Every year the Shield Academy participates in one academy wide event, and it always ends in blood, sweat, and tears.

But this year’s going to be a little different.


This was entirely inspired by a gif/drabble series on tumblr by marysuepoots I can say that I took a brilliant idea and let my Ward x Simmons brain go a bit wild. I wasn’t able to construct anything more than a drabble series, so it’s going to be a fun exercise in between my other fics, right now.

Follower of David Vinckboons (1576–1629/1632): The Farmer’s Fair. Figural depiction of the Sebastiankirmes in front of the Oudenaarde town hall. [Sebastianskirmes vor dem Stadthaus von Oudenaarde], oil on canvas, date unknown, 106 x 176 cm, private collection, based on a reversed brush drawing by David Vinckboons, which is now kept in the Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen, Denmark, source: and