You stare at him - unblinking - like he’s dangerous and beautiful in the most impossible ways until your eyes cross, stinging from misuse. He turns to you with a smile on his lips because you’re the first person to see past old blood and raised skin, past clenching muscle and cracked bones. He looks at you like you hold the stars but you know they’re all in his eyes.

☆ CONCRETE MILES ☆ some songs i’ve been listening to a lot recently for brittany [listen]

everything is going to hell - teen suicide // drainage - joyce manor // loro - pinback // i can feel a hot one - manchester orchestra // brother - brand new // new slang - the shins // another bag of bones - kevin devine // legit tattoo gun - the front bottoms // my heart goes bum bum bum - flatsound // haligh, haligh, a lie, haligh - bright eyes // i saw the wolf - tigers jaw // ballgame - kevin devine // play crack the sky - brand new

♥ Darling Valentine; a cute Valentine's day mix to brighten up your day ♥

∟This playlist is dedicated to my lovely friends. I love you guys a lot!


Track 1: Valentine // Kina Grannis

Track 2: Love is Easy // McFly - for Britta

Track 3: I Do Adore // Mindy Gledhill - for Nicole

Track 4: Cold Coffee // Ed Sheeran - for Sammie

Track 5: Olive You // Dave Days ft. Kimmi Smiles - for Maggie

Track 6: All I Want is You // Barry Louis Polisar

Track 7: La Da Dee // Cody Simpson

Track 8: Anyone Else but You // Moldy Peaches

Track 9: Smile Bright // Letters and Lights - for Maeve

Track 10: When I Go // Slow Club

Track 11: Bloom // The Paper Kites - for Brittany

Track 12: If My Heart Was a House // Owl City - for Steph

Track 13: Happily (acoustic) // One Direction - for Kayla

Track 14: Once in a Lifetime // Landon Austin


lydia week: day 6 - one au; leverage.

      Masterminds: Lydia, Scott
      Hitters: Allison, Derek, Braeden
      Hackers: Erica, Stiles
      Thieves: Kira, Isaac
      Grifters: Malia, Boyd

When Erica and Boyd are kidnapped, Lydia’s and Scott’s teams come together in a collaborative effort to save them before the night ends. 


I’m been meaning to do a Follow Forever for… well forever! I’ve been a TW fan ever since the show premiered, but it wasn’t until last summer I started fooling around on tumblr. Since then I’ve found some amazing people, i’ve learned a lot of new lingo and i’ve spent more hours than i’d like to count crying over the perfection that is Dylan O'Brien and tinkering around in photoshop to produce graphics (which i suck at) and gifs (which i suck at slightly less).

I’m now closing in on 3300 followers -  a number that quite frankly humbles me. I want to thank you all - i don’t know why you clicked the little plus beside my url, but i’m forever grateful! i cherish each and every one of you <3 And I also want to thank some of the amazing people that help make my dash a wonderful place to be :)

My most special pumpkins - i love you the best :) and i’m pretty sure i’ve forgotten some great people because i’m kinda ditzy and sometimes people change urls and i get confused… so please check out my blogroll as well.

the hottest girls - my special pumpkins

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Bruh this was a sonofabitch smh but I made my first major goal after four painstaking months and I had to do it. Sorrynotsorry this is long as hell.


much love to wellingtonvevo, my momther, my bff, my support system; I love you more than words can encompass and I hope that I’ll be able to say the same in the future. 

a thousand xo’s to my other mother caffeinekink who is enternally beautiful and smart and strong, I’m still sososososo proud of you and I love you more than you can imagine. Always in my heart, your’s sincerely 

lcuigi where have you been my whole life?? you’re so beautiful and smart and gorgeous and honestly I hope that I’ll be able to say we’re friends in the future I truly hope this doesn’t fade 

transtomlinson I love you bitch, and I aint gonna stop loving you. Bitch. 

richdadzayn honestly u inspire me and I hope when your buried it’s with every wig you’ve ever snatched clutched in you’re cold dead hands. Witnessing you’re slayage has been truly an honor. kill em all. 

zarriamofficial drag me again tbh, drag me 2 hell

drakesdaddykink one time you called me out for shading and it’s the first and only time someone has called me out for it lmao but it’s cool you handled it so maturely and kept it 100% and that encompasses our whole relationship tbh I fuck with you hardcore Ian 

yaserdaddy u stay loyal and I love that, when I get rich guess who’s mortgage getting paid? I love you tbh stay 100% 

palemixedkid sweet child of mine, I’m sorry I drag you all the time, please stop calling me bougie, stay in school, see you next week. luv u :^)

justheretosundial I love u and I miss u; and remember, we’ll be going to college together one day

shoe-and-star-gazer I believe in you

Second of all:

thanks y’all for not dragging for filth, sorry I’m an asshole, I only care about Liam in that whole shit band, ziam is real, I’m an x-men, zarriam squad, Fall Out Boy 2k-forever, I love Drake. 

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Anyways, thanks again y’all. Love you.