of the rink. Yuri has managed to swallow his tears but his expression is still grim, jaw clenched tightly. Otabek sits down next to him.

„I’m sorry you had to see that.“ Yuri says bitterly, not looking at him but staring at the ice.

„I’ve seen worse from you.“ Otabek shrugs and it’s true. Not that it bothers him, that’s what best friends are for. Right?

Yuri doesn’t laugh like Otabek had hoped. „That Bitch asked about my parents. If they’re proud of me.“ His voice is stained.

Otabek and Yuri are as close as they can get without becoming the updated version of Viktor and Katsudon and yet, Yuri had never mentioned his parents once to Otabek.

„I’m sorry.“ Otabek says honestly, not knowing what else to say.

„She wouldn’t stop prodding.“

„You don’t have to explain yourself, Yuri. Not to me.“

Finally he looks at him, his eyes full of anger and pain. „Don’t you want to know?“ He asks, almost as if he’s daring him.

Have I ever asked for more than you were willing to give? Instead Otabek answers: „I’ll listen if you wanna tell me, if you don’t then I won’t push you, Yura.“

Yuri swallows and looks like he struggles. Then he grabs Otabek’s wrist and unclasps the leather bracelet he gave him for his last birthday. He plays with it and doesn’t look at him when he starts talking.

„People think that there must be one big secret or scandal involving my family. That something tragic happened but the truth is much more sobering and uninteresting. I suppose it wouldn’t even make a good story or headline. Truth is that my father is an asshole and my mother a coward. I’m nothing like my Dad, he’s a big bulky Russian man with knuckle tattoos and a beer-belly. He’s very closed-minded and ignorant but my mother worshipped him for whatever reason. You can imagine his disappointment and disapproval when his only son turned into a prima ballerina, dancing around in glittery costumes and leaning alongside Viktor - king of the gays and shame to mother Russia - Nikiforov.
He practically disowned me. Now, I don’t know if my mother agreed with him or was simply scared of him, hell, I don’t even know if she wanted me in the first place.
I can’t remember either of them ever being very loving towards me or encouraging me. Fact is that they simply didn’t want me, they dropped me like a hot Pirozhki and left it to my grandpa to raise me. I can remember that my grandpa fought a lot with one of them on the phone but he couldn’t change their minds. I haven’t seen them in years. I thought they would come crawling back once I gained attention and made some money but nothing. I should be grateful that they are leaving me alone because no one needs people like that in their life but still … even now I’m not good enough.“ Yuri sniffs, angry that he still cares. Sad that he didn’t even had the chance to prove himself before they decided that he wasn’t worth sticking around for. „I don’t know if they keep an eye on me or even know what I’m doing but I know that they wouldn’t be proud, Beka. They don’t even care.“ His voice is small when he finally looks back up at Otabek and his eyes are wet.

„They are missing out, Yura. They threw away gold.“ Otabek says and doesn’t mean the medal and Yuri knows that, it causes his tears to silently fall from his lashes.

„I hate that sappy shit, Beka.“ Yuri says weakly.

Otabek ignores him. „You don’t need them. I’m proud of you instead. Your coaches are proud. Your skating family and rink mates are proud, so are your fans and thousand of strangers. Fuck them.“ He swears and wipes Yuri’s tears away.

This time Yuri does laugh because Otabek almost never swears and it’s delightful. „Yeah fuck them.“ He repeats and puts Otabek’s bracelet back onto his wrist. „I’m the motherfucking ice tiger and everyone wants a piece of me.“

„Do you know what I want a piece of?“ Otabek asks with mirth and Yuri shakes his head. „I want a piece of pizza. I’m starving.“

Yuri’s eyes go wide and the idea of the forbidden fast-food immediately cheers him up further. „Pizza.“ He moans and Otabek laughs.

„Come on then, golden boy. It’s my treat.“

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Forgive or Forget

Forgive or Forget
[Sometimes it’s just not possible to forgive and forget │Simon D & Christian Yu]

You were almost embarrassed by the amount of time it took for you to get ready for this fashion event. AOMG were invited to many of the Seoul fashion week events, including the one for some designer you couldn’t even pronounce that you attending now. You posed alongside your long time boyfriend Kiseok as the photographers snapped away. Calling his name and Jay’s name every few moments to grab their attention.

You used to hate being a plus one- This wasn’t who you were. Glam events and photographs were out of your comfort zone. But somewhere between the lovely fitted dress that Jay’s stylist picked out for you and the killer custom boots you were rocking you felt pretty proud of yourself. Besides after three years with Kiseok, these events were a walk in the park.

Kiseok wrapped his arm snuggly around your waist, placing a kiss just below your ear as the shutters continued to go off. You smiled up at him laughed. “What are you doing?”

“I just want everyone to know you’re mine” he chuckled, straightening your necklace before walking you inside the event.

