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Idk if they already have the final line up or not, but I feel like Mnet is too biased to some of the trainees. Many of the trainees’ screentime are cut and some I’ve never seen their face before. I see Haknyeon, Euiwoong and Kenta in upper rank, and I don’t see them in the show. Park Woojin, Kim Taedong, and many more are in As and Bs, but I’ve never got to remember their faces.

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How did you make your icon?

alternative title: i am broke and am too afraid to torrent

1. i use to create my icon art !! it’s free (yay webapps!!) n easy to navigate !! u have to sign up before using it,,, so go do that first

2. figure out a color scheme!! here are some resources for inspiration (x x). (lazy hint: pastels/muted tones generally make pretty foolproof color combinations)

3. find a subject! google images is your best friend. for the banner of this tutorial i chose a kikki k planner (here’s my reference image) and simplified it a bit. note that anything with uncommon shapes will be a bit more difficult to do based on canva’s relatively small shape selection. (ex: things like notebooks are easy to do in canva because they’re rectangular, but,,,,,say,,,, a starbucks cup might be a little harder because it’s a unique shape)

4. go to canva and click “custom dimensions” !! i generally have my icons around 400x400 px but it’s up to you! just make sure the length and width are equal 

5. click on “background” > “document colors”. pick a background color from ur color scheme,, note that if you have a darker background you might want to have a lighter subject to create contrast and vice versa 

6. click on “elements” > “shapes”. if you chose a rectangular subject like i did, then this should be rly simple – just pick the square and tweak it following the rough proportions of ur reference image. you can change the color of the shape by clicking it and selecting the square top left icon in the little toolbar that pops up !! 

if you chose something a bit more complicated, like a pen, then use a combination of the shapes available and layer them on one another to form the shape. (ex: if i chose a basic pencil, then i might use the rectangle shape as the base of the pencil and the triangle as the point.) there’s no polygon tool or anything close to it in canva, so this is rly not a good time,, but alas. feel free to msg me if u need help !! 

7. great great u got the base of ur subject down !! add a back shadow behind it! do this by selecting the shape(s) you just made and copying them !! select the copy and change its color. to access the color panel, select the new shape(s) and click on the little colored square in the top left corner. 

now,, what color do we make the shadow? 

in these icons, i make my shadow hue by copying the background color (go to “document colors” to find the bg color of the doc) and decreasing the original background’s brightness enough to make the subject “pop”. then, select your shadow and click “arrange” > “back”. now, offset the shadow– i generally just move it a tiny bit down and to the left of my subject. you’ll know when it looks right when the subject appears to have some depth.

8. add details to your subject !! here, you want to add anything on the surface of your subject !! some examples of things i have added to various subjects on this step are brand labels on stationery, lines on paper, buttons on a calculator,,, etc. play w it a bit !! 

9. (optional) add a shine to your icon or object! go to “elements” > “shapes”. i generally have my shape cut across the center of the object/icon at a diagonal, so the triangle or circle are usually the best to use for this !! select whichever u choose and change its color to white. then, change its transparency by clicking on the upper-right checkered button. i usually choose a transparency anywhere between 10% and 30% !!

10. save!

i hope that was helpful !! feel free to shoot me an ask/msg if u have any questions ♡


Those of you that follow Jay on Insta may have noticed for the past few months he’s been taggin “#H1ghrmusic” on all his post along side “#AOMG”. And he’s finally made the announcement.

Jay and Cha Cha have teamed up to make a “global” record company taking on both Korean and American artist.

Sik-K and Yelows Mob have finally been signed (because Sik-K has been hounding AOMG to sign him for almost 2 years) And he’s signed American artist Yultron, Avatar Darko, Raz Simone, Phe R.E.D.S, and Jarv Dee.

