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Brands! I’m doing a product shoot next week 🖤 Want your clothing or accessories to be included? Drop me a message, I’m offering low prices on my new sponsorship options while I’m getting @bombshellphotographyuk started 📸💕

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so many people must ask you this question + its probably all anyone asks you tubers, but how do you make money? do you do anything outside of youtube? your films are gorgeous and I'm just wondering from a personal perspective if it's possible to make living making things that are purely beautiful and artistic without having to sponsor brands, etc. xx

It really does fluctuate how much money people make. I literally make no money off adsense so I do branded work from time to time to keep it all moving. I suppose like anything you find a way to keep practicing and make the money to support yourself. I am so fortunate because YouTube allows me to do both. Ultimately money can come in so many different ways if you’re on YouTube, it doesn’t just have to be adsense. I think regardless YouTube serves as a great platform to practice your skills, gain feedback and then push that into the ‘bigger’ idea you want to create.

when you can tell what lines and phrases a sponsored brand has required youtubers to say lol

i’ve seen so many vloggers call thrive market “a mix between whole foods and costco” or “whole foods’ products at costco prices”

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No I don't think Louis chose this team if there had been another option. But who would have forced Rusty on him? The song is under Ultra. And no I meant that people say his management forces him to look like a lad, to eat McDonald, to get drunk with the boys etc. All of it is always Louis team which is not logical in any sense...

Well, to be frank, a lot of these brand sponsors things are proper deal that your management brings to you, you generally agree and the deal is done. The artist usually has a say in it, but this is 1d, so who even knows. Fact is, most of the brands (from the clothing to the food ones) Louis is sponsoring don’t appease to me at all, but I doubt that’s the biggest of his problems at the moment? As for the lad image…it’s so clearly a part of his public persona, I don’t know where the line is between what he enjoys doing there and what’s pushed with a purpose. I’m personally more disgusted by Russell’s presence and waht that implies, yes. No idea through what clauses they had Louis involved with JGG and this guiy in aprticular, but it’s all so…just so unnaturally wrong that I can’t just accept it’s a thought out chocie, you know? I almost dread the alternative?

I’m not much for a victimization campaing in general, either, I feel what you say, but there are a few aspects in all this that just…they aren’t right. Thanks for coming back and explaining what you meant, anyway :)

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Darren and beard have been scarily quiet lately... I was expecting the sweater brand to sponsor them with a st. patrick's day one to be honest. I'm just dreading the amount of them we'll get to make up for it.

I have an advice for you Nonnie: live the present and don’t fear the future. If something happens, it’s only pr.

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Hi Hollie! I entered a beauty pageant and I need to find a sponsor, I have no idea how to find one do you have any advice? Know of any brands or shops that sponsor people? Xx

Who can help💕

Something new for brands: Tumblr Sponsored Days. 

Launching this day with Nike’s (nikewomen) #Better For It campaign.

Here’s how it works: Pinned to the top of a user’s dashboard is a short message or call to action, like Nike’s “Embrace your uncomfort zone.” 

It’s styled like our notes and follower notifications—something familiar, unintrusive, and decidedly clickable. And what it links to deepens the engagement: An exclusive tab on the Explore page, one of the most trafficked and engaging pages on Tumblr.

You fill the tab with content. Your own, someone else’s, or a mix of the two. It’s a wall of whatever content suits your brand. You don’t even need a blog to have a Day. 

Buy a Sponsored Day for an ongoing campaign, to launch a new blog, or just for fun. Contact your Brand Strategist or email

You can also read what our own David Hayes has to say about Sponsored Days in AdWeek. 

40 of the world’s most powerful eggheads and brainazoids are in sensory deprivation tanks looking in to the future to findf out what my password is to defame and destroy my brand.


Cess Pitt, a clown fashion model who, while initially told he could never achieve his dreams due to not fitting conventional standards of clown beauty (his feet too petite, his eyes far too alive-looking, his nose not even moderately ripe), is now highly sought after. he famously appeared on leaked propaganda posters for a cancelled moonwar, in which he was depicted licking a bayonet-syle watergun and gesturing obscenely to the camera. when asked the secret to his uncanny lack of aging, he always cites whatever brand he is sponsoring at the time. one of Jinks Leggins most oft-quoted bits involves a possibly frivilous account of a one-night stand they had with Pitt in the early 90s. he is also credited with starting the tradition of always slipping on a banana peel at the end of the runway. faction: Whatever You Want Him To Be, Baby

The Ken-L Land Pet Motel opened at Disneyland on January 18, 1958  The kennel’s name was sometimes spelled Ken-L Land (consistent with the usual hyphenation of the sponsor’s name) and sometimes Ken-L-Land (with an extra hyphen). Disneyland nomenclature was less exact in those days.

Over the years, five different pet food brands sponsored the pet kennel. The kennel is still operational today, although without a sponsor.

Sometimes Ken-L Land showed up in Disneyland advertising:

“Man’s best friend” has not been forgotten when the family visits Disneyland, thanks to Ken-L-Ration’s deluxe Pet Motel, Ken-L-Land. The courteous, competent staff sees that your pet is provided with and individual “suite” and all the comforts of home. A complimentary feeding of Ken-L-Ration is served your pet, if you so desire.

— Disneyland display ad, Los Angeles Times, June 14, 1959

In 1965, the price for a full day at Ken-L Land was just 25 cents, including a can of food:

Ken-L-Land, an air-conditioned dog motel, is 100 feet outside Disneyland’s main gate. Your dog will love his individual “suite.” Entrust your pet to out experienced handler whose specialty is tender, loving care. The 25c all-day fee includes a free can on Ken-L-Ration… at Ken-L-Land.

— Disneyland display ad, Los Angeles Times, June 14, 1965

The Ken-L Land Pet Motel name lasted until 1968. Then Kal Kan took over sponsorship. The name changed to the “Kennel Club.”

By 1975, the price had doubled to a still very reasonable 50 cents. According to the Disneyland Guide, Summer 1975:

You may leave your pet in an airy, individual enclosure at a cost of only 50¢ for the entire day. This charge includes a choice of Kal Kan pet food. This facility, sponsored by Kal Kan, is located to the right of the Main Gate Ticket Booths. Sorry, pets cannot be left overnight.

Kal Kan’s sponsorship ran until 1977. From 1986 until 1991, Gaines sponsored the “Pet Care Kennel.”
Adidas offers to help eliminate Native American mascots
Adidas announced an initiative Thursday to help high schools nationwide drop Native American mascots.
By Anne M. Peterson, Associated Press

Every brand competing with sponsors of teams with Native mascots has an opportunity to strengthen their brand identity and appeal to inclusion. Thank you Adidas for setting the example!