bramble tree

So everyone draws corrupt Percy right? BUT CORRUPT VEX’AHLIA AM I RIGHT? So yeah have some wip corrupt Vex with wiggly Fenthris and excessive brambles and cancer-tree sludge.

About the sludge hole (which is a horrible phrase but you know I’m going with it.) : When he asked for her heart he meant literally. Afterwards she didn’t agree to turns. There was probably a tree fight.

At 13, my most sustaining relations were not in the human world. I collected stones- red, green, gray, rust, white speckled with black, black streaked with silver- and kept them in my pockets, their hard surfaces warming slowly to my body heat. Spent long days at the river learning what I could from the salmon, frogs, and salamanders. Roamed the beaches at high tide and low, starfish, mussels, barnacles clinging to the rocks. Wandered in the hills thick with moss, fern, liverwort, bramble, tree. Only here did I have a sense of body. Those stones warm in my pockets, I knew them to be the steadiest, only untouched parts of myself. I wanted to be a hermit, to live alone with my stones and trees, neither a boy nor a girl. And now 20 years later, how do I reach beneath the skin to write, not about the stones, but the body that warmed them, the heat itself?
—  Eli Clare, Exile and Pride