Jay has now joined Dok2, Tiger Jk, and Swings in the subsidiary party of. “I want you in my company but not my main crew so I would rather make a new label”


Night Tempo - you make me want to be a better man

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Amongst thousands of idols, why love Kris Wu only?
ELLE May 2017

Acting in 7 films in 18 months, working with Luc Besson and Vin Diesel, taking on the lead role in <Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons> which made 1.6 billion yuan box office; participating in the NBA All Star Celebrity Game, being appointed as ambassador of two major international brand labels, reaching over 20000000 fans on Weibo, getting millions of reblogs… Kris Wu is one of the most popular celebrities of the moment.

The bowl of soup noodles at 10pm

As the 7 hour photo shoot was coming to an end, making use of the interval when the staff were clearing the lights and cameras, Kris Wu remained seated on the sofa of the final set, staring into space. The cosy cafeteria was filled with the photography team of 20 staff, occupied with completing tasks on hand in an orderly manner, moving around, chatting to each other, and only Kris Wu remained unmoving.

His waist condition had worsened, till the point that he required surgery. But because he was still very young, he chose to opt for conservative treatment. Of course, the most important thing was to make sure he had enough rest, as he could not stand nor sit for long periods of time.

The doctor had instructed to remain in bed for half a year, but he just answered with, “There’s no way, there’s no way I would be able to control my time.” Helplessness painted his face, yet he did not hesitate to immediately return to the basketball court, film site, recording studio, event venues, photo shoots… There would always be a place which needed him.

Later on, when he encountered dangerous stunts during filming, his team intended to stop him, but he still chose to grit his teeth and go ahead to try it out, as he felt that he could do it on his own. “I feel that since I am young, I should be doing my best.”

Time had gone by and it was already 10pm. He sat at the corner of the dressing room, with a bowl of soup noodles which had already began to clump together, yet he still ate with gusto. We talked as he ate, alternating between spoonfuls of soup and noodles, until finally at the end of our conversation, the bottom of the empty plastic lunchbox could be seen. He said happily, “We’ve talked till I have finished this bowl of soup noodles, should I still eat more tonight?”

“Have to do it on my own, only then will it be even better.”

Kris Wu has written on his Weibo profile bio: Singer Kris Wu. Actually I’m an actor. As an actor, he is gaining more and more recognition, and Kris Wu is also forking out more time for his passion - Music.

A combined work of the world’s top music producers, <July> made it to number 49 on the US iTunes Chart upon its release, making Kris Wu the first Chinese male singer to achieve such a result. <Juice>, which was the theme song for <xXx: The Return of Xander Cage> which was released 3 months ago, made it to number 28 on the US iTunes Chart, beating his previous record. Vin Diesel even made an appearance in this MV.

His next song, is still in the works.

However, he is clearly a producer who writes songs very quickly, completing it in one go, and remain unfazedf by the his surroundings as well. He is able to write in the car, and on set as well. His previous song <Bad Girl> was written on the filming set of <Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back>. While waiting for his scenes, he would evaluate his acting of his character Tang Monk’s scenes, and his mind would churn out the melody of a new song. Usually, it would take around two hours for a song to take shape, after writing, would be added in.

It’s written so quickly? Why not write more?
“Actually, I’ve written a lot.” He pauses his chopsticks and looks over, eyes shining.
Why not release them? What is he waiting for?
“It’s because I want to ensure the quality (of my music)!”

When Kris Wu talks about music, in an instant he becomes filled with excitement. Without having talked much, his self-confidence is already overflowing.

Directly obtaining songs would definitely mean less work, but he is certain that “he is not suited to this”, as he feels that he must personally participate in the production process. “For example, after making a song, there will be someone singing it, and after listening to it, I’ll say, alright, when you sing this part, I only like the first and fourth line, and the rest can be deleted.” He is like a military strategist, and he is also very clear on what he is comfortable with, what he can control. “Like a director of music.”

Because many of those whom he works with are overseas, on the other side of of the world, and time differences cause his days and nights to be swapped, later on when efforts are more concentrated and focused, in order to accommodate the other party’s timezone, sleepless nights are uncommon for him. “For many things, if you don’t pay close attention to them, others would not care. You have to do it yourself, only then would you be able to do it even better. For example if today I do not wish to wait for them to wake up and intend to go to sleep, once I fall asleep, an entire day would go by already.”

