The crown is crushing him, she thought. He wants so much to be a good king, to be brave and honorable and clever, but the weight is too much for a boy to bear.

Imagine: Winter is coming, but everything is alright in the world. You are sitting by Bran's side on the throne in Winterfell. It's peaceful. Everyone is safe and Bran is a great King in the North and he dotes on his people and they love him immensely. You smile at Bran's son in your arms and can't believe how perfect everything is, and how you became so lucky to be Bran's queen.

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pretenderoftheeast  asked:

Do you mind helping a fellow reader out? How do I sell Bran's chapters to a friend who says he skips Bran's chapters because they're "boring", "too magical" and are "too detached to the main story"? You're well-versed to espouse the virtues of Bran's story. c:

Slip him LSD and read him Bran III ADWD. 

Naw, but seriously, Bran’s chapters are all about the slippage between the physical and the metaphysical: “you will never walk again, Bran, but you will fly.” No matter how intricate and intense the magic-soaked imagery gets (and what’s wrong with that?) we are always rooted in the psyche of a little kid who wants to be a knight. And he is, of course; he’s a “knight of the mind,” a phrase that encapsulates his entire arc.  

As for being too detached from the main story, well…you could argue Bran’s story is the main story. To the extent that there’s a singular protagonist in ASOIAF, it’s him. 

Bran Stark Imagine

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Title: “Hello, Nostalgia.”

Suggested Song: “Howl’s Moving Castle by Joe Hisaishi” and “Married Life by Michael Giaccino (piano ver.)

The war has ended and the Night’s King is defeated. Winter is passing smoothly and the people can now be at peace. Night has fallen over Westeros and the people lie in their beds, but there is one who waits for the sun.

Brandon Stark is his name. He lays on his bed but he does not sleep. His mind is clouded with thoughts of the future when suddenly a wave of nostalgia fills him and a smile creeps onto his face. He reminisces all the good times he had when he left Winterfell.  All the good times he had with you.

He remembers the time when he met you. He was struggling to clean Summer and you were washing the clothes. 


“Summer! Sto-stop giving me a hard time cleaning you!” The brown haired boy said to the direwolf.

The loud noise had brought her attention from the basket of clean clothes to the duo by the left.

“I’m sorry, but do you need any help? Maybe I can help you!” (Y/N) called out.

“No! No! No thank you! We’re fine here!” He replied.

“Are you sure? It doesn’t seem to look so fine here. Hey! Come here, girl!” She whistles out to call the wolf. Immediately, Summer comes running back to them and suddenly she jumps and licks (Y/N).

“Woah! Down.” She commands and the wolf follows.

“You got her to follow you. Normally, Summer would be cautious of others but with you…Who are you?” Bran asks in awe.



“Come! Let’s clean this one up!” (Y/N) sits beside Bran and they start cleaning the dirty wolf.

He remembers the time when he fell in love with you. You were dancing whilst Bran just sat against the tree. 


“Bran…” She called out.

“Yes, (Y/N)?”

“Have you ever heard an orchestra play?”

“An orchestra? What’s that?”

“Its a group of people who play pieces of music on a violin, a double bass, a cello, or a piano. I’ve heard one play before. It sounded like heaven. You just close your eyes and you feel your heart moving along to the sound of music.” (Y/N) says with passion and Bran just stares at her with a smile. 

His heart starts to pound against his chest, butterflies start to flutter in his stomach, his hands start to sweat, his face starts to heat up and he just can’t seem to stop smiling at the girl. 

‘What is this feeling? It feels good. It feels nice! Love…is this how it feels? To love?’ The boy thought to himself.

(Y/N) starts to hum and she stands so that she could dance. She does jumps and twirls and she even got Hodor to waltz with her. (Y/N) takes Meera and the three starts to dance in circles around the fire. Laughter was heard all night long and a certain Stark has found the feeling of love.

He remembers the time when he confessed to you. He felt like he was the happiest boy alive.


“(Y/N)? Can I ask you something?” Bran asked the girl who was picking berries for breakfast. 

“Yeah! You can! Why? What do you have in mind?” (Y/N) asks as she picks.

“If you could rearrange the alphabet, which ones would you put together?” 

“Wh-wait…” (Y/N) stops for a minute but then grins and continues.

“I don’t know! But I’m pretty sure i’d put U and I together.”

