Why I Am The Way I Am

I stumbled across Cicely Mary Barker’s fairy artwork today, something I had forgotten about. But I guess it explains why I am the way I am. That along with Brambly Hedge, Anne Of Green Gables, and Little Women. It’s what I grew up drinking in. So, obviously, some of those things became a part of me.

Bohemian. Whimsical. Magical. Fairy. Simple elegance. British. Edwardian. Sprawling interiors. Book lover. Cozy rooms. Tea and fire places. Homespun creativity. Dreamer. Countrysides. Adventuresome. Spunky. Doing things my own unique way. Wanting to be different.

I love being me. ^_^

“I was learning, even in my brief time in England, that a cup of tea almost always helped. I didn’t know whether it was the caffeine, the warmth, or the simple fact of having someone else do something kind, but a soothing cup of tea in Harriet Dalrymple’s cottage was fast becoming my lifeline to sanity.”
― Beth Pattillo

Brambly Hedge Cottage Tea