the writers for The Fosters
  • <p> <b>Writer #1:</b> bi-racial lesbian parents, that's great<p/><b>Writer #2:</b> oh, and a pre-teen boy exploring his sexuality and then coming out as gay<p/><b>Writer #3:</b> trans boys played by actual trans actors who are actually relevant to the story and not just there for the sake of having trans characters<p/><b>Writer #4:</b> :/ idk maybe we should add heterosexual incest<p/></p>
  • Me : so... what do you think about fanfictions? I mean do you like it?
  • Friend : omg this is so weird I don't understand why people read this... but what about you?
  • Me : er... you're so right! Who reads this anyway?
  • My brain : are you serious? I though we were friends