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the only way a meme is immune to marketers is if its so esoteric that nobody outside of a small group of people will ever find it funny or so nasty/morbid that they dont want to touch it for fear of hurting their brand image.

Different Hetalia Couples Coming Out

Ameripan: We both could have sworn we mentioned our relationship at least once before but now it’s been like 3+ years and apparently none of our family or friends know so fuck

Itager: Come out. World: what do you mean your dating NOW what’s been going on the past 70 years?? Yes we know what did you think we thought??

USUK: Well Arthur started this confession while he was absolutely smashed by grabbing Al’s arse but Alfred’s hopping on this train and rollin with it with all he’s got

FrUk: France somehow informed 19 nations within 3.5 minutes of them initially getting together. Sent pics. Arthur is tearing his hair out and it has been 5 fuckin minutes Francis what the hell

PruCan: Gilbert with picture of his bf: SEE THIS FACE? Ingrain it into your heads and remember it or I will brand this image on your forehead ARE WE CLEAR?
Canada: Ohmygosh! I’m so sorry, I hope this isn’t making anyone uncomfortable- DiD You JUsT MaKe A DiSSolVeD NATioN JokE HeLLo NauGhtY ChiDdrEn It’S MuRDeR TiMe

RoChu: The people close to them know but they’re very private otherwise because your sister is terrifying, Ivan. T. E. R. R. I. F. Y. I. N. G.

Spamano: Caught fucking on the conference table before a world meeting.

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What are your thoughts on Maekar's killing of Baelor? My impression has always been that it was an accident but I've seen it argued that Maekar was aiming at Baelor's head to land a fatal blow because he was angry that Baelor took Dunk's side and because he was jealous of his brother and the glory heaped upon him and his sons.

…. that’s a thing? Because it’s pretty obvious that it was an accident. I don’t think GRRM could have made it any plainer if he tried. Unlike some plots where GRRM drops hints that something nefarious is going on or that he leaves completely ambiguous, he has given us all we need to determine that it was a mishap. Dunk, our POV of that period, believes that Maekar did not mean to kill Baelor, and the incident was marked repeatedly as a mishap by Maester Yandel in the World book.

From Maekar’s immediate reaction to slaying his brother to the reported effect this incident had on him, it’s quite obvious that Baelor’s death deeply affected Maekar. Yandel tells us that “it is written that Prince Maekar always bitterly regretted Baelor’s passing and marked its anniversary every year”, and reports that Maekar had grown stern after his brother’s death at his hand - growing stern being the same wording used to describe Viserys II’s response to Larra Rogare’s abandonment, denoting a trauma response. This is further supported by what Maester Aemon tells Sam of his father.

[Maester Aemon] tightened his grip on Sam’s arm. “I will be with my brothers soon. Some were bound to me by vows and some by blood, but they were all my brothers. And my father … he never thought the throne would pass to him, and yet it did. He used to say that was his punishment for the blow that slew his brother. I pray he found the peace in death that he never knew in life. [..]”

This is a man who is haunted by his brother’s death and who has never stopped blaming and punishing himself for it; depressed to the point of having no peace and hating his throne because of how guilty he feels sitting in his brother’s place. Think of Jon Snow and his pained guilt at the idea of having Robb’s place and multiply it by a thousand in Maekar’s case. Actually let’s talk about Jon Snow’s dynamic with Robb and how it parallels Maekar’s with Baelor. Jon grew up in Robb’s shadow and was jealous of him but he also loved Robb deeply. This is Maekar’s dynamic with Baelor, I believe. It’s true that he was jealous of Baelor and resented that Baelor got all the recognition and credit while Maekar’s own accomplishments went unrecognized but his reaction to Baelor’s death speak of how he felt about his brother. Egg vouches for his father’s feelings towards his uncle and while his opinion isn’t the most objective, the kid isn’t a bad judge of character.

