I can’t get over how much I love Hau? He’s such a great character? No matter the outcome of your battles, he always tells you how great you are, how glad he is to know you, how much fun he has with you - all with a big smile. He’s so precious. I’ve adopted him. He’s my son now.

So I did a meme, where it was originally Top 10 but over time I expanded it and expanded it to the point where it now sits at Top 50. 

Please understand that this meme is personal taste and is not made with purpose to start arguments. 

Anyway in case you’re wondering who some of these characters are, I’ll list them in order from 50 to 1. 

Duplica; Pike Queen Lucy; Tyra; Acerola; Iris’s Emolga; Lusamine; Blissey (episode 129); Bianca; Ursula; Latias; Roxanne; Jeanette Fisher; Burgundy; Prima; Winona; Alexa; Lana; Mallow; Korrina; Flannery; Whitney; Erika; Lillie; Valerie; Emma; Ramona; Courtney; Nurse Joy; Officer Jenny; Diane; Ash’s Snivy; Sabrina; Zinnia; Caroline; Zoey; Professor Juniper; Shauna; Liza; Delia; Serena’s Sylveon; Iris; Dawn; May’s Skitty; Serena’s Braixen; Bonnie; Jesse; Casey; Serena; May; Misty