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NEW UPDATES (5th July):

  • One of the three men had been featured in a documentary on radical Muslims
  • One of them tried to brainwash local children to convert to Islam
  • Locals reported him to police after he had spoken to their children and offered them treats and gifts, police IGNORED complaints
  • SEVEN people killed, three terrorists shot dead
  • 48 people hospitalized with injuries
  • Already TWELVE suspects arrested
  • Two incidents; London bridge and nearby Borough market
  • Van drove into pedestrians, men exited vehicle to stab people
  • Suspects wore bomb vests, allegedly fake
  • BBC witness: “Shouting ‘This is for Allah’”

I don’t care if I offend anyone with my atheism, but this makes a pretty good point, even though the list could be much, much longer.

While I am waiting for official chapter release to write my actual chapter thoughts, there is something that breaks me harder and harder as I keep re-reading the chapter so this is something like an opening post, let’s say.

Let’s remember what Marley promised to families who are willing to give their children as Warrior candidates.

Chapter 86.

And then we learn how much our little Reiner put effort to be an honorary Marleyan to live with his mother and father as a family which shatters my heart in so many pieces. 

Then in the chapter, we witness all of Warriors are returning to Liberio with no exception.

Chapter 94.

Even shifters like Zeke, Pieck, Mr. Poko Galliard and Reiner who were promised to live like honorary Marleyans as free citizens with their families are returning to Liberio and keep living within the walls they all were born behind.

So everything Marley promised was all a lie to trick the poor Eldian families to built a brainwashed Eldian army.

So these poor children ripped their asses to pass to be a shifter is… For nothing but keep being Marley’s pawn.

So the term douchebag is not enough to describe Marley. 

In days like this… I miss Zackley.

I have been a babysitter in a Christian community for over ten years now. Before I say what I’m about to, just know that I love all the families I babysit for and have nothing against Christianity. I actually have my BA in Religion, so I totally understand the pitfalls and high points. 

Over the years, I have seen some pretty terrible things that parents tell their children to protect them from the outside world. I get that parents should do that, but when you start hurting your child’s emotional state because you think your religion says that these things are wrong, something needs to be said. 

There’s this little girl who loves to draw and talk about horses. As an artist, I would always teach her to draw horses when I came by and that would be our thing. With the new Pokemon Go game becoming so popular, I didn’t think anything of it when she asked to see my horse Pokemon. Her mother ripped my phone from that little girl’s hands so fast I thought I was about to have a broken phone. She told me that her daughter cannot play that game because it has monsters and monsters are Satanic. 

Another family who have four kids, three girls and a boy, are a little more relaxed than the previous family. However, I noticed that the oldest girl acts very different, like she’s uncomfortable when I say her name. She told me that she wants to be called Edward, so I started calling her by the name she wanted. She likes to play as Ken, the Prince, the Dad. Her younger siblings started calling her Edward too and she became so happy and relaxed. When the parents came home, everyone was told to stop calling her that. 

This last family, also has four kiddos who greet me with smiling faces and big hugs every time. The problem is that this family is much like the first. They tell their kids certain things are demonic, and these kids are ages 4-10. I’ve been gasped at for things like saying I do yoga, drawing a peace sign, or letting the four year old boy play barbies with us. 

I see first hand what this kind of brainwashing does to children. Yes, brainwashing. Kids don’t have a sense of gender until you teach it. They don’t have a sense of “evil” or “demons” until you teach it. That first girl refuses to draw horses now, afraid that she will get in trouble if she gives it a fire mane and tail. Edward is going to hide how she really feels from her parents which will eventually tear that bond. And the last four kids will be confused as they grow up and see that these things are not demonic and have nothing to do with right or wrong. 

This isn’t fair and I can’t do anything about it.

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Why do you hate nomaps so much?

Why do I hate non-offending pedophiles? 