At only 26 years old, he already has the understanding of the urgency that time and tide waits for no man.

“When your level of passion is very high, the level of hardship you experience will gradually do go down.”

Before releasing a new song, Kris Wu would hold a small listening party for the people around him to listen to his song. He would listen to everyone’s opinions, and include friends who are not into music as well. He would ask them, see if you can hear any differences between these two segments, and at times there would just be a small delay in rhythm. There would be some who can hear the difference, “It’s different, but I can’t place my finger on which part?” Which one is better? Kris Wu would patiently ask about each point, then go back, and make amendments.


ELLE: For the final question of the interview, last year you….
KRIS WU: It’s the final question? Goodness! Really? I’m too happy!

ELLE: Have you thought about last year…
KRIS WU: No. (What are you doing? Answering in advance?) Yes, I think I know what you want to ask me about. Alright, you can ask. (Summarise your growth last year!) I don’t think I do. I won’t really do a round-up myself, because my math isn’t good, this was the case since young, also my handwriting is ugly, hahaha! I won’t, I have never done such.

ELLE: Many people like to bring up topics about “get a clear understanding of oneself”.
KRIS WU: What do I think of myself? Perhaps it’s because I feel that I am rather clear, no uncertainties, so I don’t really need to obtain a clear understanding of myself. It’s with my unchanging heart of original intent, passion, interests, and various things which I persevere in, there isn’t anything much that has changed.

ELLE: But the surroundings are so chaotic, so unclear…
KRIS WU: Do you mean hazy weather? Then I won’t leave the house! I won’t be affected, I really won’t, really would not! I have a world of my own, this world is extremely quiet, and isolated from the rest of the world, it enables me to do what I wish to do, and dream what I wish to dream.

translated by: @wu_yi_fan

General thoughts and things

I’ve seen things on my dash that say that the last 24 hours of Liam’s comments about Zayn can fall under “Old Team Sabotage”. But what exactly do they mean by that? “Old Team Sabotage” isn’t stopping Liam - or for that matter, Harry, Niall, or Louis - from releasing music and going on full scale promotional tours. “Old Team Sabotage” isn’t stopping them from saying One Direction will be coming back as a band. Even the dad!Loammy articles that have been generated during the past two weeks’ aren’t really negative or brand damaging (and we can talk about how it was someone on Team Loammy’s decision to use a baby as an active marketing tool another time).

I guess you could make the argument that this is “Old Team Sabotage” to try and lay waste to the One Direction fandom, but at closer inspection, that doesn’t really work either. The only part of the One Direction fandom this hit were OT5 enthusiasts or Ziams, which are the minority of the fandom and not the majority (and the most hardcore of those fandom subsets won’t leave anyway).

The great thing about having some mythical, nefarious entity like 1DHQ is that it can act as a catchall for things we don’t like.  Things we don’t like hearing them say, mistakes they’ve made? Those can go in the pile. Granted, One Direction was a boy band that was generating hundreds of millions of dollars, and each of those dudes had to adhere to 5 very straight boy archetypes. We saw signs that they were unhappy in their contracts. Depending on where you fit in the fandom pyramid, we saw them shade and fight against closets. We watched as Zayn left and the four remaining members hugged each other tightly on X Factor like they were survivors.

But at what point does ‘1DHQ’ fall away and we start looking at the choices that are being made by these guys and holding them to them? The term “Old Team Sabotage” worked while these bruhs were still mainly under contract. For a lot of things, it actually does work for Zayn, who’s literally contractually chained to Syco’s radiator due to the Leaving Member Clause. But Harry, Liam, Niall, and Louis all signed brand new contracts as solo artists. In Liam’s case, he signed with a brand new management company, a brand new record label not with Sony, and a brand new publicist.