Jealousy and anger could be good incentives for murder but they are not in this case. Maekar punishes his sons in the wake of the trial and continues to beat himself up over it till the day he dies. Sending Aerion into exile in particular is huge for Maekar considering that he had pinned all his hopes on his second son after his heir Daeron disappointed him. Maekar trusts a lowly hedge knight with his son’s life and training in a way that parallels Baelor’s own trust and esteem for Ser Duncan. We’ve seen Maekar’s reaction to Baelor’s death at Ashford Meadow. A subdued man who struck me as someone who is trying to find any sense in what has happened. He was resigned to the fact that he’d be accused of purposely killing his brother and needed to tell someone, anyone, he did not. The man we saw at the end of the Hedge Knight is weighed down by guilt and trying, in his own way, to make amends.

As for the part about Maekar aiming at Baelor’s head, note that this was in the midst of a huge fight where Maekar noticed that Dunk had his son pinned down… and was preparing to kill him for all Maekar knew. Dunk noted that Maekar was trying to reach Aerion but Baelor was holding him off. Considering the circumstances, I sincerely doubt Maekar had any time to register anything beyond needing to get past Baelor to save Aerion. He was outnumbered at one point when Lyonel Baratheon joined Baelor against him resulting in a mad trade of blows in which Maekar took three for every one he landed. It’s not at all surprising that Maekar had no memory of the blow that broke his brother’s skull in that mayhem.

i spent two hours of my life on this and tbh, i think it was two hours well spent

anyways watch carboys they don’t actually wear these outfits but i like to imagine the official car boys uniform has a pastel bomber jacket and galaxy tights

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Simon Cowell's 5 year plan...

Guys, it is important that you understand, this is all part of the bigger plan. Lauren, Dinah, Normani, and Ally did not write those statements. Management wrote those statements, signed the girls’ names to it, and sent them out over their SM accounts. Camila wrote some of the statement released on hers, but not all of it. She put in the personal touches, but I imagine Roger wrote the rest.

It’s also important that you realize, no matter what they put out there, Camila was not kicked out by the group, nor did she choose now to leave. The timing was chosen for her. She was always going to be the first to leave. That was part of Simon’s plan from the very start. They just had to wait for certain things to happen, before they could start fully implementing the plan.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m almost certain Simon built 5H around Lauren and Camila. They told Camila from the start they wanted her to concentrate on Pop Music. That’s why the basically made her the “stand-out” of a female Pop Group. When the group finally breaks big in the Pop scene, you break your pop star out of the group.

The other four girls, especially Lauren, can’t stand Pop, or the Genre as a whole. Once you break your pop star free, you can concentrate on making other types of music. The girls/LAND, and the fans, have been begging Epic to let the girls do R&B for a while, now. Their vocal styles all match R&B much better.

The Labels did not want Camila to be involved in much R&B, they want her to concentrate on Pop. Without Camila, they can now revamp 5H/4H, to a more soulful R&B group. That’s why Camila is no longer a member of 5H, and is now concentrating on her solo career. It was time for her to do so. It was all part of the plan.

The next step in the plan, is to make Lauren and her husky lower register, the focus of the next album. Why? Because Lauren was Simon Cowell’s chosen “it girl”, all along. They knew they were going to use Camila all along, as the “bad guy”, when the transition time came. They needed to preserve Lauren’s image to continue building her brand.

That’s also why they have gone above and beyond, to kill Camren. No one would believe the narrative they are trying to sell us now, if Camren were real. No one would believe that Camila would just betray Lauren like that, and no one would believe that Lauren would take part in a statement that was basically calling Camila a backstabbing bitch, if Camren was real. (The sun must take it’s leave, for the moon to shine it’s brightest)

No one seemed to notice, the two songs they spent the most money and time promoting, were the two most successful songs of 5H’s career. “Worth It” and “Work From Home”. Back to back releases I might add. “Worth It’ was the last single released from their Reflection album, and it was Camila centric. "Work From Home” was the first release of their 7/27 album, and it was Lauren centric.

When ‘Worth It" hit it big, like they knew it would, it was time to start distancing Camila from the group, and start building her solo brand. That’s why we got IKWYDLS, and later on, BT. To promote her potential as a successful solo artist away from the group.

In December of 2015, is when the wheels began falling off the bus for the group we all fell in love with. The success of IKWYDLS was all Simon needed to know, to put his plan into full go mode. Part of that plan was to create tension within the group and make it appear Camila was absolutely miserable. It worked. Everyone fell for it.

