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fecipher twitter, 24-2-2017: “Unseen Shield, Kellam”

[Card Showcase] The unnoticeable heavy knight, Kellam, makes his debut as a promoted card at last! This gallant figure graces not only a regular Rare card, but also a signed Rare… er, where is he?! No, no, this is definitely what the card is supposed to look like. Be sure to check out the actual card and confirm it for yourself! (Illust. Mayu)

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Chains and Blindfolds

heyheyhey you can thank @potato-fan-girl  for telling me to write this :)

Keith tugs at his arms, but all that achieves is making his shoulders ache even more.  The Galra sentry yanks at his arms, and Keith grunts.  He can hear Lance yelling, but does he listen?  No.  Why?  Because it’s Keith.  

Lance grunts as he’s thrown against the wall of the cell and Keith can only watch as the Galra pulls Lance forward by his hair and wrap a gross, greenish cloth around his eyes.  Lance tries to turn his head and wiggle out of their hold, but he just manages to get slapped and kicked in the ribs.  Keith tries to run forward, but, again, all that does is make his shoulders hurt even more.  

They throw Keith into the ground as they chain Lance’s hands into the chains hanging from the ceiling.  There’s enough chain for him to sink to the ground with his arms above him, and he does just that.  From his slumped posture, Keith can tell that Lance is lost and very afraid–uncomfortable, even.  His breathing is quick and his head is moving like he’s trying to see.  His hands are limp before him, chained together and useless.  

Keith struggles as they chain him to the chair in the corner of the room.  He can’t figure out why they have him so heavily chained rather than having Lance.  Of course, Keith has been fighting them since they knocked Lance off that ledge he was shooting from and tackled Keith while he was distracted with making sure Lance was okay.  

The Galra leave for who knows how long.  Lance’s hard, panicked breathing is all the fills the silence.  

“Lance,” Keith rasps.  “Lance come over here.”  Lance shakes his head, mumbling.

“I don’t–where?”  Lance replies.  He fumbles around for a second before he’s facing Keith.

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fecipher twitter, 15-3-2017: “Sprightly Bride, Lissa”

[Card Showcase] The bride is a class that only women can attain through the use of a certain special item. This time, the woman clad in this dress of holy chastity is Chrom’s younger sister, Princess Lissa! In sickness and in health… To save the one she loves, she sweetly springs onto the battlefield! (Illust. Akabane)

“I’m tired of struggling to keep up with everyone. I wanna hold my own!”

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Lance Spa

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Coran yelps in surprise when a tanned hand slaps him on the top of his own and the small yellow circle falls from his grasp.

“Coran!” Lance scolds, green face mask already in place as he glares down at the altean, “What did we say about eating our beauty material?”

Coran hums, tilting his head to the side in fake innocence. “Uh…to sneak in during the night so Number Two wouldn’t catch us?”

Lance opens his mouth before he closes it and then he shrugs. “Yeah, okay, to avoid a certain death with Hunk for stealing his creations, but after that?”

The mustached man chuckles, raising both hands up in surrender. “Not to eat the beauty material because it’s important for your baby butt skin.”

Lance nods proudly, handling Coran a pair of new small eye patches. “No eating. These beauties will help to ease the dark bags under your eyes. Believe me, they have done wonders to Pidge, in the few times that I had been able to catch her.”

Coran frowns as he eyes both circles intensely. “Okay, but are you sure they are not for eating? Because these look strangely alike of our dinner from two night ago.”

Lance stays quiet for a few ticks before -

“So okay, they might also work as food.”

“Ah-HA! I knew it!”

“Shiro, I swear to King Alfor that if you try to scratch your face and ruin my beautiful work one more time I will actually kick that round butt of yours with only a small spark of guilt.”

“Ew.” Keith deadpans, still laying on the edge of the bed upside down, his own face mask still in place along with purple eye patches, “TMI, I don’t need to know how round Shiro’s butt is, thanks.”

Lance sends him an unimpressed glare before he turns to his leader.

“It itches!” Shiro whines, fingers twitching with anticipation, hovering right above his right cheek, “This is torture, you said this was relaxing.”

“It would be, if you would stop whining. Your skin is so dry that it takes time to settle down and accept the nutrients from the face goo mask.”

“Oh, jeez, I’m so sorry that I didn’t kept up with moisturizing my face back in the Galra Arena.”

Lance doesn’t look impressed and only narrows his eyes in warning when Shiro’s prosthetic gets closer to his cheek. “Put that hand down, Mister Dove.”

Shiro shots him his own mean glare at the nickname. “Stop calling me like the soap brand, Lance.”

“You rejected ‘Mister White Bunny Butt’, man! There are only a few left before I run out of nicknames.”

“I like Mister Schunk.”

“Shut the quiznak up, Keith.”