Two years later, Zayn is clearly an active talking point in the solo campaigns of the other 1D members, and the short answer is a fucked one: his name generates headlines and people love drama. Liam’s team made the decision that Zayn was on the promo table, starting with the comments from yesterday and today. Yesterday they were tone deaf af, white privilege at its finest and dismissive at best, callous and borderline cruel at worst. This morning, they were petty and could be filed under “Dick move, bro”. How do those comments become okay, when even from a narrative standpoint, Zayn expressed gratitude in his time with the band, but explained in print interviews and a whole book, that his reasons for leaving were for his own personal health and happiness? Two years after the fact, all that explaining seemed to go out the window, in exchange for labeling Zayn as “scorned”. The comments especially felt like a punch in the boob coming from Loammy, designated 1D company man who had been openly positive about Zayn previously, and who Zayn particularly spoke fondly and positively about in his own print interviews.

A study in contrast and a punch in my heart boob:

No matter where you fall on the coin, as far as the official narrative, please understand something: the record industry is a business. At the end of the day, the bottom line is decided by Business Hoes, and those Business Hoes are always going to lead with what’s going to make the most dollars, not to personally fuck with a small subset of fans. “Old Team” does not give a fuck about us or our feelings, or even particularly these 5 dudes, except for how they relate to the bottom line.  For Liam in particular, a fuckton of money and care has been put into his rollout. Capitol/Republic did not hire the Quavos or the Pharrells or the Ed Sheerans of the world to be faced with contract sabotage.

So I guess what I’m saying is, official narrative or not, however you wanna call it, my general feelings can be summed up by one Michael Scott:

G*psy Prêt-à-porter: A collection of misuse and misinformation

With 2017 London Fashion Week well underway, shows are going political—and being the human rights, economic empowerment devotees we are, could not be more proud. Only thing is, when will the universe of couture finally understand our battle?

Generally intended to express colourful, carefree, bohemian style, the word gypsy is thrown around loosely in the fashion world. From brand names and labels, to standard industry jargon, the word has through time entrenched itself deep within the bowels of the trade. It is no dernier cri. In 2010, Kate Moss posed for a questionable 2010 V Magazine editorial by stylist Karen Langley and photographer Ian Kell entitled “Kate & the Gypsies” while John Galliano, Anna Sui, and countless others included interpretations of the “gypsy” in their ready-to-wear repertoires. In May 2015, Urban Outfitters came under another wave of harsh and well-deserved criticism, notably in the Twittersphere, for coming out with a graphic tee that wrote: Gypster—a hybrid between “gypsy” and “hipster.” Being a “gypster” was defined on the t-shirt as someone who is wild, free-spirited, and, of course, “always on the move.”

Yet, it appears the conversation that started in 2015 died a quick and painless death, as the term steadily resurfaced with little to no backlash at all. For instance, the gender-neutral brand Gypsy Sport led by designer Rio Uribe has been a complete hit on the catwalk this year. Allure Magazine described it as a “Champion for diversity.” Last fall, Kenzo showcased what was described by media as their “gypsy” silhouette dresses on the H&M runway, while the Duchess of Cambridge sported an Alexander McQueen dress inspired by the “intricately beautiful floral patterns seen painted on gypsy caravans and canal barges in the British countryside.”

What appear as celebrations of the “gypsy” are in fact misconstrued representations of Rromani people that insidiously work to continue patterns of discrimination and marginalization today. “Gypsy” is much more than just a word. There are meanings, implications, identities and consequences involved in using the term—meanings the fashion world has carelessly neglected. Don’t get us wrong, centuries-worth of misinformation and typecasting do not help by any means.

First and foremost, the word g*psy is derogatory. It was originally used to characterize a person of Rromani origin based on the mistaken belief that Rromani people came from Egypt. The term increasingly became synonymous with someone who cheats, steals, or for lack of a better term, “gyp.” To be clear, it is a racial slur. The fact that some Rromani identify themselves with the term and do not take offence to it does not make its use any less derogatory, as there is a large percentage of the population that doesn’t feel the same.

