It’s gonna be a night to remember! Explorers, Hunters and Researchers all together, sharing food, stories, opinions and why not, even jokes! And the next morning, all peeps back to work with a smile on their faces! Guild life it’s not just secret treasures and hidden dungeons!

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Finally some activity on PMDU. Now stay tuned because some more things will come up for my three teams! 

This giveaway is based loosely on one of my favorite anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion! 

Mari the Absol:

Lv. 39, F

Nature: Adamant

Ability: Pressure

Moves: Thief, Strength, Rock Smash, False Swipe (Sorry I dumped all those HMs on this bab!)

Code: Unit 08

Asuka the Braixen:

Lv. 29, F

Nature: Bold

Ability: Blaze

Moves: Fire Spin, Ember, Psybeam, Flame Charge

Code: Unit 02

Rei the Gardevoir:

Lv. 74, F

Nature: Jolly

Ability: Trace

Moves: Moonblast, Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Draining Kiss

Code: Unit 00

To get one of these lovely ladies, please deposit a poochyena with the code given. If you don’t have a poochyena, you may deposit something else but please message me telling me what you deposited along with your IGN.

You may have all three, but only one of each per customer. Take a picture of your new pokes and tag me, and I’ll add you to the ‘new homes’ tag on my blog. I love seeing where they end up! :)

Side note: Rei is my own pokemon that I use in battle. I can’t promise it has the best stats, but it does a well enough job for me :) I really don’t want this pokemon distributed by others, so if you plan on giving it away please do not ask for one.

This giveaway begins now and will run for a while/until I don’t feel like trading anymore! Good luck and happy trading :)

Also, don’t forget to VOTE for Legendary Sunday!