brand new iphone

Dean surprises everyone when he hands Cas the iPhone, brand new in its pristine white box. The angel is overwhelmed; he knew his flip phone was outdated but this…

“And wait,” Dean smiles, grabbing another package from the bag. “I haven’t even shown you the best part yet.”

They’re headphones, large ones in a big box and a little plastic container of smaller ear buds. They both have the label Shure on the side, a fact that has Sam’s hazel eyes wide and Castiel blushing under the lavishness of the gifts. “Dean, I don’t need–”

“I know,” Dean says. His smile, though hesitant and shy, is beautiful. “I, uh, I wanted to. ‘Sides, can’t have you listening to shitty tunes on shitty headphones, y'know?”

The phone has already been set up, a fact Castiel is eternally grateful for. The angel watches as Dean explains how the device works, tapping at the screen and plugging in the huge headphones and carefully placing them over Cas’s ears. Castiel flinches in response: “Sorry.”

“Nah, don’t worry about it,” Dean replies. His smile is brave and fake, and Cas hates it. He wishes he could relax. He wishes he could stop being anxious and sad. But ever since he expelled Lucifer and killed Amara, things have been—different. Loud noises make him jump, unexpected touches make him cringe and flinch, and he often loses himself in his own thoughts.

“Hey, here, I wanna show you something.” This time, Dean warns him before touching him, his calloused fingers smoothing over his arm as his other hand hovers over the phone. “I’m gonna press play, okay? You’ll like it, I promise.”

With the knowledge that the song will be a surprise, Castiel tenses up, his shoulders almost touching his ears. He nods and bites his lip, almost to the point of blood.

Dean’s green eyes become dull and worried in response, and the hunter gives a little nod of his own. He presses play. Cas flinches pre-emptively.

And then it’s just… alright. Good, even.

In the place of music, the sound of rain filters through his headphones. It’s a little bit of a shock at first, he has to turn the volume down because the bouts of thunder make him jump, but after a while, it becomes—relaxing. The sound is repetitive, soft, the thunder is low and grumbly, and it soothes Cas until he’s comfortable enough to slump in his seat. Dean, who at some point has sat down beside him, easily takes Castiel’s weight against his shoulder. When he wraps an arm around the angel, Cas doesn’t even flinch.

Soon after, the rain changes to the hum of a washing machine, but instead of another ten minutes of blissful white noise, the sound is soon interrupted by something sharper. It’s still a low sound, though, and with how relaxed Castiel is, the angel doesn’t startle.

It’s Dean.

So, uh, hey Cas, it’s me. Ah… Dean.

A smile begins to creep across Cas’s lips.

Shit. Fuck, of course it’s me—um, yep. So, it’s Dean. And I just. I just wanted to talk, I guess. I know it’s been kinda, uh, tough since you got back, and I know we don’t talk about it, but I’m… I’m worried, Cas. And I know I’m a coward. And I know I’m probably bein’ selfish right now, but it’s killin’ me to watch you waste away to nothing, man. I, ah, I love you too much for that. Like, I love you a lot, a-and—fuck. I’m not… doin’ this right.

Look, what I, I guess what I’m tryin’ to say is that… I don’t care why you did it. I don’t. I care about you, Cas. And if you don’t love me back, that’s cool, and if you do, well… A shaky breath. Well, then, we move at your pace. But you’re all I care about. You gotta believe that.

Kay, um, well, I love you.


Uh, bye.

Cas doesn’t know he’s crying until Dean is wiping at his cheeks, freckled skin drowning in ruby red warmth as the hunter coos and hushes him. Castiel grasps Dean’s wrists tightly and carefully leans in, his breath shaky and laboured and nervous before he presses the sweetest of chaste kisses upon the other’s lips. Immediately after, Cas buries his face in Dean’s neck and hugs his hunter tightly. “Thank you,” he breathes.

Dean’s small, relieved smile presses against the top of Castiel’s head. “Yeah, god, anytime, Cas,” he breathes. “L-love you.”