It would be foolish to deny that its meaning has evolved in certain social realms. In the fashion industry, many designers and consumers do not use it or interpret it negatively per se. The problem is that there are still many places in the world where it is still used to discriminate and dehumanize people of Rromani origin.

When Vivienne Westwood used Rromani models in her spring/summer 2009 tolerance-themed menswear show to illustrate the minority as the “rough, stylish and hardened outcasts of society,” she received criticism from many. At the time, Milan’s assessor for industry and fashion and ex-Forza Italia MP, Tiziana Maiolo, publicly stated that “there is no chance for integration while the men play cards instead of working and the women and children steal and beg.” She also proposed to guide Vivienne on a tour of the nomad camps to prove just how outdated her “romanticized” perception of Rromani is.

That kind of reaction is no surprise. The rise of right-wing populism in Europe has since intensified and the Rromani population, among other minorities, are paying for it. There is a lot wrong with this whole picture that ought to be corrected. For one thing, over 90% of Roma are sedentary. The stereotypes of nomadism perpetuated by dominant political classes have served as a direct tool of marginalization and segregation. The camps or campi nomadi mentioned by Signora Maiolo, were established by the Italian government to appease the so-called cultural nomadism of the Rromani population. Let me repeat, over 90% of Roma are sedentary. The living conditions of these camps are squalid and fall beneath human right standards, yet governments around the world have blamed Rromani, as if they want to live this way.

When the fashion industry perpetuates the stereotype of nomadism in Rromani culture, they feed into and legitimize a legacy of discrimination. It’s worth pointing out that 10% of Rromani are nomadic, but it certainly does not stem from a romantic free-spirited idea, but was adopted as a means of survival. Still today, in schools across Western and Eastern Europe, Rromani children are segregated. Access to education remains a serious concern, as do access to healthcare and employment. Acts of violence and hate crimes against Rromani are also on the rise, while even the Canadian government refuses to publicly recognize the Roma Genocide where half a million Rromani were murdered under the Nazi regime during WWII. Years of political rhetoric and misinformation have dehumanized the Rromani population.

Giving into such stereotypes sends a strong message to the Rromani community. When designers, companies and journalists use the term g*psy to describe a brand or particular collection as nomadic, wild and free-spirited for their own commercial benefit, they neglect the real and continuing plight of Rromani and unintentionally reinforce their stigmatization. Let’s remember that there is not a single sphere where being Rromani is embraced or praised. Even brands that claim to be inclusive have no real interest in battling stereotypes and changing the status quo.

Fashion is often an expression of a designer’s creativity and identity. Therefore, fashion that misconstrues an identity by celebrating this ill-informed interpretation of g*psy culture is highly problematic and in this case, ignorant. For centuries, Rromani communities have suffered persecution, hatred, and violence. By romanticizing the plight of Rromani communities, the fashion industry demonstrates its ignorance and ultimately neglects the fact that Roma are people. It is time for the powerful and highly influential fashion industry to be cognizant of the world around it, and stop reducing a people to a trend.

Cristina Ruscio & Dafina Savic

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Do you have any tips on dressing Goth on a tight budget? I love the look but can´t afford clothes like Killstar and end up looking ugly -_-

I’m sure you don’t look ugly! Keep in mind that goth is not all about the clothes, and loads of goths don’t dress as is expected of them or even own brand label clothes!

The best advice I can give is to get second hand and discounted clothes. Charity shops, recycling centres, eBay, and online buy/sell/swap groups are goldmines if you keep your eyes open. It can be very hit-and-miss at times, but it’s always good to be on the look out. The fact that goth is a phase for some people comes in very handy for those of us who stick with it, because people are often trying to get rid of their clothes fast and for cheap. If you don’t have second hand shops around you, there are many specific groups created for selling, buying and swapping clothes online, so if you’re on Facebook search groups for goth clothing. Don’t forget to check out mainstream stores during sales and bargain stores like TK/TJ Maxx either, they can have great offers! (And never underestimate Halloween sections and sales!) Mainstream fashion borrows from the goth fashion every few years and at the moment many sales feature a lot of dark velvet garments and lace. What comes to make-up, cheaper generic brands are often just as good as expensive brands; You just have to find the ones that work the best on you.