Bran chokes on his own spit and (Y/N) starts to laugh at his reaction. He has a deep red blush on his face but he starts looks like a boy on christmas when he realizes what just happened.

“Really?! Oh! Ohohohoho! Yes!” Bran screams and shouts with such happiness. He felt like he was on cloud nine. (Y/N) walks back to Bran with the basket of berries and when she had put down the basket beside her pack, Bran pulls on her arm and she goes falling into his arms.

“Well, I guess you could say that I have fallen for you!” (Y/N) jokes and they laugh. 

“Will you be mine?” Bran asks with glee.

“Yes. Of course! Yes!”

And there it was. A happy couple giggling under the light of the smiling sun.

He remembers their first kiss under the starry sky.


Jojen, Meera, and Hodor were asleep and the fire was out. The only thing illuminating them was the moon and the stars above. Bran and (Y/N) were wrapped up and sharing both blankets and were cuddling. 



“I have 1 thing…” (Y/N) holds up his pointer finger.

“2 say…” She holds both the pointer and middle finger.

“3 words…” Up! The ring finger goes.

“4 you…” Now, all four fingers but the thumb are held by (Y/N).

“I love you.” Bran finishes her song.

“I love you.” (Y/N) confirms with a nod of her head.

She rolls on top of Bran and looks down at Bran’s soft looking lips. Bran also looks to (Y/N)’s plump lips. Both lean in to join for their first kiss. 

It’s as expected of a wonderful kiss. Their lips fit together perfectly. The warmth is comforting. It felt like fireworks were exploding. It seems like time stopped for the couple. 

But alas, both had to pull away from pure bliss. (Y/N) laid her head on Bran’s chest and both had fallen into a deep sleep.

Their first fight. He was having a bad day.


“Jojen! Are you alright?” (Y/N) asked the older Reed. 

“I’m fine. I’ll be fine.” He waved her off.

“I’ll patch you up.” (Y/N) took her medicine pack and started to wrap his arm up.

“It was your fault.” Bran started.

“What?” Jojen questions.

“You just had to attack them, didn’t you?!” Bran continues.

“Yes, we know, Bran. Stop rubbing salt in the wound.” (Y/N) defends.

“No! He must know! Ever since we met you, we have run into nothing but trouble, Jojen. And you! (Y/N)! You’re the one who’s holding us back! We could’ve reached the raven by now but no! You and your mood swings bother all of us. All of us wanted you to leave a long time ago but we just didn’t want to say anything because we were afraid of hurting you.” Bran shoots.

(Y/N) sighs, finishes bandaging Jojen’s wounds, packs up her things and says,

“If only you could have said something. Anything. You know me! I would have left long ago. If you think that by telling me this now won’t hurt me as much but you’re wrong. Good luck on your adventure.” She walks off and goes south.

“I’ll go after her.” Meera says and runs but is stopped by Bran.

“No! She’ll be back. Just give her some space. She always comes back.”

“But what if she doesn’t?!”

“She will!”

Time has passed, the sun has gone down and the moon starts to peek through the horizon. Meera, Jojen, Hodor and Bran are huddled around the fire and eating stew. Bran start to worry but he brushes it off and he goes to sleep 20 minutes later. 

The sun rises up and the moon goes back to sleep. The fire is gone and everybody is still asleep. Suddenly, a screech and a scream was heard throught the forest clearly. This reached their ears and they bolted up with one thing on their minds. (Y/N).

“Jojen! Meera! Go find (Y/N)! I’ll be fine.” Bran orders the siblings and they jump up and sprint to the sound of screaming.

Soon, they find a trail of blood on the snow. They follow the trail until they find a bloody body with (H/C) hair. Meera falls to the ground in shock while Jojen tries to wake the wounded and bruised girl. There was a pulse but it was faint.

“Meera! Help me!” Jojen calls for help and instantly the girl is by his side, carrying (Y/N) back to camp. When they did, Bran cries at the sight of his lady. Bloody, wounded, and bruised.

“What happened?!” Bran holds (Y/N) bloody body in his arms.

“White walker attack.” Jojen replies as he walks of to find his medicine pack.

“Bran…Bran…Bran…” (Y/N) faintly whispers into Bran’s ear.

“(Y/N)! Don’t go to sleep! Keep your eyes fixed on me… You’ll be fine.”