It takes a handful of seconds before Cas can gather up the air to answer—before he’s absolutely certain this is real. Fingers twisting in the material of Dean’s shirt, the angel nods, throat clicking with his swallow. His lips part.

“Love you.”

1. People leave. All of them. Even if you think they’ll stick with you forever, they won’t. I won’t be pathetic and say things like they’ll rip your lungs and leave you breathless on bathroom floor. Some of them will, some will quietly disappear and you won’t even notice. But there is ONE person that’ll be there always, only one and that’s you. So try to make yourself happy.
2. Work on making experiences and memories instead on focusing on things. They will last more than that brand new iPhone.
3. Some things are fucking scary and you’ll be scared shitless but sometimes you just have to do it. Don’t think, just do it.
4. I’ve already mentioned people will leave, but when they’re here, love them with all your heart. Love them like you’ve never been hurt and be nice to them and make them feel good. Do it for yourself. But remember to put yourself first and if they make you feel like shit, leave.
5. Find people that inspire you and make you feel loved and like you can conquer the world. Surround yourself with creative, smart, caring, funny and good people. You deserve that.
6. You have to learn to accept yourself. I know it’s hard and that you’d rather be someone else. Someone prettier. smarter, more popular, richer, skinnier, better. But you can only be you. Good news; you can be prettier, smarter, more popular, richer, skinnier, better you if you work hard on yourself and never give up. And accept yourself as a bunch of flaws and learn to love yourself for it. Get to know yourself better. ‘If a lion knows his strength, no man can control him’.
7. It took me long to realize this but everyone, literally everyone has some problems, some things they hate about themselves, something or someone they can’t get over. You’re not the only one.
8. Every day go on an adventure. It doesn’t matter if you skip a class, sneak in the random building nearby, try to hold in laughing so people who live there won’t hear you and hang out on the roof or take a night ride in car of your friend who just passed a driving test. Break a routine. Live.
9. You can’t help people if they don’t want someone to help them. It will hurt to see someone you love suffering and knowing you aren’t able to help. It will hurt like hell, but you can’t do anything.
10. Laugh. Laugh until your stomach hurts and you cry and you pee in your pants a little and look like a mess. But who cares? It’s the best feeling ever.
11. You’ll have to decide what are you going to do with your life and choose college and job. Choose to do what you love, because that’s the only way you’ll be good at it. Remember you are choosing will you, 10 years from now, get up on a Monday morning feeling like you’re going to hell or looking forward to begin with your day.
12. You can do literally everything. You can become President, lose weight, get your life together or do whatever the fuck you want to do (not neccesserly in that order). All you need to do is to stop yourself from stopping yourself (if you get what i’m saying), and have some motivation and dedication. When you wake up say to yourself I OWN THIS.
13. Every day write down what have made you happy that day, or what are you grateful for. At first it may be hard, but just keep doing it.
14. Surround yourself with art. Go to museums, galleries, concerts, look up when you’re walking down the street to see architecture. Draw, write, sing, play any instrument. Beautiful thing about art is that it has infinite ways to be understood.
15. Read good books, classics. They may not seem interesting at first, but i promise you’ll learn a lot. I have nothing against John Green, but fault is not in our stars. Fault is in ourselves, and we create our own destiny
16. Take photos of everything. Few years later you’ll be glad you did.
17. Love yourself unconditionally. Do things that make you happy or are good for you. Never let other people define your worth. Live up to YOUR expectations and opinions, not others. The most valuable thing i realized this year is that i’m worth it. I deserve the best. No one has to save me, i love myself enough to be my own savior. I’m unstoppable and beautiful. And no one can make me feel anything less.
—  17 things i learned while being 17

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Axis+Romano and Prussia version of cellphones?

(Allies here!)

South Italy: He has a flip phone from the 2000s. Spain bought it for him after he refused to buy one himself, since he didn’t want to make it easy for people to contact him. His refusal to upgrade reflects that.