DIY (do it yourself) skills are also great to have. Teach yourself some basic stitching techniques and you’ll be able to make not-so-perfect clothing fit you better and you can mix and match pieces together. (Love the ruffle on an otherwise ugly skirt? Cut it out and add it to a basic blouse to make a pretty neo-Victorian shirt.) This makes second hand shopping a lot easier because you won’t always be bound to your style, body shape, size, or style or even the colour palette of the garment. You can also make your patches, add your own studs or lace, change colour of jewellery with nail polish, and dye your own clothes. You can even dye natural fibres easily in a microwave with Kool Aid! (That includes your hair, but obviously don’t put your head in a microwave, lol.) You don’t have to own a sewing machine or know how to make clothes, just learn to do a running stitch and you can already make loads!

Another important thing is learning to match and accessories. A simple black velvet dress can give out a Wednesday Addams -vibe just by wearing your hair on braids or wearing cute shoes and tights or a collar. You can also imitate brand clothing with smart accessorising. Last summer I bought a £10 harness on Amazon and wore it on top of a £4 dress from a charity shop. I can’t even tell you how many people asked me if I was wearing Killstar! (And I can wear that harness with practically every top over and over again.) Get those old clothes that you think are too plain out of your closet and play around with belts, scarves and jewellery to find the right balance for the look you’re going for and repurpose the old garments. (I used the skirt from my old school uniform as my go-to gothy skirt for years until it broke and it looked great when matched with the right top.) This goes for make-up and hair as well: Finding what works for you can do wonders for your gothy look and you can get fantastic results with something as little as changing your hairstyle or the size of your winged eyeliner.

Last but not least, if it’s possible, try to save up for one big, quality investment instead of buying cheaper products of poorer quality. For example, save up for New Rock shoes that cost £150 but will last years and years instead of getting the £30 creepers that will break in six months. (Loads of these quality shoes are also available on places like eBay: just last year I bought a pair for £30, which was over £200 under the original price!) I know it can’t always be done, but if possible it’s worth it in the long run. Also, don’t just buy the first thing you see! Whether you’re shopping online or at stores, check out the price ranges on similar items to know you’re getting the best deal. You might instinctively want to go for the £4 item over the one that costs £5 but if the former has shipping costs and the latter doesn’t, the item that seemed more expensive to begin with might actually end up being the cheaper one.

Hope this helps and good luck! (:

my input on taehyung and tattoos and people bashing

So I’ve seen the thing about Taehyung and tattoos going around for a while and I just want to share my input. First, I am not against tattoos nor am I saying Taehyung (or anybody else) should not get tattoos. But, I am Korean and I want to explain why some Koreans/Korean Americans view tattoos as a ‘taboo’ and why I find it so unacceptable for others to bash them.
Korea is a respect dominated country and its culture is very formal and the society is very critical of body image and physical appearance to an extreme. Koreans love pale skin because they think pure is beautiful and they like thin, skinny bodies and if you don’t match those standards, there is a high chance that you will be alienated, bullied, and judged. Taking this into consideration, obviously tattoos are going to be looked down and even hated in Korea. They have been considered controversial for several years and Koreans are taught by their families, the media, and the country’s history to relate tattoos to gangs, criminals, delinquents, and other low life images. In the Joseon (조선) Dynasty, slaves and criminals were ‘labeled’ or ‘branded’ with tattoos to visibly show that they were outcasts in the society. They had a belief that one should never mark their bodies because it was disrespectful to their ancestors who gave them their body. Because of all this, tattoos are looked down on in the culture and society and they consider tattooed bodies ‘tainted’ or ‘ruined’. Even on television, most, if not all, of the time, tattoos are blurred out or the person is required to cover it with some sort of material. Tattoos were not allowed in public baths and swimming pools until recently but they still hinder people from getting employed today.
Yes, I know. The world is changing and the number of people with tattoos in Korea is increasing, but Korea is a slow changing country and tattoos are still very much looked down upon today. Although there is no law regarding tattoos in Korea, most Koreans consider tattooing illegal. But they do monitor tattooing because they require tattooists to be licensed medical doctors.
So please take cultural and social differences into consideration (regardless of country) and stop applying western standards because it is not the same.

