brake the glass

Soda imagine: Him or Me

Imagine: Your boyfriend Soda gets jealous of Dally hitting on you.

You were at the Curtis’ sitting on the couch next to you was your boyfriend Soda. You absolutely adored him and he was the best. Suddenly, he stood up and asked “want a Pepsi from the fridge?” “Sure,” you said. “Get on for me too,” as familiar voice called from the doorway. You turned to see Dallas Winston. That was the only part of the Curtis house you hated. “Hey baby,” Dallas said scooting real close to you on the couch. “Uh, hi Dal,” you said you wanted to spit nasty words right in his face but he was Soda’s buddy. “How about a kiss for your ol’ pal Dal,” he said scooting closer in. You heard the sound of glass braking on the floor. “What the hell,” though Soda gave out the warning it didn’t stop Dallas. “Get off her,” Soda said and started to punch Dally. But he wasn’t a quitter; he fought Soda right back. The screen door slammed open. Standing there was the tall figure of Darrel Curtis. “Dallas Winston get the hell out of my house,” his voice boomed over the house as it suddenly got quiet. “Alright,” Dallas stumbled up, “I know when I’m not wanted.” He turned to you, “Later babe.” “She ain’t your babe,” Soda said but it was no use because Dal was already starting the engine on his car.

Three hours Later

The broken bottle was cleaned up and Darry has went off to bed. You and Soda say staring blankly on the couch. “I’m real sorry,” Sodapop began. “Save it,” you replied, “It’s too late to be arguing. Come here so we can get some rest.” He came closer to you scooping you up and placing you in the bed. Pony had spent the night at Two’s, so you had the bed to yourselves. “I love you,” he spoke from the silence. “I love you, too,” you said right before you feel into a deep sleep.