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Seeing both Phichit's and Chris' now, I have to ask about Viktor's top ten Instagram posts! :D

Viktors 10 most liked pics on social media? :D ♡

Viktor’s Top Ten Most Liked Videos/Pictures To Date:

1) Underwear model photoshoot. That’s all I’m saying

2) The most adorable picture of him and Makkachin that made everyone’s heart’s explode

3) A podium selfie he took of him and Chris and Yuuri in the background while Yuuri’s wasn’t looking

4)  A clip from an advert that Viktor did for a brand he sponsors. Literally no-one cared about the brand, they cared that Viktor spent the entire ad either with water being poured on him (aesthetically) or with his shirt off while skating, all in black and white and very pretty to watch. It has been featured in a significant number of people’s sexual fantasies, including teenage Yuuri’s.

5) A picture of his medal collection/trophy shelf that he posted in retaliation to someone saying ‘he hasn’t even won that much anyway’. (Hint - it’s really freaking big)

6) A selfie of him and Chris on a road trip taken by him, while driving, along a road by a cliff that drops into the sea. It’s only so popluar because most people thought it was going to be the last photo of him they ever saw

7) A video of his world record breaking Free Skate (Belle)

8) A picture of him and Yuuri on the podium taken from old news footage the first time they shared the podium together for a #throwbackthursday. It’s popular because it’s from the same video where Yuuri was caught glaring at Viktor and the rivalry officially started 

9) The picture of the view from the hotel room window with the jacket that might or might not be Yuuri’s in it

10) The picture of his medal from the time he won gold and his title back from Yuuri in chapter 9

+ most popular of all time) Now that would be spoiling it ;) But it involves Yuuri and it broke the internet

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What are some means for a FtM character to transition in a story that takes place in pseudo-medieval times (it's a fantasy setting, not actually medieval times but just similar)

That, Nonny, is a complex and difficult question. Most history scholars agree that using modern terms (such as transgender or FtM) on Medieval sex and gender expressions would be ahistorical. It’s difficult to explain in a way that makes sense but, in line with Foucault, how we are able to talk about something (what words we use, for instance) dictates how we are able to think about it. For example, Foucault wrote Folie et déraison: Histoire de la folie à l'âge classique (Madness and Insanity: History of Madness in the Classical Age, 1960) to show that while mental illnesses existed before the asylums were constructed, the concept of “insane” people did not exist in the same fashion. The idea that people could be “insane” resulted in locking people up in asylums. In other words; how we talk about things have real consequences for real people.

Thus; does the term FtM exist in your pseudo-medieval world? If so, how is it viewed? Like a deviance, like an illness or like a natural variation of gender? It´s difficult to determent exactly how sex and gender was viewed in actual Medieval European time, but historians largely agree that sex and gender were viewed differently from today. There was an idea of a single sex and there was some leeway in certain circumstances for variations in gender. For example, women could in some contexts be “male” - in the sense that within religion the “male” was the higher, more pure form and something a someone like a nun could strive towards. [1] Transgenderness, the way we view it today in the western world, did not exist as a concept in the Middle Ages.

When you have decided what your characters think about transgenderness, you will have to decide the medical knowledge of your fictional society; if they know about hormonal replacement or not, for instance. This is because HRT (hormonal replacment theraphy) is the only way to change the hormone levels of estrogen and testosterone (and progesterone). Apart from that, medical transition could include surgery. If these surgeries are available to your character also depends on what kinds of surgeries your fictional society can perform. If there is no understanding of how hormones work and surgeries do not allow for surgeries similar to real world variations that are available now, there is still the possibilities of transition.  I have written before if there is something akin to a binder available and there are some records of women biding with linen by wrapping it around their chests. (Please note that I really do not recommend anyone actually using this method to bind. Buy your binder from a legitimate company such as GC2B). It’s also possible to train your voice to get it lower. The way the character dresses, acts and what kind of occupation he has will also impact how he is viewed. Transition does not have to be about medically transitioning. How your character transitions depends on how gender is viewed in your fictional world. 

To summarise:

  • Decide if your fictional world offers transition in the form of hormonal replacement theory.
  • Decide if surgeries are an option.
  • Does your fictional society have a concept of transgenderness? 
  • Does the society have a binary understanding of sex and gender?
  • Is sex and gender viewed as intertwined or as separate from one another? (For example; is gender the expression of a biological sex or are sex and gender both viewed as social constructs?) 
  • Are clothes and occupations gendered? Does wearing certain clothes or performing a certain job gender the individual?

Here you also have some examples of FtM people who lived in the Middle Ages: “A BRIEF HISTORY OF FTM TRANS CIVILIZATION” 

Good luck with your writing!

Signed, Captain.

[1] Karl Whittington, “Medieval” in TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, vol. 1, numbers 1-2, (Duke University Press: 2014). 125-129.


