The People Mover is an elevated transit rail line that circles the downtown area providing a great look at Detroit and chance encounters with local artists, performers, poets, and chefs. This video is an extraordinary glimpse at the talent and spirit that is Detroit. 

4exit4 Productions presents the premiere of People Mover, a short film capturing 24 local artists, cooks, thinkers and musicians as they came together to showcase Detroit’s spirit, performing inside the train one day in April.


Video I found off of Model D. Planning students from Europe video taped their trip to Detroit last year for two weeks and captured the essence of Detroit people, entrepreneurs, and workers.


“Besides their decorative appeal – from hand-painted gilt lettering with flourishes to mural-sized illustrations – ghost ads become a part of the local landscape in a way that’s far different from modern printed billboard ads.”
 -Brian O'Connor | The Detroit News

Detroit like many other cities around the country over the past 50 years have had an abundance amount of advertisements posted near highways on billboards. The Normal I am going to be looking at in Detroit with regards to advertisements will be the hand-drawn ads on the sides of buildings throughout the city from the past and present. Detroit over the past half-century has allowed artists and companies to take advantage of the exposed brick walls on both abandoned buildings and walls that had once been concealed by a building until demolished. With the recent economic strife present in Detroit, the hand-painted ads have been the “cheaper” solution for local companies to get their image out there for consumers to see. This look at Detroit will be one of the hand-drawn ads and their evolution over the past fifty years, the change in craftsmanship, font use, size, and location around the city. Ghost Signs are seen everywhere around the country, showing each city’s character from the past, giving Detroit an individual Normal from other cities.

-Ben Rambadt