“Hunk, the purpose of your headband is to keep the goo out of your hair, buddy, not to smear it completely on your entire lion mane.” Lance chuckles shaking his head in amusement, hands still working skillfully on Pidge’s hair as he watches the older teen pulls a face while lifting up one of his goo covered bangs.

“I didn’t think this thing was going to be so hard to handle!” Hunk huffs, gagging one or two times as he removes the rest of the goo from his hair, “Do I really need the goo mask, Lance?”

Lance rolls his eyes. “Fine, you big toddler, you can use other option. There’s a small plain disc on the left corner of my sink. Pick that one up, soak it with water and rubs it against your face for twenty ticks before rinsing and repeating two more times.”

“That’s sounds like a great idea.” Hunk nods, standing up from the floor and heading to the bathroom, yellow robe from his pj’s set left behind on the ground.

Lance chuckles before he turns to Pidge when the young girl hums to catch his attention.

“You do realize that he’s going to notice that those ‘small plain discs’ are his precious cookies, right?” She asks, computer on her lap, typing lazily as Lance continues to braid her hair.

Lance snorts. “Psh, as if! He’s never going to notice -”

There’s a shout followed by a cry of indignation coming from the bathroom and then both teens on the bed freeze.

“Lance!” Hunk calls from behind the bathroom’s door, “Are those my cookies from this morning¡?”


“And then, then the General has the audacity to wave his hand at me as if my input wasn’t important and he says the total opposite of what the meeting was trying to archive!” Allura scoffs, one hand in the air to express her frustration and mumbling a quick apology when the hand Lance is nail-painting moves the slightest from his lap, “Can you believe that? Even the King looked bewildered by the unnecessary input from his own General! We had to have a second meeting without him to finally come to an agreement and a peace treaty.”

Lance whistles, eyes still on Allura’s nails as he passes the pink brush over them. “Jeez, that sounds exhausting, ‘Llura.”

“Ugh, it was!” Allura whines, throwing her head back before sighing and dropping it on Lance’s shoulder, “Come with me next time, please? This is the last time I let you miss a diplomatic meeting just to have a date with Keith.”

Lance chuckles, blowing on her nails for a tick before he hums and drops her hand. “Sure, no problem, and by the way, Keith told me to tell you ‘thank you’, he really appreciated having some free time.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Allura waves her hand with a small teasing smile before she coos at the sight of her nails, “Oh, Lance! Is this a new color?”

Lance winks. “Yup! I found it today at the mall, but that’s not the best thing, put them under the light and move it slowly.”

Allura does as told and gasps when small sparkly points start appearing over the nail polish. “Oh my gosh, Lance!”

The brunet laughs when the princess launches at him, wrapping his arms around her to return the hug. “You know I don’t come from the mall without something sparkly from you, Princess!”

“Thank you, honestly!” Allura sighs contently, pushing back the hug to look down at her hand again, gaze fond and warm before she raises her head, “Okay, now is your turn!”

Lance raises his hands in mock surrender. “Alright, alright, but if you paint my nails neon pink again, I won’t let you choose the color ever again!”

“They were pretty!”

“We will not repeat the Neon Accident!”

Rain (A Langst Mini-Fic)

For @lovelylangst in celebration of her reaching her goal and Lovely Langst Week. I’m so proud of you, my dear lovely friend.


Lance loved the rain. He loved the pitter-patter sound it made as it hit the ground and leaves in the trees, the fresh clean smell it left, just the vastness of it, the way it cooled and slowed the world down, almost as if it slowed the Earth’s rotation and made everything and everyone appear in slow motion. It brought peace. But what he loved the most about rain is what it did. It washed things, covered up mistakes, made them clean. New.

He remembers watching dirt and mud that used to cling to his siblings’ bicycles simply melt away just from a few minutes of heavy rain. The rain made them shine, appear brand new as Lance would watch the rain intertwine with the grime, slowly trickling down. It washed away their blemishes, erasing them from existence. If Lance hadn’t seen it before, he would have never thought it was dirty or imperfect to begin with.

And that’s why Lance was out here on some foreign planet in the middle of outer space, standing with his face toward the sky, letting the droplet fall onto his face. It didn’t have the same smell as the rain back home, but he wasn’t going to be picky. He missed the rain. Lance closed his eyes and smiled softly. Oh god how he missed this. His hair was sticking to his forehead, reminiscing in the feeling of the the drops of water slowly slide down his face, getting lost in the collar of his armor.

This is what he missed the most about rain. How it cleansed, how it erased. And that’s what Lance wanted to be. Lance knew that he wasn’t the best pilot of the Garrison, let alone Voltron. He knew that he could be annoying, get in the way, and maybe not take things as seriously as he needed to. He knew that he made mistakes, plenty of him. He knew that there was probably (definitely) someone better, more qualified to be a defender of the universe, to take care of Blue and contribute to the team.

