brak and zorak like cartoons show

I did a shit post about zorak and brak in 2016-2017 cartoon network. (mostly Zorak)

Zorak: -walks into cartoon network- UGH MY EYES! IT’S SO BRIGHT!!

Brak: I like it ;D

Zorak: you would like it

Bubbles: hello

Zorak: oh hey it’s Bubbles, I sorta liked your show

Bubble: Oh no!! im 2016 Bubbles

Zorak: what?

Bubbles: SELFIE!! -Takes pictyures next to Zorak- DUCK FACE-

Zorak: Get the fuck away from me

Bubbles: you can’t curse this isn’t adult swim. come on Zorak twerk with me Zorak: Im going back to adult swim>


Zorak: -leaves and never comes back- Im fucking done. -talking to himself as he walks into adult swim- Im fucking done -opens the adult swim door- What is this?

Rick: Oh look it’s a giant grasshopper morty

Morty: um rick.. um he’s Zorak from space ghost

Rick: did I ask for your opinion Morty.

Zorak: -eyes light up on how much chaos is in Adult swim- Now this is my place

Brak: -pulls Zorak back into cartoon network- Come on Buddy, you need to meet your new friends

Zorak: I don’t wanna meet those losers

beast boy: HELLO!!

Zorak: ya nope! -turns around-

Starfire: Friend! a new friend!

Zorak: get away from me!

Starfire: this new friend isn’t very nice

Raven: he’s alright to me


Zorak: -growls and walks away-

Steven: It’s ok to be new -following zorak around- Im steven, im part of the crystal gems

Zorak: Im Zorak and im part of the shut the fuck up club.. Care to join

Steven: I’d love to join -starie eyes-

Zorak: geez you’re a weirdo kid.

Steven: Want me to show you around

Zorak: I can manage on my own

Steven: it’s ok, you don’t have to be afraid to ask for help. I’ll show you around anyways.

Zorak: -growling-

Garnet: Hi Steven who’s your new friend

Steven: he’s Zorak… he just invited me to his Shut the fuck up club

Garnet: Hey! -points to Zorak- Don’t curse around Steven! you hear me -grabing Zorak by his shirt-

Zorak: geez, lady calm down. I was only joking

Amethyst and Pearl: GARNET IS THEIR A PROBLEM?!

Garnet: he’s teaching Steven human curse words

Pearl: -pulls out her spear- AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

-chases zorak with her spear-

Zorak: fuck!


Zorak: -smashes into bumblebee-

bumblebee: whoa slow down, Pearl.

Pearl: he cursed in front of Steven

bumlebee: no need to hurt the guy over that. we can handle it from here

Zorak: oh wow thank you, the giant robot is gonna save me -walks off-

Springload: Take me to Doradus


Bumblebee: Springload how did you get out of your stasis pod

Springload: um.. -hops off-

Kai: Oh hey, a new guy sup Im kai

Zorak: oh wow.. lego world

Kai: hey you don’t need to be rude

Jay: Ya! you grasshopper

(ya I’d imagine, all the characters in their own little world together, they’re greeting any new reboots (even though zorak and brak aren’t in any reoboots xD, also I’d take that zorak wouldn’t  like anybody in cartoon network, not even the characters from the really good shows like SU)