bramble jam ii

Bramble Jam II

Last night was super fun! The Anarchist Pizza Society’s set was super rad and everyone really seemed to enjoy it. We sold almost all of our merch last night!!

It was great to hangout with Brian and Matt last night again too, It has been a long time since I hungout with them or got to see The Front Bottoms play. They are like rock stars now, even this mom was like fan-girling them hard haha. Brian kept breaking shit tons of strings on guitars so I eventually let him use mine haha…hey who knows I could probably sell that guitar on ebay in a few years for a grand.

Warren Franklin’s set was fucking awesome, especially with Empire! Empire! as his backing band. He also was just the nicest dude. He came up to me and Kayla after our set to tell us how much he loved our music (which was cool considering I have been super into his album). Then he wore our pin all night and kept hanging out with us!

High Pop fuckin’ ruled as usual. They are pretty much the best band ever, having seen the butterfly like transformation of Sean and Jordan from Enough Already to High Pop is cool. I bought a shirt and cd off them.

Algernon’s set was really good, though I was super exhausted by that time. I was kinda bummed that they didnt play Some Kind Of Cadwallader or Motivational Song, but they did play a bunch of others I wanted.

All in all it was a perfect night!