Cold waters


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader / (implied) Namjoon x Reader 

Genre: Merman!Au / Angst / One-shot

Rated T for mentions of death

Word count: 6.4k

Synopsis: Every night, a song crawls from the woods - they say it’s the lullaby of a monstrous creature that has fallen from grace, a beast fiery like fire and ruthless like ice. Yet, his voice is such beautiful one that the cords of your heart quiver with love for each, saccharine note piercing your skin.

And every night, he draws you in a bit more.

Author’s note: Hello my lovelies! This is my second request (Cold waters, warm touches + His beauty could kill you + Merman!Jeon), at first it was supposed to be a fluffy one but, uhm… it accidentally ended up being another angst *sweats*

Anyway, dear anon, thank you for the nice concept, please lemme know if you liked it <3

There’s a legend, whispered among the sunbeams getting lost in the forest at the borders of the village.

There’s legend, one of a terrible, alluring kind, that widens children’s eyes and makes hearts tremble beneath the warnings of worried mothers.

There’s a legend, more like a secret or maybe a dream, deep carved into the memories of your innocent days; one that has your glances wander into the shadows of the woods when you think that nobody is watching, that nobody is judging.

It’s a legend, they say, about a creature doomed to live in the lake at the center of the forest: oh, a ruthless one, with eyes like broken glass and thick blood covering its claws. Murderous are its intents and fury tints its flesh with such a poisonous vigour that the water is now no different than the venom running under his skin. 

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Failed Attempt

I tried to forget about you
As the summer passed
And autumn arrived
While the air grew cooler
And your touch became
A distant mountain
That refused to move
With the slow pace
I walked
When times got hard—

I tried to lock away my feelings
And failed miserably
When the sun became too bright
And your memory
Painted all my dreams
The shade of dusk

I tried to escape
Thoughts of you
With a heavy heart
And an empty shadow
Of who I used to be
Only to remember
I wasn’t really living
Until I found you;
My days had a feeling
Of completeness
When your hands held mine
And your love
Always kept me burning
For something more
Than what I believed
I deserved—

When I spend nights
Under clouds of loss
I pull tree branches
Close to my chest
Just to feel something;
I’ve locked a piece of my heart
Inside of yours
And it’s impossible to forget
That the beating in my chest
Matches the beating in yours
No matter the distance between us

So forgive me as I try to forget you
Even though it’s done in vain,
And foolishly
I’ll keep pretending
To spend my days
Looking for your replacement
When knowing it does not exist.


The Intruder

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Pairing: Namjoon X Reader

Word Count:  3,359

Genre & Warnings: Fluff & Smut, but not like, super crazy smut. Good ‘ole Missionary. But it’s sweet. 

Notes: SURPRISE! I needed something fluffy in my life. I wrote this fairly quickly, so I’ll go back and edit later. 

“It’s only going to be for the weekend, Namjoon. You’re making a huge fuss out of nothing.” 

Namjoon leaned against the counter with his head cradled in his hands, pouting as he watched you pack your small bag. He’d been like this all day, listing at least a hundred reasons why he thought you shouldn’t go. 

“Baby, I only have a couple more weeks before we have to leave again. Pleaseeeee….” You just stare at him, shaking your head in disbelief. 

“You’re such a whiny baby. Why your fans think you’re so “Daddy” is beyond me. I promised Mom I’d go home for the weekend. I promised her a month ago and she’s been calling to remind me twice a week. I have to go. I’ll be back Monday afternoon and I’ll be all yours for two whole weeks before you have to leave again. You’ll be so sick of me that you’ll ask to leave earlier. I promise.” You peck him on the cheek as you pass by, and set your bag by the door. 

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Ten Years of The Office: Branch Closing 3x07 November 9, 2006

“It is an outrage, that’s all. It’s… hey’re making a huge, huge mistake. Let’s see Josh replace these people. Let’s see Josh find another Stanley. You think Stanleys grow on trees? Well they don’t. There is no Stanley tree. Do you think the world is crawling with Phyllises? Show me that farm. With Phyllises and Kevins sprouting up all over the place. Ripe for the plucking. Show me that farm.”

She forgot

Genin days. When Sakura forgets the ‘kun’.

