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My friend and I were talking about Series 4 and Rosie. We were laughing our heads off when we decided that she could be replaced by a head of cabbage in most scenes and not affect the plot. I thought of you and wonder if you could help us out.

You betcha!

Series 4!  Now with 300% more CABBAGE!

Ford sees Stan’s burn mark, but also thinks it must be a tattoo, not realizing the brand he’d inadvertently given his brother years earlier was still there. So Ford begins teasing Stan about also having gotten an ill-thought through tattoo. He tries to get a look at it when the edge starts to look familiar to him. 

That’s when he realizes…and it almost makes him sick. He apologizes and Stan waves those apologies away, not really wanting to dwell on the whole situation.

But a little after that, Stan starts trying to get a glimpse of what Ford meant when he said “You also got an ill-thought out tattoo?” earlier. Ford regrets everything at that point, but ends up showing Stan the tattoo on his neck, feeling like he owed his brother after seeing the burn mark so permanently etched into his brother’s skin.

Stan hasn’t stopped laughing for half an hour. Ford is tempted to punch him. But at least Stan hasn’t started in on the jokes yet…dear axolotl, it was going to be a long week.