Do Monkey, Hear Monkey, See Monkey

The topic of the next five days is Triops, that bizarre Branchiopod we typically call sea monkeys in an attempt to relate to an ancient, alien and generally icky genus. This was suggested by kodakowl, who noted that the poor, li'l crustaceans had very few posts on Tumblr. So here’s to you, Triops; Here’s to you, kodakowl; and Here’s to you, tea (I just like tea).

If any of my legion of regular followers (total=13) or any other random readers would like to suggest some sort of intellectually stimulating or ridiculous topics, please do. ???

Genus: Cyzicus

…a genus of spinicaudan clam shrimp (which are not actually true shrimp nor clams but a group of “shelled” branchiopods) which occur worldwide, with a species occurring on every continent except Antarctica. Like other branchiopods Cyzicus spp. are filter feeders and will filter the water around them  for nutrients.



Image: Franco Folini