bramble is disgruntled

I swear to god if I get one more reblog on that post with comments that are all “blah blah rare blah blah durable blah blah twee symbolismI am going to scream.

  1. Diamonds aren’t actually all that rare, they’re just subject to some seriously fucked up manipulation of the market.
  2. If you’re working under conditions where you are seriously worried about a gem getting damaged take off the god damn ring before you lose a finger.
  3. Most of the symbolism you’re quoting is intentionally played up by the diamond industry to get you to buy diamonds by appealing to your willingness to commodify love and female sexuality.

Thank you.

Seriously though I have to wonder how many of the smug “omg I knew it, I hate bras” comments on that post come from people who are, like, smaller than a c-cup (for a probably inaccurate estimate on when bras really became a necessity for my comfort).

I mean there are probably plenty of girlshapes for whom bras aren’t actually necessary? But some of us legitimately benefit from wearing some sort of foundational garment.

Let’s just say that for several years when I was a kid the big issue in my hometown was whether or not a new road was gonna get built because someone figured out that it was going to cut through the habitat of endangered ground squirrels

ground squirrels

The Lorax had a unique species of swan and miniature bears and musical fish to work with, there’s no way he couldn’t have gotten enough public support to put a halt to the truffula harvest if he’d just tried talking to someone other than the Once-ler

I just don’t get it though

how does a person look at a silly slideshow presentation about how Donna Noble is awesome and think to themself

“you know what would be appropriate right now? dissing Martha Jones

how does that happen

the Doctor would be so disappointed

dance-tunes-to-fail-to replied to your post: to be fair the Lorax didnt seem to have any real…

Im so glad I chose not to see that movie. Damn whomever produced it they stained that wonderful book with that awful movie.

I haven’t seen the movie either

my judgemental ways are based entirely on book!Lorax, who stood around being preachy and obnoxious and never once pointed out that the was that Thneed production was being handled was going to, in the long run, hurt the Once-ler just as much as everyone else

made no effort to replant or to work with the Once-ler to develop sustainable truffula cultivation

and then literally hauled ass out of there once he realized he was in over his head, leaving behind nothing of help except for a very small and cryptic monument to his own ineffectiveness

it’s practically criminal that no one even thought to put a truffula seed in the ground until years and years after the Lorax had vacated the premises