December 2015, is also when they hired Dina LaPolt. They knew then they were going to break Camila free of the group, and they hired a good Attorney to handle the legal side of things. Sometime between April and June of 2015, Roger Gold was hired to be Camila’s solo manager, and to handle the legal side of things for her.

Dina was hired to represent Fifth Harmony, the group, and the Brand. I don’t think the girls have enough money to hire someone like her, on their own, so I think she was probably hired by Simon Cowell. Like I said, I believe she was hired to handle the legal issues, and to lay the ground work for Camila’s exit from 5H. Her and Roger probably worked together on some of it.

Yesterday, I found out that the girls now own the brand Fifth Harmony, Fourth Harmony, and H4RMONY. Apparently Simon Cowell sold the Brand to Lauren, an actual partner of the Brand, for 10$, plus other considerations. Now, Simon Cowell is a business man, and I don’t think for one second he gave up all his rights to the Brand he created. I think that’s why he probably hired Dina to represent the Brand and the girls. The “other considerations” probably had to do with his side of the deal.

The trademark stuff should be opening everyone’s eyes to something much more important than it really is. It proves to me, and should prove to everyone else, this stupid fucked up narrative they are trying to sell us, is a huge load of CRAP. It tell me, that everyone knew, all the way back on April 11, 2016, that Camila wasn’t going to be a part of 5H anymore. EVERYONE KNEW BEFORE 7/27 WAS EVEN RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why would the girls try and convince Camila to remain part of a group, she was no longer a Trademarked partner of. The Trademark was sold to the partnership of Lauren, Dinah, Normani, and Ally. Camila was no longer a listed partner at that time. THAT WAS IN APRIL BEFORE 7/27 CAME OUT, AND BEFORE THE 7/27 TOUR.

That’s why we didn’t see Camila in the Ads 5H was associated with. That’s why we didn’t see Camila wearing any of the 5H merchandise. That’s why we didn’t see Camila promoting 5H on her social media. She did the whole damn tour with them, and she wasn’t even a partner of theirs. SHE DIDN’T GET TO PROFIT OFF OF THE 5H BRAND THE WHOLE 7/27 TOUR CYCLE, YET SHE’S CONSIDERED BY SO MANY AS A FUCKING SNAKE. REALLY!!!!!!!! Camila’s contract wasn’t up like they keep telling us. It was all part of the fucking plan.

So, what is this 5 year plan, and why does Simon Cowell keep manufacturing these groups of potential solo artists on his talent shows? It’s actually a brilliant business plan.

It can take anywhere from 4 to 6 years, sometimes more, to break a solo artist into the mainstream. It takes a lot of time and a shit load of money, to market and promote a single person into a successful solo artist. Simon created a method to promote and market 5 potential solo artists, and break them all into the mainstream, at the same damn time. I can’t stand the SOB, but he is brilliant.

It sucks for us fans, who fall in love with the group, but it’s a great business plan. He takes these young talents, locks them into long term contracts, through his talent shows, and when he feels the time is right, he begins breaking up the group. He doesn’t break them up completely, though. Hell, he still hasn’t dissolved 1D, yet.

When the time was right, they broke Camila loose of the group, and will hopefully have a successful solo career, and they still have a successful Girl Group. Epic/Syco will not only be making money off of 5H/4H, they will now be making money off of Camila Cabello, the solo artist. They locked her into a long term contract, and they did the same with Lauren. But, like I said, she is the original “it girl” and it wasn’t her time, yet. It will come, though. Now they get to build up her solo image and brand. We get to watch it all over again! 


“And when you fail to solve them, and lay blubbering like an ignorant child on the floor, you will know…that The Riddler... is better than you.”

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I think your anon had a good point. The kind of endorsements they've given him add to the image of 'chav'. I agree that if his team werent slandering him it would matter less, but they've erased businessman Louis, superstar Louis, musician Louis to make him look like some - yes - chav who got lucky Uneducated, unsophisticated, cant be bothered dressing nicely, with poor impulse control, violent. Now contrast Harry who is no 'posher' as a person but his brands & image are the antithesis of L.

Ok, but here’s my question to you and the other anon- how would you style him to make this different? What clothes would you put him in where he also wouldn’t look ridiculous in the EDM world? What endorsement deals would you solidify for him?

not attacking, genuinely asking.