When I lived with my uncle, aunt, three cousins, and my grandparents, I was forced to go to church by my uncle. The church, as you can imagine, was insanely corrupt. The preacher’s son was I believe 16, or 18, regardless, I believe I was 7 at the time (definitely under 10, because after that, I moved out of my uncle’s). My uncle had the son come do some work at the house, and at some point, he had pulled me in the bathroom and asked what I would do if he pulled down my pants. I left the situation easily, but after some years, when remembering the church and the family, my younger cousin said he had touched her before.

I’ve been passed back and forth between my mother and my grandparents all my life through custody shifts. When I was 9, the man my mother married was a non-offending pedophile. He had married my mother to get close to me, and because a parent couple looks better in a custody battle, I was given back to my mother, and around this man 24/7. He never touched me, but he was always near me, looking at me. Just his presence caused me immense fear and discomfort. 

The boyfriend after she divorced him, was a pedophile. Again, non-offending. He previously had dated another woman, that also had young daughters. He never touched me, at least that I can remember. I was living with my mother and this boyfriend, she still had custody of me. My uncle got close with this guy, to protect me since I wasn’t with my real family. My uncle found out that this man and my mother (who would do anything to keep her man) were planning to take me, and sneak off to another city, and most likely sell me. My uncle slashed the tires the night before, so we weren’t able to leave. My last memory of this man, I was deathly sick, and stayed home from school and was sleeping in the living room and watching movies. My grandparents had come to pick me up, and apparently while I was essentially passed out from my fever, he was in his underwear, under the blanket with me. He showed up a few years later, at my new apartments. He had been following me.

My father was in prison my entire life, and my only way to talk to him until I was well into my teens, was through phone calls, and letters. His cell mate, who was in on an unrelated charge (probably armed robbery or something related, whatever it was, it wasn’t related to children or my father would have killed him), had seen my school photos we sent him, and got my address. When he was released, this man showed up at my house. Because of this man, I lost all contact with my dad for several years for my protection.

My mother’s most recent boyfriend, his brother has known me since I was 14/15. I’m the same age as his own daughters. He was over last winter, drunk as a skunk, and made a move on me (I was 17, so nowhere near the level of the first two men) and only because he thought I was 18, so that just reinforces that you people aren’t doing it for kids, you’re just afraid of being charged/prison.

And these are only the pedophiles I’ve encountered that haven’t actually touched someone, at least that I’m aware of. There are plenty more, that have had contact, that have caused severe problems in my family.

This whole idea that pedophiles can interact with children, as long as they don’t actually molest a child, that they’re okay, it’s ridiculous. Children know what you are, we know the way you look at us. Physically touching us or not, you terrify children, put us on edge, make us uncomfortable, we know.

Just because you don’t make the horrible step of actually touching a child, does not mean you don’t cause any harm. Especially since pedophiles on this site have such a flimsy idea of non-offending. You can’t agree on it. You consume sim cp(or if they don’t, they think that it’s not actually cp…when it is), express your desires about children you’ve seen in real life on your blogs, refuse to get therapy, and completely brainwash children in to believing you aren’t harmful or that children are pedophiles because they have completely normal attractions to other minors.

You can cause harm without it being physical.

There’s no such thing as a non-offending pedophile. 

The biggest lie.

You might have to bear with me a second here. Not a lot of people want to hear this. Especially Mums.. especially people who don’t want to admit it to themselves. Take a deep breath and try to listen. 

Not all mothers love their children. 

There, I said it. Was it so bad? The idea that mothers are saints, that deserve their place on a pedestal, is the biggest lie there is. 

Not all mother love their children.

People tend to believe the extremes. We see stories on the news all the time of how, a mother physically abused her own child. We mostly hear about those who die. We don’t hear it too often and we are so thankful for that. 

It’s not black and white. 

We aren’t talking about a “mentally ill” few, like mental illness makes people aggressive or damaging or abusive and, we can just write those mothers off as mentally ill and, the rest are just wonderful. Mentally ill people generally aren’t that dangerous. Mental illness isn’t to blame here. What is to blame is mothers who don’t love their children, and just how much anger and resentment they think they can take out on their own child. 

There aren’t just good and loving mothers and the newsworthy murderous kind. There are so so many shades in between. 

