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Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know - Part 6

Title: Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know - Part 6

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: An encounter with another survivor triggers Negan.

Warnings: SFW, lotsa cursing because duh, Negan

Note: And here it is! No smut, just plot. I was planning to post this tomorrow since it’s past midnight here but I don’t think I can sleep knowing that y’all are waiting for an update lol. Will also be editing and fixing my masterlist tomorrow in case you’re all wondering why it’s not updated. Enjoy! xoxo

DDHTK Masterlist

“What?” you asked in surprise.

Negan rolled his eyes and stepped on the brake, slowing down the vehicle until it lurched to a stop. “I said I’m not fucking bringing you back to Alexandria today.” He grumbled.

You grimaced and stared at him, your confused expression never leaving your face. “What?” you reiterated.

Negan groaned, rubbing his chin before reaching for his red scarf that was left at the backseat. Turning to you, he handed it and asked you to wear it around your eyes. You made a face at him and shook your head.

“I’m not wearing that. Why the fuck do I even need to wear that? And I thought we were going to look for the shit you wanted? Where the fuck are you fucking taking me?” you asked in a single breath, making Negan chortle at the way you were blabbering things.

“You’re starting to sound like me and I fucking love it.” He said with amusement.

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If Hawk Moth was really Adrien’s dad... like just imagane

One day Adrien is having a super bad day, like he misses an important test because of a photoshoot, and gets in trouble for not having his head in it, and then gets into his first big fight with Nino, for like the first time ever.  

And he just reaches his breaking point.  He runs out of school, he needs to be somewhere where no one will see him cry, because he needs to keep up an image for his father.  Plagg isn’t with him (probably still in his locker or something) to protect him.

So Adrien brakes down in a closet somewhere, blinded by his hot tears, feeling his chest, neck, and head on fire, but the rest of his body hopelessly numb.  His knees are too weak, and he’s just a crumpled heap on the floor, trying to quiet his sobs so that nobody finds him. 

Now, Hawk Moth’s window opens…  He can sense the despair and pain, he feeds off of it, he waits for his next victim to be revealed.  And it’s Adrien. 

his son

He’s taken aback… why was Adrien sobbing in a closet? How ridiculous to ask a question he already knew the answer to.  Because he’s Hawk Moth.  He knows exactly what caused Adrien to break down. And it was him. 

How did he not see he was tearing his own son apart?

How did he not see how neglectful he had been?

How had he not cared?

Hawk Moth bows his head, there’s a part of him that’s deeply ashamed… not sure if it was for him or his son…  But he decides to not Akumatize him.

When Adrien gets home from school, he isn’t met by an empty house, or even Natalie.  Gabriel Agreste is there.  Waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

Of course, Adrien would be on guard, thinking he was probably in trouble.  But then his father would ask, slightly awkwardly, in a tone Adrien isn’t used to, “How was your day?”

Adrien won’t respond… he’ll be stunned.  Could his father actually be interested in how Adrien’s day went?

After a pause, Gabriel would clear his throat softly, and say, “We… haven’t talked in a while.  I cancelled my appointments for today… I’m here to listen…”

And Adrien’s would try to hold back the sobs that started to build up again in the back of his throat, and his hands would shake slightly.  Mr. Agreste would hesitate for a while before slowly approaching his son and pulling him into an awkward hug.

And that would be all it takes to send Adrien back into a sobbing fit, and he’d cling on to his father for the first time in a long time.

But there’d be a single dark thought in the back of Gabriel’s head… how easy it would be to use his son… a perfectly trained and obedient soldier… that could get him the miraculouses so easily…

And just ughhhhhnnn…. I think about this a lot…

Choked Out
The Mountain Goats
Choked Out

No brakes down, an endless dark incline
Most of the boys won’t ever cross this line
If they all wanna die dead broke, that’s fine, that’s fine
Everybody’s got their limits, nobody’s found mine

from Beat the Champ (2015)

I know I posted the live version of this very recently, but yesterday they released this studio version and goddamn.

You can’t spell challenge without change

Summary: Dan coming out on youtube. Phil comforting him when he brakes down.

Word count: 1180

A/N: I would just like to say that I am not trans myself and therefor don’t know how it is to be trans. I just hope I didn’t offend anybody writing this. First phanfic on this blog, but hope for it to be more.


The loading sign for the YouTube page was almost full and soon the video named “We need to talk” started to play.

  “Hey, Internet,” the brown haired boy said with a salute and a smile. “Today I 

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Bad Luck

Words: 2,891

Relationship: Spencer Reid x Reader


Hi, can you please do a Spencer Reid x Reader imagine where reader and Spencer are on a date where Reid wants to propose to the reader but everything seems to go wrong for Spencer, like the car brakes down in the rain, their table at a restaurant was given away to someone else, and just all kinds of unlucky stuff. Yet at the end of it all Reid manages to pop the question and apologizes about their night but reader just smiles and tells him she had a blast and that she would love to marry him.

A/N: So, I may have gotten a little carried away with this idea. I just loved it so much and I squealed when I read it. 

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