Prussia: Being the massive show-off that he is, Prussia laughed in the face of his brother’s practical Nokia, and got himself a brand new iPhone. Doesn’t mean he knows how to use it, though.

(Pattern by Freepik)


I haven’t been keeping this blog updated lately so here’s a long post to get it up to date. I am truly ASTONISHED by my luck with this sugar daddy. I saw him for *literally* 3 hours *once* this month, was treated to a nice meal, a nice time, and I left with a fat wallet 😂 I recently moved into a new place and he helped me and my roommates so much. He provided a brand new washer and dryer (whirlpool and mint green 😭) along with movers, not to mention an extra $2200 in addition to my allowance that month. Oh yeah!!! And I took these pics with the brand new iPhone 7 he bought me ;) Happy sugaring babies!💞

Finally [OHSHC! AU] {P.1}

A GOT7 OHSHC!AU in celebration of hitting 300 followers! THANKS GUISE!!!

How this works: Basically, read the backstory and, at the end of Part 2, make your choice. Your choice affects which member you get!

Just a quick background, the ‘him’ in this story is optional bias in this part. You can imagine it to be whichever member you want. Also, please note that by OHSHC!AU, we really only mean that we’re borrowing they’re setting. Not the characters, but you might be able to draw similarities between Seulgi and Haruhi. 

This story, including all the additional member parts are pure fluff, maybe a touch of angst, or very lightly implied smut here and there, but nothing too hardcore. 

None of the choices have been written out yet, but will be added; one member a day! ENJOY!!!

You let your feet rest in the clear blue water. The sun was finally out after a couple of months of winter. Today was just one of those rare warm winter days and the chance to relax in the school pool was too good for you and your friends to give up on. Unfortunately, it seems as though the rest of the school had the same idea.

All around you, you could hear the chatter of your peers enjoying themselves. There were the slight clinks of glass on glass as they toasted whatever it was they toasted, butlers and maids scurried about, refilling glasses, and bringing new drinks, adjusting umbrellas and handing out warm towels. Just loud enough to drown out the sound of it all, some of the monthly hits were playing over the gigantic stereo speakers.

Of course, that wasn’t about to put off your best friend, Cha Seulgi. Apparently growing up below the poverty line meant that she was a regular visitor of public pools which were supposedly worse than this.

You shuddered at the thought.

You’d never visited a public pool before, so you could only listen to Seulgi’s stories and trust her blindly. Before you met Seulgi, you’d never even realized that Air Conditioning was accessible to the general public.

“Someday, you need to take me to this ‘7/11’ place.” You mused, smiling at Seulgi from the corner of your eyes.

“It’s not really that great though, it’s the same as any other Convenience Store.” She sighed, you could tell she was trying not to roll her eyes, but you ignored her attitude. There was no way you were going to pass up on this cultural learning opportunity.

“Why are they called ‘Convenience Stores’ anyways?” You wondered out loud, Seulgi hadn’t heard you though. She was humming along to some song that was being blasted across the pool on the stereo speakers that one of your classmates had brought along.  

You closer your eyes and relaxed, feeling the warm sun soak into your skin. You finally got the chance to try out your new designer swimsuit, and you were really excited about wearing it out. The way it was cut, you were sure you wouldn’t have to deal with any tan lines tomorrow morning.

Close to falling asleep, you awoke with a start when you heard a sudden scream from your side followed by a loud splash. In a second, you could feel the cold water from some person’s reckless dive all over your skin.

Ready to tear the delinquent a new one, you opened your eyes, pulling your sunglasses off your face as you pushed yourself up. Only to trip over your best friend’s sleeping body. With an ungodly scream, you fell face first into the freezing cold pool, Seulgi tumbling in after you.

Once again, you heard the splash and felt the cold droplets of a dive, but you did not feel the water enveloping you. Instead, you felt an arm wrapped securely around your wait. Gingerly, you opened your eyes to see the water right beneath you; the pool was so deep you couldn’t even see the floor at the bottom of the pool. Barely within your vision, you noticed Seulgi surfacing from the pool, her unmistakable bright red lifeguard suit looking more like a blood stain than actual clothes.

