full art for this year’s RP playlist for my Dolorosa, as played at Monad.exe and We the Lost. It’s been a tough year for her, I took her post-canon and apped her into a glitchy digital afterlife, then moved her into a baby god’s training universe (which is actually a lot healthier environment in literally every way.)

anyway, playlist will be up later tonight or tomorrow, probably

So I’ve played Franziska von Karma in the first round of Dangan Roleplay - because if there’s something DR needs, it’s Ace Attorney characters, amirite - and then someone suggested we do a DRRP tarot deck and we decided Franziska went on the Justice card and

Ok ok there’s not really any excuse for this. It was still good to get photoshop out for a change. And Franziska is still queen of my heart.

I should be studying

or finishing up that project for illustration art

or something other than sketching Childstuck!Tavros and Vriska

(That is Tav’s wardrobe update by the way)

(He wears slip-on sneakers now because “You Are Going To Help With Organizing What Will Hopefully Be A Major Rebellion This Is Not Something I Can In Good Conscience Allow You To Do In Socks And Sandals”)

(also how do I wheelchair)