“A knight is what you want. A warg is what you are. You can’t change that, Bran, you can’t deny it or push it away. You are the winged wolf, but you will never fly.” Jojen got up and walked to the window. “Unless you open your eye.” He put two fingers together and poked Bran in the forehead, hard … “You will not find the eye with your fingers, Bran. You must search with your heart.” Jojen studied Bran’s face with those strange green eyes. “Or are you afraid?”

Meanwhile at the Stark family reunion...

Bran: I have seen some crazy shit.

*Jon, Sansa, and Arya all raise their glass*

  • bran: jon, i have something to tell you.
  • jon: go ahead, little brother.
  • bran: you're... you're a targaryen. your father was rhaegar.
  • jon: ha ha ha and ghost is actually a dragon in disguise. real funny, bran. good joke.
  • bran: no i'm serious! i saw it in a vision! a tree showed me!
  • jon: come again? a tree showed you?
  • bran: yes, a tree.
  • jon: a tree?
  • bran: a tree.
  • jon: right... um, i have to go.

I added some new season 7 icons to my icons page, using the new House Stark promotional images from EW. I hope you like them! :D And as always, let me know if you want any other background colours and I’ll add them :)

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Wow all these covers look amazing, Jon, Arya, Bran and Sansa all in black, all in Winterfell clothing, all together again.

From what I’ve see so far of all the outfits for season 7, Michelle Clapton should get a award, they are all beautiful, such attention to detail and parallel’s of early season outfits and dead characters outfits that made inspired the current characters who were the closest to them.

The only unfortunate thing is I know we won’t get this S7 from the spoilers, I suppose we’ll half get it but until every single Stark is reunited it won’t be a true family reunion and Jon was always so close to Arya and Bran. I’m looking forward to Sansa and Arya and Bran and Arya but because Like Sansa and Jon I never saw Sansa interact with Bran either so it won’t be as impactful as the others to me at least.

anonymous asked:

you're opinion on the lack of Bran content in the new s7 trailer?

my opinion is MAD like wtf bran is just as important as the other starks :( arguably more important in some ways!! and the show just like…. continues to fuck him over *sigh* pls give my son what he deserves (aka, being crowned king in the north as robb’s rightful heir :)))))

your opinion on…