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What to expect when dating a B.A.P member:

1. Bang Yongguk

Although this man may seem cold and unapproachable at first glance, after you get to know him better, you’ll realize that he’s just an awkward fluff ball who wishes for world peace. Expect an endless cycle of blushing and smiling awkwardly at each other. You can go a whole date without talking and just staring at his eyes because they are just full of emotion, I tell you. You’ll almost always find yourselves with nothing to say especially if you’re shy because he’s probably just as shy as you. Speaking of dates, you may actually find yourself fitter and socially active as your dates may compose mainly of doing physical activities or doing volunteer work. As depicted by the many volunteer work he has done over the years, Bang Yongguk loves old people and children - he’s the man to turn to if you want a good husband. Having him as a boyfriend may actually make you turn into a better person because he can easily influence other people to be as respectable and dependable as him. Overall, Yongguk is just good boyfriend material; gentle, mature, kind, caring - the list goes on. It doesn’t take much to please him either. You just need to have good morals and be able to cook ramen. But try not to make ramen often as too much is bad for your health, it will be hard to resist BYGs eyes but do it for his sake.

PS: Always bring a jacket to throw at him during LOE concerts. He might catch a cold.

2. Kim Himchan

People may say that this is stretching it but, this man IS perfect boyfriend material. Kim Himchan is literally the prince on the white horse. Although the world may brand him as the diva of the group because of his confidence, just hold his hand and he’ll be internally squealing over his famous shy smile making you turn into a puddle of mush. Also, try catching him with another member and flash a smile his way. Once you turn away, there’s a 99% chance of him hitting that member (especially if it’s Jongup) like a teenage girl. But let’s be honest, you really won’t have time to even notice his shyness when you’re always swooning over his antics. Himchan is a man of effort, he can do anything to please. Today, he might be welcoming you home by playing your favorite song on his guitar and tomorrow he might be offering to play the piano for you while you’re having a dinner date at a restaurant. Did I mention that he is super talented? Anyway, as shown by how he is called the mother of the group, expect him to know everything about you; your birthday, your favorite color, your schedule for tomorrow, and most importantly, he knows when something is wrong. Himchan’s nature is to care for those around him. You can be miles away but he’ll already be on his way to your place with medicine, food, and his guitar before you can even tell him that your cold really isn’t that bad. Also, Himchan is on the more conservative side. He has a pure image of romance and likes the concept of decency - he’s definitely not going to let you out wearing short articles of clothing but that does not mean that he’s overprotective. Like Yongguk, it doesn’t really take much to please Himchan. I mean, you don’t even need to cook - the man will do it for you.

3. Jung Daehyun

The boy next door. Jung Daehyun may actually be another prince charming. His confidence is at the same level as Himchan’s and unlike the rest of B.A.P, it’s hard to catch him acting shy. Jung Daehyun has this perfect boy next door smile that will leave you desperately reaching out for an inhaler. Now, if you have this man as your boyfriend, expect to be SPOILED ROTTEN. Like, literally. In addition to this man’s handsome face, Daehyun has the sweetest personality among the boys as shown in his love for his fans. Expect Daehyun to never leave you alone and it’s because of how stuck he is on you that he can instantly tell if there’s something wrong. Count on Daehyun to make your worries vanish as he serenades you with his beautiful voice without even telling him to. But if there was a downside to Daehyun’s personality, it would be the fact that he is too nice to everybody and the fact that there’s a high chance that food from your fridge will go missing that you can’t avoid feeling jealous of other people (including Jongup, which Youngjae will tease you for). Being the observant man he is, Dae will immediately assure you on exactly how special and precious you are to him making you throw those thoughts out the window. Also, it’s better to give up sulking over Daehyun because he can make your determination waver in a few seconds. Say, you’re sulking because Dae found out about that cake you were secretly baking for him so you stop talking to him - this will ultimately just deal you damage because on that event, Daehyun will stick to you with his puppy face on while begging you to forgive him. There is no winning over that ‘babeiloveyoupleaseforgiveme’ face, I tell you so just give it up. And since we’re talking about food, expect to gain a few pounds because he won’t stop eating - automatically making you unable to stop eating as well and since your body is not majestic as Daehyun’s when it comes to processing fat, it’s better to prepare clothes two sizes bigger than your original size before thinking of dating him. But don’t worry, he will still love you even if you gain weight. He’s that sweet. As with his hyungs, Daehyun is a low maintenance boyfriend - being able to cook delicious food is a plus but it’s not a requirement.

4. Yoo Youngjae

Looking for a challenge? Well, you’ve found the right guy. Maybe it’s because Youngjae is an AB that his personality is so complex. If Youngjae were an animal, he would definitely be a cat - a really moody cat. Youngjae’s mood can jump from cold, to bright, to loud, to serious, and to sweet in a matter of seconds. It really takes some patience and perseverance to bear with all this but this complexity of his is exactly one of those things that makes him lovable. Also, Youngjae has a little of a sadistic side of him so expect a lot of teasing. But more than being mean, Youngjae is shown to be tsundere but he is argueably more tsun than dere. Like, if he kisses you out of the blue and you get embarrassed about it making him tease you, try kissing him back and there’s a high chance that he will melt into a puddle. Youngjae has probably the best sense of humor among the members especially if you’re a fan of sarcastic jokes - a fact that would probably make him tell you how sadistic you are. It’s safe to say that you’ll need to put in a lot of effort into dating Youngjae but know that under his complex personality, he is as kind and caring like the rest of B.A.P. When you gain this man’s affections, expect yourself to be the center of his world - even though he might express his feelings through teasing and other tsundere-ish ways. But really be careful not to push his buttons because no one has seen Yoo Youngjae mad before and study shows that ABs tend to be really scary when angry. So never attempt making him jealous (if it wasn’t your intention to make him jealous and he gets jealous, you can tease the hell out of him and he will melt) AND NEVER EVER TRY TO INCITE COMPETITION WITH HIM. Give it up. If he wins, you get teased and that’s well and great but if he loses, HE WILL NEVER LET THAT GO. He will seriously continue to challenge you until he wins over you and the teasing will be worse. Just give it up. Unlike his hyungs, Youngjae may be a little high maintenance. Be prepared to shower him with praises, comebacks, and always remember to be understanding towards his attitude.

