brand collabo

Can we talk about the fact that by the time she died at age 22, AALIYAH —

I mean, do I need to finish that? I guess I can. Here are a few brief ways that AALIYAH like nobody since:

  1. Aaliyah, which debuted at no. 2
  2. a leading role in Romeo Must Die
  3. executive producer of the Romeo Must Die soundtrack
  4. four songs on the Romeo Must Die soundtrack (oh, Destiny’s Kids was somewhere on there)
  5. Queen of the Damned
  6. 2 VMAs and a Grammy nom for “Try Again”
  7. set to act (I said act, cuz you know some R&B divas get confused) in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, Honey, and Sparkle
  8. “Are You That Somebody?” Period.
  9. One In A Million, and lemme remind y'all about this album for those who didn’t get home from school and see this young woman giving graaaace to BET: "Hot Like Fire,“ "One in a Million,” “If Your Girl Only Knew,” “4 Page Letter,” and “The One I Gave My Heart To”
  10. She touched people’s hearts and was the center of a community of artists. I mean she wasn’t up there at the top like “Sorry, this mine, and who are you anyway?” She was a person, not a brand.
  11. Features and collabos like nobody’s business. (See 10)
  12. that midriff, those baggy pants, the bangs. image. originality.

Bonus: back, back, forth and forth

I’m just sayin.