“I love you, Bran.”

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry…” Bran cries as he craddles (Y/N) into a deep sleep.

That one time she saved him.The time when he truly knew that she was gone..


Meera, (Y/N) and Hodor were packing up their things because they have to leave or else the Night’s King would kill them. The place started to get colder and soon, (Y/N) was breathing out puffs of smoke. Meera saw this and immediately ran out of the cave. White walkers. A whole army of them.

“Meera! Take Bran and run!” Leaf ordered. Meera ran to get her’s and (Y/N)’s swords and sprinted to warn the others.

“They’re here!” 

“What?! Now?! Hodor! No! Don’t run!” (Y/N) tried to calm down Hodor as Meera tried to wake up Bran.

Five minutes later, the white walkers started pilling into the cave and (Y/N) tried to kill whoever was trying to kill Bran. Hodor started walking towards Bran’s stretcher and he picked up the front so that he could walk faster. Through the tunnels of the cave, they ran and Leaf had caught up to them but she had to buy them more time. (Y/N) and Meera looked back at Leaf because she stopped running. 

“Go!” Leafe shouted.

Then suddenly….BOOM! A bomb had exploded behind them. They had ran to the door and opened it. Hodor went out first whilst carrying Bran’s stretcher. Meera and (Y/N) had closed the door once they have gotten out. Hodor left the stretcher and he pushed himself against the door. Meera and (Y/N) had to carry Bran. 

“Hold the door!” Meera shouted.

“Hold the door!” 

“Hold the door!”

Even as the three have disappeared in the fog, Hodor did not dare to leave the door. He was a hero and not all heroes have to wear capes. Some just hold the door.

Meera and (Y/N) had successfuly carried Bran towards the inner part of the forest. (Y/N) suddenly felt a stinging and wet feeling on her stomach. She was also feeling dizzy. Bloodloss. Meera looked to her and she saw the wound. They put Bran down by a tree and both collaped due to exhaustion. (Y/N) was loosing blood very quickly and she didn’t have much time.

“Meera, take care of Bran for me…”

“(Y/N)…no. I can’t allow this…Bran’s going to be mad when he wakes up.”

“Meera…(Y/N)…” They heard a small voice from the left.

“Bran…” Both girls had clung onto the boy, crying.

“I’m sorry…” (Y/N) whispered to Bran.

“Don’t be…” Bran ran his fingers through her soft (H/C) hair.

“I love you.” (Y/N) puts her bloody hand onto his cheek and bring him into one last kiss. Bran feels something wet and warm on his cheek and he looks at her hand only to see that its covered in her blood.

“Meera…Meera…” (Y/N) calls out to the girl.

“(Y/N)!” Bran tries to get (Y/N)’s attention.

“Go! Take him! I’ll hold them off.” (Y/N) stands once more and a man cloaked in black on his horse comes riding in and he grabs the girl and boy, leaving (Y/N) behind.

“(Y/N)! We can’t leave her! Please!” Bran begs. 

“I’ll see you again, Bran.”~

The door opens, breaking his line of thought. 

“You’re back!” Bran stands and he holds out his arms so that he could hug his wife.

“Yeah! You’re in bed early.” She states.

“Yeah…I finished everything early so i thought that maybe i could get a few more hours of sleep.”

“Oh really? Well I could get a few more hours of sleep! Teaching children is hardwork. They’re like the bunch of white walkers i had to kill last time.”

“Haha! Really! I remembered that you were wounded too!”

“Yes! I was! Thank god that, that man came back for me.”

“Thank god.” Bran brings his wife in for a blissful kiss before he drags her into their bed for a good round of cuddling.

“I miss you.” 

“I miss you too.”

The thing that he remembers the most. Down to every single detail.                   He remembers that one time you got married to him.

  • Robb:We will all be together again soon, I promise.
  • Ned:*gets beheaded*
  • Cat:*gets throat slit*
  • Robb:*killed at wedding*
  • Jon:*two feet away from bran TWICE but misses him*
  • Sansa:*journeys to castle black right as jon leaves*
  • Arya:*leaves the Eyrie seconds before Sansa goes outside*
  • Bran:*can view his family with his powers but can't communicate with them*
  • Rickon:*gets captured into Winterfell right after Sansa escapes*
  • Me:*looks into the camera like I'm in The Office*