5. Moon Jongup

His personality is really out of this world and he has a heavenly body too. Dating Jongup would be an experience in itself. Like the AB Youngjae, Jongup, a B, would also need your maximum effort and patience. Jongup is the type who won’t talk to you if you don’t talk to him first because he IS the shiest member in B.A.P. Expect yourself to be the one to strike up conversations and to lead the relationship (this is why he says he prefers older women). But once Jongup gets comfortable around you, your efforts will pay off. Again, Jongup is a man of few words so even if you’ve been going out for him for a while, he still might not be very vocal. However, the thing with Moon Jongup is that, his actions speak louder than words. As a dancer, the most natural way for you to express your feelings is through body language so pay very close attention to that. Jongup’s passion is evidently music and more importantly, dance. It would be really nice if you would take an interest in his passions as you would easily form a deeper connection with him. Try asking him to teach you how to dance - you might have a difficult time following him but know that despite how awkward or unclear his method of teaching may be, he definitely gave it his all. It would probably mean the world to Jongup when the girl he likes wants to know more about the things he likes. If you do try taking lessons from Jongup, expect yourself to grow fitter and be good at dancing (or better if you already are a good dancer). If you’re actually older than Jongup, you may find yourself wanting to spoil him like a good noona and that’s fine but do set some limits. Jongup is a man too, it would also mean a lot to him if you gave him a chance to lead the relationship even if he is too shy to say that out loud. Are you worried about your weird quirkiness? Then let yourself be weird together with Jongup. You’d be the perfect match. Overall, it doesn’t take much to please Jongup. He likes to keep things simple so it’s better if you keep yourself simple too. Other than his shyness, there really isn’t any other issue that you would come across with this man.

PS: While going to unfamiliar places, always keep an eye on him for he can easily be lost.

6. Choi Junhong

Certainly the youngest member in various aspects, Choi Junhong, along with his Uppie-hyung, has zero experience in dating which makes him easier to get along with an older or a more matured partner. If you’re in one of those categories then, lucky you. His personality is a mix of Yongguk’s, Daehyun’s, and lastly, Jongup’s. You would need to be able to handle Yongguk’s awkward silence, Daehyun’s perfectionalism and boyish charm, Jongup’s shyness and passion, and more importantly, you’ll need to be able to lead the relationship. If you can get past those issues, the only thing that should be left in your concern should be his height. I know that he’ll be a great shield for certain elements/item on the top shelf retriever/giant huggable bear but his height will likely be a challenge especially if you’re on the shorter side. You would probably never lose Junhong in a crowd but he is more likely to lose you. So be careful going on date locations which are crowded. But fear not, there are several solutions besides having to wear a leash. Hold hands, lock arms - this will even improve your relationship so it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Like the other members, you might also find yourself adoring Junhong, ultimately making you spoil him. However, as a maknae, his personality is to bend for other people (idk y this sound so wrong) so he won’t be able to retaliate or complain. But again, as with Jongup, set a limit. He has his manly pride too. Overall, Junhong would be a low maintenance boyfriend. Like his hyungs, it doesn’t take much to please him as well - though, you’ll need to have a great eye for sock designs because other than dancing and music, his socks are his life.

PS: Do the fandom a favor and try to encourage him to show less skin to the world.


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Indian sari brand Viva N Diva has cast acid attack survivor Laxmi Saa in its inspiring new campaign, entitled “Face of Courage.” When Saa was 15 years old, she was doused with acid by a 32-year-old man for denying his marriage proposal.

Saa, who’s now 26, has become a vocal advocate against unregulated acid sales in the years since surviving the harrowing assault.

Gifs: Viva N Diva


arianeandrew: Just wanted to show you guys my transformation as some motivation.
I look back at some of these pics like wow I have really grown into myself. I’m never afraid to show the good and the bad. That’s all about growing as an individual not only physically but mentally as well.

The 1st pic I just started in the WWE.

The 2nd pic was the very end of 2014.

The 3rd was at the end of this past April.

The last pic is from 2 weeks ago!

If you want something you have to fight for it! You only fail once you stop trying.
That applies for everything you do in life. #Week16


We actually now have a sneak peak look, if you will, a reality show on the E! network called “Total Divas”, that’s in season three. It’s an inside look to the women of WWE, who we brand as our ‘Divas’. And when you think about the strength of character that it takes to perform in front of thousands of people, four nights a week, I can attest to this being in the ring myself. Standing there in front of all of those people, under that spotlight, the in-ring action takes you on such a ride. And to be able to tell a story, with your body and your face in such a way that makes people want to react. To either cheer to see you win, or to boo to see you lose is an art form. So you take the courage, and the talent quite frankly, and the athleticism that these women have to do this type of performance. And then put them on the red carpet, and then have them do media interviews. And then they’re apart of all of our community service outreach, in various capacities. Not cause they’re contractually obligated, but because they want to. These are truly remarkable women. The kind of character that they have, and the strength of character, and body and mind to be able to do all of this is something that, quite frankly, I respect a lot.