But Lance knew that he was stuck. Life had felt him these cards, and he knew it was his responsibility to do the best he could. He just wished, hoped, that was enough. Lance could feel warm droplets falling down his face, and knew it wasn’t rain. But he was grateful. The rain masked his tears easily and he could cry freely, harshly, and no one would be the wiser.

Lance outstretched his arms, turning his palms up, watching as the rain formed small puddles there, spilling down his fingers. Lance wished his was like the mud on the bicycles. All the mistakes and imperfections simply washed away after exposed to the rain. All his insecurities and doubts: gone. Like you would have never known they were there.

“Lance, it’s time to get back to the castle. Allura wants a full report.”

Lance nodded in Keith’s direction, taking in a deep breath before putting his helmet back on. Lance’s favorite part about the rain was how is cleansed everything, made things new, how it was so forgiving. He just wished it would, one day, do the same for him.

YouTube AU


  • His channel is called Pretty Blue
  • It’s a vlog mixed with make-up, fashion and testing funny things (his favorite thing to test was the wine bra)
  • When he started his YouTube channel he had just moved to San Francisco and was really struggling with money
  • Because of Youtube he finally got enough money to go visit his family in Cuba
  • He made a whole video on how thankful he was for every single person who followed him and made that possible
  • he also made a series of vlogs showing his family and his favorite places in Cuba
  • he met Keith in a collab he was doing with Pidge (Keith was crashing on her couch since Shiro was on vacation with Matt)
  • When they finally start dating Lance makes a entire vlog series about them (which he named Klance Week)
  • They also made the “Boyfriend does my make-up challenge” twice (one time for each of them) Keith made a disaster out of Lance’s face
  • Lance’s fans LOVE when Keith is on the videos they are adorable

Keith and Shiro:

  • They share a channel, it’s name is The Broganes
  • It’s mostly about video games
  • There is an occasional vlog and livestream (made entirely by Shiro) talking about living together and bro stuff
  • The money they get from the livestream goes to animal shelters
  • Keith made an instagram account for his cat, Redington; and it has more followers than Keith’s and Shiro’s accounts combined
  • When Keith is sick or out of town, Shiro makes videos with Matt (Matt always wins) babe I love you, but I’ll punch you if you send me a blue shell again
  • And when Shiro is sick or out of town, Keith makes videos with Lance (Keith always wins) why is my guy running inside a wall?! How do I turn? What do you mean I’m going the wrong way?
  • on rare occasions they make a collab with Allura. They also make this awful bets with her (ex: if you win, I’ll give you full access to my computer for half an hour). It never ends up well for the boys
  • they made a collab with Pidge once… NEVER AGAIN!


  • Her icon began as a Pidgey from pokemon and it’s now a regular pigeon with rude phrases photoshoped on top
  • Her channel is very popular among kids because it’s way better than school
  • She mostly talks about science (how words are created, how the body works and why mechanics is so freaking awesome). She also makes full series about inventing new robots for useless things (like Simone Giertz, but they actually work) usually Hunk always collabs with her on at least one episode of these series
  • Matt shows up from time to time and it’s usually for a robot battle (they are keeping score and right now it’s a tie)
  • She loves her haters and always dedicates one video per month to talk about them
  • Because of YouTube she now has two cumulet pigeons, they are freaking adorable and she loves them to death theis names are Rover and Beezer
  • She does collabs with Lance every two or three months, it’s usually Lance covering her in make-up and pretty dresses while (on her channel) she tests one of her new gadgets on him (one time she almost broke his nose with a flying box that repeated words, but he was fine in the end)


  • His channel’s name is SugarHunk
  • It’s mostly about him testing new recipes and reviewing new types of foods
  • He also likes to test new and useless kitchen gadgets
  • And he LOVES to create his own useful gadgets
  • He always has Lance on his channel as his Guinea pig
  • Sometimes he gets Keith to join them and things get messy (Keith tries to help and always gets hurt… or breaks something… or both)
  • Hunk loves to collab with Allura, they always make delicious and healthy food together (plus she never breaks anything Keith or complain about the carbs Lance)


  • She began as an Instagram star then migrated to Youtube
  • Her channel is Altean Beauty and it focus on her brand of clothes
  • It’s shows the entire process of creating the style and actually making the clothes
  • She also vlogs about the models (each one is completely different from the other and that’s why her brand is so inclusive)
  • Lance was one of her models for a while and he stills collabs with her from time to time
  • Allura also makes daily vlogs about everything in her live, from her pet rats to her girlfriend Nyma
  • She is always posting things with good vibes (it goes from reminding you of your true beauty to just tell you to eat and drink water because you matter)
  • She is a positive figure on YouTube and many followers send her emails asking for life advises or to just ask for her support. She replies every. Single. One.

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                                                             priv.  sel.   indie. LANCE TUCKER from ‘THE BRONZE’.
                                                                                                                                   penned by jesse.