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How to save Agents of SHIELD from cancellation
  • ABC: Hey guys, sorry to cancel AOS. But look on the bright side! Here's the Inhumans show and a spinoff series starring Ghost Rider!
  • *Ghost Rider series premieres and ratings are through the roof*
  • Casual fans: Wow, this totally brand new show kicks ass! We love it!
  • AOS Fans:'s the same cast as AOS. It's just Robbie is now the official lead. Isn't this just AOS season 5?
  • ABC: Nope! It's Ghost Rider season one!
  • AOS Fans: But everyone's back! Fitz, Simmons, Coulson, May, Daisy, Mack, no one left! All you did was rebrand AOS, pushed everyone back to supporting roles, and focused all the storylines and marketing on an entirely new character, which you already did in season 4-
  • ABC: *pulls out gun* Ghost. Rider. Season. One. Don't make us hurt you.
If you’re a Brand New fan please read this

okay so I love all the Brand New albums but I listen to Daisy the least. I use to say it wasn’t that good compared to the other albums but BOY was I wrong. I popped that bitch on my record player and its hand down my favorite record on Vinyl. Now i wont listen to it on a regular basis when I’m out with friends and stuff but on a day like today (in New York its raining where I live) It just fits perfectly with my Iced Coffee. I love Brand New and all their albums so much yo this shit is fucking bumpin rn. LISTEN TO DAISY MORE!!!!!


Dear all,

I am still reeling from yesterday’s announcement that, yes, Before I Fall is finally, finally becoming a movie! It has been a long road and much has changed since 2010, when the book was initially published. I’m amazed and grateful  that Sam Kingston is still finding and having an impact on new readers–and now,  that her journey, and her final week, will exist in a brand-new medium.

Much love to all my fans and readers, without whom my own journey would be impossible.


It's either Carol or nothing

I firmly believe that if Carol can’t be the one to access Daryl’s heart, no one else can. I don’t agree with the people saying that Daryl will get over Carol and start a slow burn relationship with Beth in the next few seasons. Why would the writers do that? Why would they destroy something they have been building for the longest time? I just can’t see them do the slow burn thing with Daryl and Carol for that many seasons only to throw it away. It’s missing on a huge opportunity because most people are waiting for the payoff as we speak. The viewers aren’t stupid. They won’t accept a dead-end with Daryl and Carol only to have Daryl start over the slow burn thing with someone else. It simply doesn’t work like that because it would get too repetitive and the viewers wouldn’t buy it. Carol is already there. They already have something and it’s working great.

What kind of message would it send to the viewers to push away the closest woman in his life only to start over with a new love interest that has no history with him? It would look like Carol wasn’t good enough for him and that isn’t true at all. And isn’t it funny how the theories getting Daryl and Beth together only seem to work if Carol disappears or dies? That just proves that Carol is closer to Daryl and that they truly have potential together. If she was just a friend to him, no one would give a shit if she sticks around to see the Daryl/Beth relationship unfold.

Also, I don’t see the writers getting rid of a great character like Carol just because Daryl needs to find someone else. Carol is there for a reason and I like how they are playing it so far. I know there’s a lot of drama going on right now but ultimately, we’ll get the payoff one way or another. I trust Gimple because he loves Carol and he wrote some of the most amazing Caryl scenes on the show. So, there’s no way in hell he is going to give up to some fan pandering who wants Daryl with a brand new love interest. They have to stay true to his character and if we follow the logic, Carol is the only realistic choice as a love interest. And if it ain’t her, it won’t be anyone else.