Iso Lele Marlboro Coupé, 1974. The ultimate version of the Lele was commissioned by the Philip Morris Tobacco Company, whose Marlboro brand was sponsoring Iso’s Formula 1 team at the time. Two specially modified Leles were prepared for Formula 1 team drivers Howden Ganley and Nanni Galli by Bizzarrini. The cars were stripped of sound deadening, power steering and other luxuries, and fitted with 360hp version of 351 Cobra Jet engine. Three further Marlboro versions were created with Bizzarini’s performance enhancements but retaining and improving upon the luxury fitments of the standard Lele


—— The ex Richard Lloyd - Canon sponsored - 1984 Brands Hatch 1,000 kms winning & Brun Motorsport’- 1986 World Sports-Prototype Championship winning - 1983 Porsche 956 Group C - Chassis #956-106   ——-

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This is a far-fetched situation but Imagine some important-sponsor people going to do an important meeting with Yuuri and being like "idk about this "Yuuri" guy smh and then coming into the meeting room and they all see Yuuri and Yuuri is all shy and "Hi I'm Yuuri :D!!" and the important-sponsor people are like "Sign here and we'll sponsor you"

Brands used to pounce on Victor, king of skating, but the moment he starts coaching Yuuri they go BALLISTIC to get Yuuri Katsuki to sponsor their products.

Yuuri doesn’t quite understand it, but as soon as he goes into meetings, he’s immediately signed to be in this commercial or to sponsor this product or to be affiliated with this brand. Victor always just smiles and squeezes his shoulder, like it’s not odd at all.

One day, Yuuri asks him why he keeps getting all of these deals without even trying that hard. Victor blinks at him. “Yuuri, have you looked in a mirror recently? You could sell sawdust to a lumber mill.”

#PancakesSunday 🥞 ! Chocolate chip pancakes with kiwi and red currants ❤️ • I’ve been having a hard time getting back on insta after my digital detox. I make recipes everyday, enjoy taking food pictures and editing but when it comes to posting them it just doesn’t seem appealing at the moment. The algorithm neglecting content from smaller accounts for brand or sponsored posts and competition to always get more likes/followers took over the inspiring side for me at this point. Maybe Insta hasn’t changed but I have in my approach. What do you guys think?

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so many people must ask you this question + its probably all anyone asks you tubers, but how do you make money? do you do anything outside of youtube? your films are gorgeous and I'm just wondering from a personal perspective if it's possible to make living making things that are purely beautiful and artistic without having to sponsor brands, etc. xx

It really does fluctuate how much money people make. I literally make no money off adsense so I do branded work from time to time to keep it all moving. I suppose like anything you find a way to keep practicing and make the money to support yourself. I am so fortunate because YouTube allows me to do both. Ultimately money can come in so many different ways if you’re on YouTube, it doesn’t just have to be adsense. I think regardless YouTube serves as a great platform to practice your skills, gain feedback and then push that into the ‘bigger’ idea you want to create.

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Thank you and update!

I know there has been a slight lapse in pictures and content (and trust me people let me know, haha).  So I wanted to send a quick message for any of those interested in reading and keeping up with a true blog, not just pictures but also real information.  Winter has been good so far but it also causes a lapse in my online presence.  After the holidays it has always been a ritual for me to take my horses down south and get them out of PA where I live for the dead of winter.  When I’m south I’m working and training the horses and not always “connected” like when I’m at home.  I’ll be heading home in the next couple weeks.  From there we will be working on several things and a few new announcements as well.  I’ll be working on getting new content and pictures for the blog.  We will also continue (or hopefully finish) construction of our personal fitness, coaching, motivation and health website.  The announcement of a couple wonderful sponsors and partners.  I’m so excited to work for them and sponsor their brands, apparel, and products.  Probably a couple personal announcements as well.  But all and all it has been a good trip and I’m ready to get home.  I miss “my” gym, my routine, all my friends at home and especially my man!  Thank you for over 12,000 followers at this point, WOW!  Thank you for your patience and let’s make 2017 a GREAT year!!!!!  - Shelley 

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What's Pride like?

Pride’s like something giant, and big, and colourful moving across the city. There’s a lot of noise, and music, and mess. People are dressed in ways that would normally be illegal, and nobody cares.

There’s straight people, and queer people, and everybody is having a good time. There’s people sponsored by brands, and law-enforcement, and that’s less nice to see. There’s very young people and very old people, couples and triads and bdsm attire, trans women and trans men and friends of friends and a lot of flag.

It’s chaotic. The first time you go you you’re confused, and there’s the heat, and there’s the mess, and you kind of want to go away but also you feel so included, because there’s other people like you, even if you‘ve always felt like it couldn’t be true, and then you see that’s indeed true, that you belong, that there’s hope.

I miss pride already, I miss pride a lot.