Trimberly Fic (Part 2)

Trini hated being at school. It was bad enough she was the new girl, even worse, being different. It felt like she wore her label branded on her forehead, and everyone at school could read it. Her locker was sprayed on with words like “freak” and “loser.” She hated this school, but she hated home even more. She stared at her locker as tears threatened to fall. She swallowed hard and composed herself. She wasn’t going to let these idiots see the pain they caused her. She composed her backpack in one shoulder before making her way down the hallway.

Her eyes met Kimberly’s briefly before she quickly fixed them toward the double doors of the school exit. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Kimberly. I mean who didn’t like Kimberly Hart? She’s beautiful, she’s popular, she’s Kimberly. Although, she doesn’t quite understand why the girl is so insisting on being alone these past few weeks. She did hear about her knocking some guy’s teeth out though, which gave her some sense of pride. If she didn’t know she was gay then, she definitely knows now.

Kimberly Hart makes her want to smile. Kimberly Hart makes her head spin and her stomach flip. Kimberly friggin’ Hart makes her feel things she does not want to feel. She’s guarding herself. In a year’s time, her parents are going to move again, and she will be left heart broken, not that her parents would ever care.

She slammed her hands on one of the exit doors and stepped out, letting the heavy door slam hard against the frame. She wasn’t going home. The last thing she needed is her mother yelling at her. Instead, she sets her mind to go to the mines. It seems to be as good a place as any, but this one is quiet, peaceful. This place was her safe haven. Somewhere she could breathe and not worry about what anyone else thought about her.

She put on her headphones and pressed play on her phone. The music blared through the speaker as she walked down the familiar street that lead her to the mines. She was half way there when she pulled her phone out and scrolled through her Tumblr. She came across a blog that had reblogged an audio with “Girl, grow a pair and ask her out,” written at the bottom. The small Latina was curious and pressed play on the audio.

“Hey guys, today hasn’t been my day,” Trini quickly paused the audio upon recognizing the voice coming from the podcast. It wasn’t that hard to recognize the voice, I mean she’s heard it countless times at school. She debated on wether she should continue listen or not. It feel at bit strange, like she’s invading Kimberly’s privacy somehow, which is ridiculous, because the girl posted it online for everyone to hear.

She decides she wants to listen. She wants to hear what the girl has to say. She wants to know about her life. As she hits play, she taps on the name of the blog where the audio originated and she noticed a few more entries under the one she’s listening to. She wants to listen to them all, but for now, she’ll listen to the latest post entry. “Remember that girl, I told you about -” Trini zones out while listening to Kimberly talk about her day, and about some girl she wants to get to know.

“Does she know who I am?” Kimberly’s question comes through the headphones, her voice so soft and beautiful.

“If she doesn’t, she’s an idiot,” Trini found herself answering. She finally reached her spot at the mines, that spot at the highest point of the mountain. The spot where she can see everything below her. It’s an open space, made up of mostly rocks and a few scattered trees here and there, that provide her with shade if the sun’s heat gets to be too much for her.

She sat underneath one of the nearby trees and settled her backpack right next to her. She pulled out her water bottle and took a sip from it before turning her attention back to her phone.

She searched through the blog hoping to get a link to the first ever podcast. Luckily, Kimberly had sorted out her podcasts by month on her archives so it was easier for Trini to find the very first entry. “Hey people of the inter webs,” Kimberly’s voice came through her headphones once again. A smile spread across Trini’s face when she heard the silliness in Kimberly’s voice. “If you haven’t guessed who I am by just my voice, then sucks for you. And if you have? Welcome to my daily diary. Here you will hear all about what I think, what I feel, and what I do on a daily basis.”