Suddenly terrified for your life, you shut your eyes again, feeling yourself getting pulled into a warm embrace by whoever was holding onto you.

“It’s okay, I got you.” The voice mumbled against your hair.

Oh shit. You would recognize that voice anywhere. It was him.

Opening your eyes again, you came face to face with brilliantly sculpted muscles. Why did he have to be here at the pool, why did he have to be shirtless, and why did it have to be him of all people who saved you from drowning?

Carefully, you looked up, afraid to meet his eyes. You couldn’t swim, but maybe falling into the pool would have been less embarrassing than this.

All of the noises faded around you and you could only hear the blood rushing through your ears. It was astonishing how you hadn’t fainted yet.

“Are you okay?” He asked, examining your face for any scratches. At this point, you basically forgot about the mystery diver who splashed you, or Seulgi who was probably getting out of the pool right now. All that mattered was him. He was standing right in front of you, holding you like you’d only ever dreamed he would.

“Y-yeah. I’m f-f-fine I-I guess.” You tried to answer affirmatively, only to have your answer sound more like a question.

He smiled, and you couldn’t help but observe the way his whole face changed when he smiled. It wasn’t just his lips curving upwards, his eyes would crinkle and you would always notice them sparkling when he laughed.

“That’s good to know” He tilted his head to the side, a hint of a smile still lingering on his face, but he made no move to let you go. In fact, his arms held you a little tighter, pulling you impossibly closer to him.

For the first time in your life, you noticed that his eyes were not dark brown like you thought they were, but they were actually pitch black. His nose was curved beautifully, but your eyes were drawn to his lips. Up close, they weren’t chapped or over-bitten like you were worried they would be.

Suddenly feeling excruciatingly shy, you looked down at your feet, feeling your hair cover your warm cheeks. You wanted to say something, but you were worried you might let the wrong words slip. How were you supposed to make conversation when you couldn’t even look at his face without feeling giddy?

“Are you going to the party tomorrow night?” He asked, running his hand through his hair.

“I might, I’m not sure yet,” You answered quietly.

You hadn’t forgotten that party, Seulgi’s boyfriend had invited both of you to attend. You weren’t going to go since it was a masquerade ball. Since it was a ball, you’d need to dance, and to dance, you’d need a date.

You weren’t nearly as sociable as Seulgi. Usually you spent your time musing in a corner, pondering things that didn’t even manner. You were quirky and weird, there weren’t many people who could understand you. Everyone you knew who could understand you were girls. You grew up sheltered from boys, hardly ever speaking to them. This just sort of snowballed into you being a young woman who couldn’t talk to boys, and never had a boyfriend, or a date, or even a kiss.

“Y/N STOP FLIRTING AND GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE” Seulgi screamed for you, her face as red as her swimsuit. He let go of you, letting his arms drop to his side, as he also turned to see why Seulgi sounded so pissed.

You noticed that she was waving her brand new iPhone in her wet hand as she gestured for you. That iPhone was a gift from her boyfriend, and she was super excited to have one since she couldn’t afford it on her own. If that phone broke, she would kill you.

“Oh crap! I have to go now.” You groaned, running off to meet Seulgi.

“Wait! Y/N!” You turned around to face him, trying your best to ignore the mini heart attack you had when he called your name.

He smiled again, taking your hand and squeezing it comfortingly, “You should come… I’ll save you a dance.”

He didn’t wait for your response, instead shooing you off.

“You better go, your friend looks like she wants to kill me,” He chuckled, letting go of your hand, “See you tomorrow, hopefully!” He called after you as you walked away.

“What was that?” Seulgi asked when you finally reached her.

“I’ll tell you later,” You responded, grabbing her hand and pulling her away from the pool as you tried to compose yourself. But she had a point:

What was that?

Written By: Admin Coral

Edited By: Admin Midnight

(this is a collab, so yay!)

Part 2 coming soon!

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