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Spotlight: NoHOURS

In the past few years, we’ve seen the rise and resurgence of a number of labels that made a big impact on streetwear, pushing what it could be and defining what it should be. Now as the industry and demand is at an all time high, special brands are continuing to emerge with new gear for style savvy enthusiasts.

Indie lifestyle brand NoHOURS is all about low-key branding and muted colors mixed with tongue-in-cheek graphic flair; creating what one could call a uniform for the creatively like-minded. Emotionally conscious pieces like the Cracks and Paradise tees juxtaposed with the brands romanticized rose motif showcase NoHOURS’ ability to blend references and offer an artistic take on urban streetwear.

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Photography: @adri_law

Queen’s Gambit Chapter 5 Irresitible

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Claire couldn’t remember when she’d had a better first date. Though she suspected that the original plan, given the care with which they’d both taken in appearance, was a fancy table-cloth kind of place.

As they left the field in Jamie’s classic MG, he’d eyed her shoes and asked if she, perchance, might have a more serviceable pair? A quick detour to her car and they were off.

As their destination came into focus, Jamie watched Claire twist her curls into a bun, securing it with what looked like two short chopsticks. Next, she slid her heels off wedging her feet into the no lace sneakers she’d unearthed from an old gym bag in her trunk. They did nothing for the outfit, as he suspected she knew; and both of them were overdressed for the amusement park, but he loved the fact that she went along with it anyway.

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Nissan Crossing in Ginza, Tokyo

Deep in the heart of Tokyo’s luxurious Ginza fashion district, on the corner of a big crossing, is a place called Nissan Crossing.

The best way to describe this place is kind of a brand showcase gallery where Nissan show off some of their latest concepts, technology and production cars. It’s a pretty cramped place on a busy day, so of all the photos I took, these were probably the only ones worth showing you guys. The Nismo GTR was obviously a highlight but it was also interesting to see some of Nissan’s concepts, namely this silver electric bladerunner thing. I don’t remember what it’s called, Nissan IDS or IBS or something…

The building itself is quite impressive and there is also a cafe upstairs if you want to enjoy a coffee while soaking up all those futuristic Nissan vibes.

In my life have always worn almost exclusively second-hand clothes (due to financial necessity) but nowadays even with the proliferation of cheap fast fashion I would still rather wear second-hand. When I was a kid, getting “new” clothes, actually new clothes that had never been worn before, was a huge treat because typically that just wasn’t affordable for us. 

In 2017, I could pick up a $6 shirt at H&M or an $8 skirt on clearance at F21 for about the same price as what I could buy at a thrift store. However I don’t get the same feeling of “new clothes” high because the quality is so low. Plus I feel a lot of guilt knowing that the products were not made under the most ethical conditions. 

There is a lot of pressure put on individuals to offset environmental damage that is created by huge companies, without holding these companies culpable for their actions. But in the case of fast fashion, we as consumers can make a huge difference by saying “no” and by not creating a market for clothing that is shoddy, wasteful, and which creates tons and tons of waste. 

My first recommendation is obviously to shop at thrift stores, and to prioritize small thrift stores rather than thrift chains. My family was able to do this growing up even though we lived in a very small, isolated area. I also recommend doing clothing swaps with friends or organizing larger-scale swaps on trading groups like Bunz. Learning to do small repairs on clothing, like sewing rips and tears or replacing buttons, will also lengthen the life of your clothes. 

Lastly, I think we should celebrate and praise a DIY aesthetic. Instagram/fashion blogging culture right now seems to be about showcasing certain brands and sites so that bloggers can profit from affiliate links. I would much rather showcase creativity and promote bloggers that create something amazing with their hands rather than just forking over the cash for a cute item. Annika Victoria on Youtube is a great example of that. She is an amateur seamstress who has DIY tutorials for people of all skill levels, even for those who don’t sew at all. 

I hope that instead of making excuses as to why we have to shop fast fashion, we can all work together come up with easy and accessible alternatives.


Letter B + Pedals in negative space. 

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Nothing fancy today just wanted to showcase my brand new ceramic knife!  This is a serious joy in the kitchen. Made cutting up these veggies completely easy. I find the key to these rice wraps is to use lots of herbs and then there is no need for a sauce. I added lots of mint, basil, and cilantro along with mango and apple for flavour. so good! I’m still pretty awful at rolling them but atleast they are the right shape… 

If you are looking for a sauce mango, lime, jalapeño is a great choice or carrot, orange, ginger :) 


Hi! I’m Jim Gibbons, an editor at darkhorsecomics who spends a fair amount of time on tumblr as pizza-party.

robot6 asked me if I’d be interested in doing a series of posts for their tumblr. I thought that sounded like a lot of fun. But, I thought it could be a lot more fun if I showcased some brand new art from some upcoming projects!

To kick things off, here are two new pages of victorsantoscomicsPolar that will appear in Dark Horse Presents. An already exciting espionage comic, the Steranko-influenced coloring on this sample is particularly awesome, I think! — JIM


#SHOPBLACK As a YouTuber I want to review and bring my Curlfriends all the products I love whether it’s Garnier Fructis or Entwine Couture…some get it twisted tho as if I don’t support small businesses or black owned businesses. That’s far from the truth! I love my black businesses! @entwinecouture @alikaynaturals @edenbodyworks @sheamoisture4u @frizzfreecurls @sheerluxebeauty to name a few. But I always take criticism and reevaluate myself and my efforts. To show love to my fav brands I’m starting a new series on my YouTube channel. I will highlight each brand and give you a quick product review! The first brands I’ll be showcasing are @beemineproducts @sheerluxebeauty @wondercurl @belnouvo @themanechoice and @curluxenaturals. I can’t wait to get started! If you are a small business and want to be featured, feel free to contact me at! This is going to be a fun series! New video and brand each month! #teamnatural #naturalhair #blackbusinesses #buyblack #shopblack #etcblogmag #yolandarenee #naturalblogger #youtuber

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anonymous asked:

Aside from w2r, do you know of any other queer-run clothing companies (excluding flavnt, obviously)? I'd love to find more brands like yours!

Really glad to hear that you want to be socially conscious when supporting brands in the community! There are a couple that I have personal experience working with and who have really just been awesome to talk to. 

Infinite Headwear - This is run by my dude Khalil and he’s a really cool guy. At this point, he’s raising money through sales to pay off his top surgery. But he also is building care packages and plans to use his line after his top surgery is paid off to continue distributing packages to trans youth. 

Outpost Supply Co - Yorgois, the owner of this brand, is a really, really cool person. They sell really great, queer inspired and designed clothing, and donate large amounts of their profits to a grant program for LGBT+ people. 

Elliot’s Top Shop - This shop was created to help Elliot save for Top Surgery and the designs are awesome. I would have my own of his “Support the Journey” design if I wasn’t broke right now. 

Coexist Casuals - Sam is a really great guy who makes his shirts by hand. 

Elf and the Broomstick - This shop is also a handmade shop run by my friend @louis-tummy. Lou is a really awesome, aware, and kind guy. 

And not only are these awesome shops/brands/causes, but they are all people who have donated to the current campaign @waystoraise is running; Raine’s Therapy and Hormone Fundraiser

Without all of them, this campaign wouldn’t be going as awesomely as it is(we have raised over $400 in the first week alone!). 

Definitely check all of those out! And there is going to be some cool services rolled out in the coming months to showcase more brands to support.