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Watch: An Acid Attack Survivor Promotes True Beauty

Indian sari brand Viva N Diva has cast acid attack survivor Laxmi Saa in its inspiring new campaign, entitled “Face of Courage.” When Saa was 15 years old, she was doused with acid by a 32-year-old man for denying his marriage proposal.

Saa, who’s now 26, has become a vocal advocate against unregulated acid sales in the years since surviving the harrowing assault.

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“I wish they kept the Smackdown and Raw roster separate, the WHC and the WWE Championship were separated and on their respective tv shows, and that they brought back the Women’s Championship because back when these things happened, Smackdown was just as entertaining as Raw, and the Divas/Women’s division had more screen time and multiple feuds (remember that PPV when both the Diva’s and women’s championship were defended?). Also because WWE Draft day used to be one of my favorite events”


Here’s a blueprint of concept ideas I wrote (some parts compiled from previous think pieces I’ve written) and posted earlier this week on my Twitter. Just a few (I literally have pages) opinions, ideas, views, and contribution that I wanted to share to possible improvement of the women’s division and the “WWE Divas” brand.

On a grand-scale, it will take months, even years, to re-educate fans to view the Divas as important and unlearn what has been taught to them. Breaking this conditioning that WWE themselves have created will take work & patience (it took years just for the “We Want Puppies!!” chants to finally die down). It’s not just about a 30 second match or more time, but also about the sexist, racist, and misogynistic mentality of the higher ups (and fans, both male & female) that is a primary source and has become embedded in the fabric of how things are ran within the business. Of course, this change won’t happen overnight, it will take time and a new formula to change people’s perception of the women’s division – but it is possible. This requires a vision, a platform, the investment needed and the execution.

All the Divas deserve better and respect. I love what the Divas fans and those in the wrestling fanbase who care about women’s wrestling have created. Continue speaking up and voicing your helpful thoughts (in an intelligent manner or just go with what’s best for you in what may improve the division as a whole); it is more effective & progressive than remaining silent or being docile. Don’t stop. Feel free to read, share, and/or spread. #GiveDivasAChance

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arianeandrew: Just wanted to show you guys my transformation as some motivation.
I look back at some of these pics like wow I have really grown into myself. I’m never afraid to show the good and the bad. That’s all about growing as an individual not only physically but mentally as well.

The 1st pic I just started in the WWE.

The 2nd pic was the very end of 2014.

The 3rd was at the end of this past April.

The last pic is from 2 weeks ago!

If you want something you have to fight for it! You only fail once you stop trying.
That applies for everything you do in life. #Week16