Unloving mothers come in many shapes and forms.

There are mothers who deny their child’s physical or sexual abuse by a partner in order to keep the partner. 

There are mothers who beat their child, just enough, that the child accepts it as just and fair because, oh how many times has their mother told them they are to blame and they deserve it. 

There are mothers who, just ignore their child’s emotional needs and give them as much love and warmth as a robot whilst meeting all their basic needs like food and shelter.  

There are mothers who enmesh themselves so desperately close to their child that the child does not know where their mother ends and they begin. 

There are mothers who despise their own children. Who are jealous and vindictive and competitive. 

There are mothers who are cruel and manipulative and brainwash their own children into accepting it because, they enjoy inflicting that pain and it helps them to hide their real self from the rest of the world. 

There are mothers who embody some of these things or all of these things, at different stages or even at different times of the day.  

There are mothers whose cruelty, neglect and lack of empathy drive their own children to suicide. 

Don’t think I am talking about you as a mother… unless you see yourself here. Don’t think I am attacking your mother, or your friends mother or all the mothers you know. Just acknowledge it. Accept it. Understand that it is real and that SO MANY CHILDREN, So many adult children have had to save themselves from this. Have had to walk away from this to preserve the shreds of their own sanity. To become better and wiser and whole people.

Some mothers do not love their children and some of those children know it. 

Don’t you dare tell those children they must forgive, they must forget, they only get one mother, their mother may die soon etc etc etc. 

Don’t you dare tell those children that. you know their mother better. That growing up with her was not enough. That their experience cannot be true because it does not conform to yours. 

You tell them, to be happy and wish them the best. Because they need and deserve it. 



Me: *wondering why people hate tumblr so much*


me: ah yes… them

If anyone wishes to defend themselves on this I’d be more than happy to argue, and remember that blocking me only proves that you can’t take criticism

why yoda ruined obi wan’s life

yoda exploited obi wan’s relatively young age and lack of experience to transform him into the perfect tool to control anakin through him and repeatedly forced him into situations where he had to ignore his judgement and his emotional attachment to anakin in favour of following the council line. 

(SIDE NOTE: i guess it’s also possible to stretch this to argue that yoda was responsible for the psychological fuckery of all the jedi by continuing to enforce the system of selecting force sensitives at a young age and brainwashing vulnerable children to believe an extreme ideology… well anakin was too old and world wise and intelligent to fall for your tricks.. anakin was RIGHT you crusty FUCK and you destroyed him for it)

the association of emotion with guilt is the psychological force which drives the entire prequel trilogy and it’s fucking YODA who enforces it with his blindness to the flaws of the extreme traditionalist philosophy which he enforces. obi wan must have had a pretty big complex over the love he felt for anakin and the desire to help and protect and comfort him and the shame he had about feeling any of these things because ‘good jedi’ are emotionless and unbiased. if obi wan had been able to emotionally support anakin it’s possible that his downfall could have been prevented but in a really solid example of jedi repression breaking down under intense pressure he only admits that he loved anakin after it was already too late. 

yoda is responsible for the ideology which drives anakin’s fall to the dark side and he leaves obi wan with the GUILT of this downfall by using him as a council tool to keep anakin in line. and instead of helping obi wan or helping the resistance to clean up his mistake yoda just fucks off to a swamp 

fuck it’s even possible that obi wan thought that his love for anakin was evidence that he was a bad jedi who was in turn a bad master to anakin which made him responsible for Anakin’s fall. 

imaine how terrible obi wan must have felt. for how long and how bitterly he felt the weight of the past. his happiness and potential for good wasted and half of his life spent in solitude and suffering AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT YOU WRINKLY GREEN BALLSACK

  • communists: heres political ideology, heres pros and cons, here's basic mathematics that prove capitalism is unsustainable
  • neoliberal fuck: uhm we don't talk bad about capitalism in this class, sweaty. we're only fair and balanced here, thats why communism isn't allowed. (8
  • neoliberal fuck: also the communists are brainwashing our children with their basic mathematics and facts that never get heard because here in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA we don't allow any of that.