Celebrations of the Thargelia - VII Thargelion
- Birthday of Apollo - Birthday of Plato
- Thargelia in honor of Artemis, Apollo, Helios and the Horai- II day

Orphic Hymn 34- scent of Apollo
powder of incense

“Come, blessed, Paian, slayer of Tityus, Phoebus, Lycoreus,
Memphite, beautifully honored, invoked with the cry, giver of happiness,
with the golden lyre, who protect the sowing and the plow, Pythion, Titan,
Gryneios, Smyntheos, slayer of the Python, Delphic, diviner,
wild, Daimon bringer of light, lovable, youth, glorious,
…guide of the Muses, preceptor of the chorus, who strike from afar, darter,
Branchios and Didymeos…acting from afar, Lossia, sacred,
Delian Lord, who have the eye who sees all things and who gives light to the mortals,
golden-haired, who reveal truthful prophecies and oracles;
hear with benevolent spirit me who am praying in the behalf of men:
because You behold all this endless Ether
and the happy Earth from above, and through the dim light
in the quiet of the night below the darkness of starry eyes
You have your roots under the surface of the earth, and You hold the boundaries of the universe
all; You take care of the beginning and of the end,
You make bloom every thing, all the celestial sphere You tune
by the melodious lyre, sometimes going to the limit of the the shortest string,
sometimes instead of the longest one, sometimes according to the doric style
tuning all the celestial sphere You differentiate the living species,
with the harmony making fit for men the universal destiny,
mixing identic proportion of winter and summer to one another,
distinguishing in the longest strings the winter, in the shortest ones the summer,
in the doric style the blooming flower of the very lovable springtime.
From this the mortals celebrate You with the name of Lord,
Pan, two-horned God, who send the whistles of the winds;
because You have the seal which gives form to the whole universe.
Hear, blessed saving the initiates of supplicant voice.”

(Apollo, Fourth century BCE. Museo Etrusco, Roma)

The tagging game

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Rule 1: Always post the rules.
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Favourite pass time?                                                                                The internet and hanging out with friends

Cheesiest pickup line you know?                                                             Hey gurl I like riding bikes and something else. Guess what

If you could live anywhere else for the rest of your life where would you live?                                                                                                               I don’t know, surely not in a big city

Favourite hockey team?                                                                             I’m not that much into hockey

Least favourite genre of music?                                                                    I like all genres, but probably metal

Where are you from?                                                                                    Italy 

Favourite skiier:                                                                                          Don’t have any

Favourite snowboarders?
Danny Davis

Biggest fear?
Big cities

Do you think aliens exist?
The universe is far too big to think we are alone

If you could change one thing in this world what would it be and why?

Favourite boarder (snow, surf, or skate)?
Rob Dyrdek

Favourite food?

If you could marry anyone in the world, who would it be?
I Don’t think I already know her

Does true love exist?

What’s your favourite thing in the world?

What is Kanye’s best album?
He is not a real singer

Have you made any good friends on this stupid blue website?
Not yet but I would love to

When did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up? 
I don’t know yet

Favourite subject in school?     
Geography, my teacher is the best.

Have you ever watched any anime?
Yeah, I watched a bunch of them

Who is the last person you texted and what did it say?
My 2 best friends, I told them I was back home from vacation

Worst nickname ever given?
I don’t like giving nicknames

Best nickname ever given?

The most beautiful place you’ve ever been to?
Imperia, or swanage (Italy and england)

List your 5 favorite songs atm?
Where no one goes - john Powell
Addicted to you - Avicii
Lover on the sun - david guetta
Geronimo - Sheppard
Loves me not - Cris Cab

Are you android or iPhone person?
Iphone, surely

Fave quote?
I actually do not know

You got any tattoos, what/where/why?

Favorite way to travel?

Ever danced around in the middle of the street, just because you feel like it? 
No, I don’t like being at the centre of the attention

Do you ski/snowboard, if so for how long?
I’ve been snowboarding for 2 years

To how many countries have you travelled to and do you still want to go to?
England and Switzerland, and I definitely want to go back in England

Celebrity crush?
Jack Black for sure

Have you ever been in love/thought you were in love?
I do think so

Best movie?
Zombieland or The wolf of wall street

What does happiness mean to you?
Pugs and woods

Are you happy about the way you’ve lived life so far?
I don’t think i lived

Your favourite thing you have done this year?

Snow or dirt?

Favourite downhill rider?

How far would you travel to go see your favourite athlete?

Do you prefer a calm and relaxing or adventurous life?

Dogs or cats?

What animal would you like having in your house?