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I want to like Serena but the writers make most of her character about Ash and it's really really old and tiring. It'd be so much cooler if Serena was also trying to learn how to be brave from Ash the same way Clemont is and Serena spends her time finding the courage to pursue her own dreams. A great running gag would be if somehow random Rhyhorn kept noticing Serena and running to be her friend while knocking Ash over every time.

Well it’s a theme with XY where Ash’s companions use him as a springboard for their growth, Clemont was inspired by Ash to better himself and Serena got advice from Ash to find a dream worth striving towards, so I dont think Serena’s relationship with Ash has been completley worthless. And she’s been distancing herself from Ash (narrative wise) latley and focusing on her own shit, like the Braixen episode where it was about Performing, Ellie, her relationship with her Pokemon and not about Ash at all. Serena has already learned “how to be brave” so she doesnt really need that from Ash anymore specifically I guess?

Also that would be a great running gag


You can download Braixen Sai file here: link :)  Some people asked me if I could upload one, so here it is! I’m also writing a new watercolor tutorial but I didn’t manage to finish it and I won’t be at home for a week… I’ll post it when I come back.