Is a simply mission, they said. Nothing to dangerous, they said.

Sakura Haruno didn’t think that at all. Not when they were surrounded against the enemy. Five ninjas standing in front of team seven. Five grass ninjas, all well-equipped. It just not fair.

And where the hell is Kakashi-sensei, Anyways?

In this instant she takes full responsibility, because even her sensei has told her she is the best at improvising in distress situations. So, while she poised a Kunai on her hand for the fully purpose of covering her mouth, she is thinking how the hell go through the battle and while on it, keep everyone safe.

Well, we are going to abuse the inexhaustible amount of Naruto’s chakra and his most overused technique. After all, he always wants to be the soul of the party.

“Naruto” She warned, moving her lips so slightly “Sasuke and I will cover you up. Do your kage bushin as a distraction”

“Ja!” He smiles “Let’s go, dattebayo!”

In a battle scream, Naruto meet the ninja grass, too happy for finally have some action. The sound of a increasing number of shadows clones feeling the place.

When Naruto have the five ninjas occupied, she jumps to meet her comrade “Sasuke” she calls, handing him the end of a ninja wire “Use your Sharigan to copy every single move I make”

His lips are twisted, his eyes beyond disbelief “Wha-“


She jumps first, and only when she is at midair, she feels Sasuke chakra signature at her side, in another tree branch. Her mind is thinking all the knots that she was taught at the academy while she jumps from branch to branch, following pretty closed by the sharigan stare. Sasuke notices she is building a spider network, using him as a builder.

When the wire runs out, they affirm it with shurikens. The trap is ready. All the ninjas are on the wire now, trying to move their limbs, without achieving it.

“Sasuke!” She screams at him, pointing to the red wire “Fire them, now!”

Sakura and Naruto looks how a big fireball is thrown to the enemy, burning everything down. When Sasuke stops his exhalation, the ninjas disappear in a puff.

“Yo!” Kakashi says behind team seven, his pervy book on his hand. “Nice team work. Good leadership, Sakura”

“T-This” She stutter, her eyebrow twitching “It was an exercise?”

“One you did approve with flying colors” He nods. His only eye very happy.

Naruto jumps of happiness, Sasuke sighs and Sakura is too irritated to even speak. She thought they were over, for goodness sake, and it turns out it was a teaching lesson about team work, again, by kakashi’s-sensei over-the-top techniques, again.


“Naruto o Sasuke could have been dead, your now!” She screams at his teacher, while his sits on a top of a rock “I thought we were finished!”

“Well, you are not” He replies, calmy. And ending the topic, he opens his book again.

Her eyebrows are frowned when Sasuke speaks at her backs “Why did you call me that”

She tilts her head in his direction “What did I call you?”

“You” He cross his arms, closing his eyes “Tch, what are you doing this?”

“Doing what?” She seems surprise by him, lifting her shoulders “What are you telling me, Sasuke?”

He crinkles his nose “That’s not my name”

She is shocked now “But your name is Sasuke-kun!”

Then, his shoulders relax “Yes” He nods, keeping his hands in his pockets and turning around, leaving them.

“Wait, Sasuke-kun!” She screams at his back, reaching for him “what were you talking about your name! I don’t get it!”

“Sakura-chan! Wait!” Naruto follows her, running to them “Let’s get some ramen!”

Team seven departs, leaving Kakashi and his orange book opening. He looks at Sasuke and sighs.

Little spoiled brat.

Someone Special (2)

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The second date didn’t come round as smoothly as you thought it would. // Part 1

(Requested) // Word Count; 1,790

Simon D x Reader - A/F

Autumn was finally here; The leaves were gradually changing colours and slowly dropping off the trees. The air became colder and the weather more dull as the days went on, you sat alone in the cafe staring out of the window completely dismissing the coffee that retired in front of you.

You whirled a strand of hair on your finger as you watched another leaf get blown off the tree that stood alone at the entrance of the park. You were supposed to be on a second date with Kiseok but he cancelled because he was busy with work. Well, that’s what he said, you didn’t really believe him. He had been missing your calls and not answering your texts. You were beginning to doubt that he was interested in you and that everything he said two weeks ago was a lie.

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