“LET BRAKKEBYGRENDA STAY IN ST. HALVARDSGT. 27 Brakkebygrenda is the collective wich has stayed in st. Halvardsgt 27 for 11 years. The place was first squated in 1999. The inhabitants were thrown out in 2008, but came back in 2010 hand have been living there ever since. In Brakkebygrenda we live in small units: campingwagons, cars, busses, baracs, a boat and a tree hut. Our goal is to live with as small consumption as possible. We keep our water and electricity consumption at a minimumand we have a small garden where we grow some of our own food. We arrange folkcitchen at wednsdays with food for donation and we arrange conserts with bands, that are usually not allowed to play on the mainstream conserthalls in Oslo.

The 30th of October Plan og bygningsetaten (the govermental institution organizing city planning) sent a letter to the owner of the erea, ordering the owner to clean the place before the 15th of January. The letter is based on the buildinglaw §28.5 wich is saying that the owner of a ground should keep it cleen at all times. In this letter the plan og bygg is stating that we are visually disturbing for the neighborhood. The law specifically states that this is an individual judgment and that the goverment does not have to follow up such cases if it is not necessary. When this letter was known to the public, over a hundred neighbors sent letters to plan og bygg, with their support to Brakkebygrenda, the local politicians have outed their support of the project and we have more than 2000 likes on facebook. This proves that our project is not visually disturbing for the neighborhood, and that it is not necessary to follow up this case. The owner does not want to throw us out, because she has no plans for the erea.

Oslo should be a city with space for alternative living. Gamlebyen has always been a part of town where there is space for people who can not afford or do not wish to be part of the normativ housingpolitics. Oslo need to make space for at least some diversity.

Therefore: Let Brakkebygrenda stay in st. Halvardsgt 27. The process startet by Plan- og bygningsetaten is undemocratic and is decided on vague ground, therefor it has to be stopped. If it anyway comes to an eviction the kommuna has to provide Brakkebygrenda with a new fitting place to develop the project.”

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