“What? No. I hate that old legend, it was started by some politician or other as anti-witch propaganda.” The witch picked up the maiden’s sandwich and took a large bite. “You have to give me your first bite of your meal whenever I’m hungry.”

I loved @evilsupplyco‘s First Born snippit so much I had to draw something


so I’ve got bit of a project going here

I haven’t decided on card layout or if I’m going to actually attempt doing full art for the minor arcana but here is art for fool, magician, high priestess, empress, emperor, hierophant, lovers, chariot, and strength

So I’ve played Franziska von Karma in the first round of Dangan Roleplay - because if there’s something DR needs, it’s Ace Attorney characters, amirite - and then someone suggested we do a DRRP tarot deck and we decided Franziska went on the Justice card and

Ok ok there’s not really any excuse for this. It was still good to get photoshop out for a change. And Franziska is still queen of my heart.