Trini’s heart began to thump so hard against her chest, she thought it might explode. She is about to hear the first entry if Kimberly Hart’s podcast. She had never been so excited to get to know someone the way she was today. Kimberly Heart is about to share out her thoughts and details of her day. She can now at least know if the girl she secretly has a crush on, had a good day or bad.

She pressed play, and Kimberly’s voice came through the headphones sending a mini shock through Trini’s spine. “This is my first post, and today I will tell you about someone I saw at school today.” Trini thought nothing of it. Besides there really isn’t a date by which they were posted. “Today, she walked into my classroom and I just about lost my shit,” Kimberly continued. “Yeah, me, captain of the cheerleading squad, me, almost lost my shit over a girl. Now I’m not saying I’m into girls, I mean, I’ve always dated guys, and I’m mean, I’m currently dating one. But -” Kimberly took in a deep breath followed by a brief silence. “Anyway, this girl is - I don’t know how to describe her to be honest. Didn’t get much interaction with her. Didn’t get any at all, actually.” Trini decided then, that she wanted to know who was the girl who had Kimberly Hart losing her shit. She was too chicken to ask the source directly. Which meant, she had more podcasts to listen to see if she could find out who the girl was. Little did she know that the girl on mentioned on the podcast was her.

Popping in again to say yo, don’t be mad or frustrated at what Robin said. 

How I took it was this: Robin feels afraid to brand Oswald with the label of being gay. As he said, Robin knew his whole life that he was gay, but Oswald didn’t particularly show signs of it until his later age with Nygma. This is something that Robin cannot relate to. He’s not invalidating Oswald’s sexual orientation by saying that. 

As well as Robin plays this character, this character is not his entirely. The writers control him. For all we know, the writers could insert a female love for him which seems beyond him, but it isn’t up to Robin. Not only is that a pressure, but then Oswald will have to represent a whole community of real people. There’s so much at stake. 

As far as we can tell Nygma was his first love. Oswald, who has blocked these feelings off, is only just now starting to get a feel for that word. We don’t know where it will take him. So please, do not be mad at Robin! And do not be mad at the writers! It’s a show!

There are other shows with gay representation. While we may not get it in our favorite villains, there are others out there. If you want a villainous couple head over and watch Hannibal, but honestly if you can’t appreciate the complexity of these villains without spitting at everyone in the fandom and the show then you’d be no use in the Hannibal fandom. If it gives you that much disgust then why bother anymore?

Here's to the ones who...

Aries: Were branded labels and names, but gave up on relying on others for their happiness

 Taurus: Felt the need to change parts of themselves for people who weren’t worth it

 Gemini: Lied to themselves about being happy until they truly were

 Cancer: Automatically expected the worst out of everyone instead of hoping for the best 

 Leo: Had the world ended for them, but created their own from their two hands

 Virgo: Were stepped on and kicked, but picked themselves up off of the ground in the end 

 Libra: Had their angel wings clipped but learned how to stand on their own two feet

 Scorpio: Promised to themselves never to seem vulnerable to anyone ever again

 Sagittarius: would lay on their bed and stare at the ceiling and fall asleep when the tears stopped flowing

 Capricorn: Never got their happily after, but received a ‘to be continued’

 Aquarius: Struggled to gain anyone’s approval, but eventually realized they never needed it anyways 

 Pisces: Had their hearts shattered at night but had the strength to put it back together in the morning

You all care so much
about material things.
it helps you decide
who is worthy of
being treated as

You all bare them so proudly.
a flash of expensive make-up brands,
a small gold label glued to a

I drag them with me
every day, like a sacrificial offering
in hopes that you will
finally deem me human
enough to leave me

I learn the hard way
that humanity will never
be granted to me, no matter
what I do. You’ve already
decided that I do not deserve

Eventually I stop trying
because I know that
in your eyes I’m already
a freak. Too far gone to
be saved by those
material things you all value so