Things you learn when correcting marketing publications

“They discovered that puberty is a time affected by a real confidence crisis for girls. In fact, girls’ self-esteem drops twice as much as boys’ during puberty. Moreover, women never regain the pre-puberty level of self-esteem.”

From an article on brand image manufacturing. Not the actual point of the article, which is about boring things like advert clips broadcast schedule, but… yikes. Reading this really hit a nerve.

K.A.R.D Named Global Ambassadors Of LG Electronics’s G6 Smartphone

DSP Media announced on April 21 that K.A.R.D has been chosen as global ambassadors for LG Electronics’s G6 smartphone. The co-ed group is being recognized for their potential despite not making their official debut yet.

All of K.A.R.D’s future content, including the upcoming music video for their third project “Rumor,” will be created and distributed as a collaboration with LG’s G6.

A representative of LG stated, “We decided to select K.A.R.D as our global ambassadors because they have a strong foundation that allows them to create sophisticated music and performances, and we believe each member’s unlimited potential to make their individual charms shine fits perfectly with G6’s brand image.”

K.A.R.D is a four-member group (BM, J.Seph, Somin, and Jiwoo) that is currently in the process of promoting a three-step debut project. They released their first song “Oh NaNa” in December 2016 to great success, and their second project “Don’t Recall” was popular as well, with the music video surpassing 10 million views on YouTube in just 17 days and the song ranking high on iTunes Charts around the world. Despite not making their official debut yet, K.A.R.D has been doing extremely well on a global scale, especially for a rookie group.

The new group has already confirmed an overseas tour that will take them to 11 cities across four countries (U.S., Canada, Brazil, and Mexico). With tickets selling out in two minutes, the numbers don’t lie when it comes to K.A.R.D and their global popularity.

K.A.R.D will be returning with their third project “Rumor” on April 24 at 12:00 p.m. KST, and fans all over the world are excited to see what kind of music the group will release.

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A little...well no sorry a long rant about SM....

I read a lot over the last while, amongst the bubble of new Samzie shippers & just general Outlander fanning, I also saw a lot of hate towards Sam & a lot of trolling towards MM after recent events in late Feb & now in SA. Like I said when I first started this blog I would try my hardest not to include other ppl than SamCait & I was doin a pretty good job if I do say so myself but then some weird shitstorm happened & here we are!!

So back to my point & SM….I’ve seen quite a few ppl from all sides of the fandom arguing about why a certain blonde doesn’t control her SM better & others sayin she shouldn’t have 2, shippers need 2stop wit the hate etc so here’s my two cents on it all for what it’s worth!!

I work in a job that doesn’t require me to moderate my personal SM activity, even tho I wouldn’t have too as I don’t troll, target, bully, harass or send hate to any1, I’m not posting scandalous pics or engaging in illegal activity (other than shipping as according to some apparently the police need to b involved in this fandom) I am however also responsible 4the digital marketing for the company I work for so of course when I’m utilising them I keep them professional.  

Now being say an “actor” this is your work, you have to mix your personal with your professional & find a balance on SM or you create separate accounts for the two in order to help you seperate the two lives if must be! Now the actress who at the very least has a friendship/whatever-the-fuck-ship with Sam baffles me as to why she allows the crazy shit storm of comments on her IG….since November she has received so much hate on every dam pic & the latest ones in SA, like sock accounts & trolls are going to town on her……so firstly disable commenting bcos even the comments praising you or your “romance” come across as creepy from second hand fans & it’s just desperate & slightly mortifying regardless if it’s true or not….secondly if a casting director or studio executive was looking for the next big up and coming star of say a franchise, the next Jennifer Lawerence & your name was thrown around, they would look to c how marketable you are, who you would appeal too, they would go to your SM as well as past works, it’s now a facet of your cv, it reflects how you conduct yourself in real life so why in gods name would you keep up such gross commentary, it affects your image negatively. Because at this rate on her IG there’s more hate than support & that wud be alarm bells for a casting director…she’s controlling the perception of herself very poorly…she’s allowing trolls to write her narrative…sometimes “I suggest you ignore” isn’t the best advice & wont cut it!!

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