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Today on Roscoe’s old headcanons: Gee and Lola

So one headcanon (that I still have) is that if BL/Ind ever got party long enough to erase their memories of the desert + the rest of the four, they would make Party in charge of a children’s show like sesame street.

Why would they do this?
1) to show off the fact they have Party 
2) to slowly break the others as Party informs kids about the “horrible killjoys” that live in the desert
3) to brainwash kids for a young age

Gee and Lola would teach kids:
-how to take medicine
-the dangers of the desert
-how to act in public

It would also create the idea that music is a children’s thing and once you are older no longer acceptable.

Bonus Gee’s fun time band:

Gee said the designs came to them in a dream but they feel like they’ve seen these characters before…

I had the unfortunate conversation with my 7 yo today about how FAT people are no less than anyone else. About how strength doesn’t just come with lean and muscular bodies. How compassion, intelligence, friendship, respect, honesty, truth, fun, passion and determination don’t come by how tall/skinny/short/muscular you are.

I am determined to kibosh this brainwashing in my kids that having extra fat on your body makes you less of a person.

No more fat shaming myself. No more making myself feel like I’m not worth anything unless I’m smaller.

Feminism brainwashing 'queer kids' with misinformation

a comment by lgbtq 16 year old had this to say in the comments:

Speaking as a “queer kid” (okay, I’m 16 now so not really a kid anymore, but I came out as gay at 12), this is toxic horseshit. Growing up gay, it can be hard to find resources and support, especially while still in the closet. For me and many other gay adolescents, the internet can be a wonderful place to do research and anonymously receive support from others. Sadly, however, most of these resources contain feminist propaganda such as this and are why I considered myself a feminist for quite awhile. These regressive assholes need to stop trying to indoctrinate gay kids into their little cult. It’s pathetic.

screenshot below

Hey feminists; leave other people’s children the fucking hell alone.

JK Rowling saying that Hermione could be black is almost exactly the same as her verifying that Dumbledore is gay after she wrote the series where it literally mentioned nothing about his sexuality. representation that readers have to derive themselves or that is vaguely implied is not representation, especially in children’s literature where kids are brainwashed into believing that white heteronorm is always the default unless otherwise specified. stop giving her brownie points lol

I hate antis who are now pretending to be some sort of fandom parent blaming the emotional fallout of season four on adults who believe in TJLC. Saying we brainwashed young kids into believing. What a load of shit. We all just shared one particular reading of the show, no one was recruiting out here. Like go back to your musty ass caves and leave us alone.


“I have brainwashed her enough NOT to like dolls so yay. ”

These are just a few of the hundreds of comments I’ve seen on a “Tree Change Doll” post from Facebook, in which parents talk about the certain “messages” Bratz are sending to their kid, like how to use men and their vagina’s to “rule the world”. One mom even proudly posts that she had brainwashed her kid into staying away from dolls, strollers and toy shopping carts. Then she claims it’s innocence. People like this are hypocrites. They are still body policing. They are saying females have to look a certain way to get respect and they measure a woman’s self worth by their hemline. This is a doorway that leads to the whole idea of “If you get treated badly, look at what you’re wearing. You may have asked for it.” and we already have enough judgemental little assholes running around, why would you want to raise more?

In my opinion, I believe if your child comes up to you with a Bratz doll and says “Mommy I want to look exactly like this, can I get lip injections?” YOU have failed your daughter. Not the toy company. I have never met/seen a 7 year old who opened up a box of clothes and said “Oh thanks mum and dad! Thank you for this lovely turtleneck sweater.” I mean, they may put on a front, but in their head they’re most likely thinking “ha-ha ok joke’s over where’s the toys?” Some of the prettiest girls I know today used to run around barefoot with chocolate all over their face and shirt, their hair and legs messy and guess what? They had baby dolls, Barbies, Bratz, Polly Pockets with the rubber clothing. They had the fake plastic silver jewelery with the big plastic heart shaped diamond inside of the rings. They had glitter lip balm, they listened to Britney Spears, and you’d still see them outside, dirty, with popsicle juice all over their face and hands. Running around with dirty feet. I was one of these kids. So I’m not sure what kind of parent you are or what you’re doing to your child when they have a mental break down at age 7 and is so concerned about their looks that you feel the need to go on Facebook and take it out on the Bratz.

Wiping a doll’s face off isn’t going to do anything but teach girls there’s a certain way they need to look in order for them to be treated as a basic human being, and that is pretty poor parenting. Just saying.


I don’t talk politically on my blog for many reasons but today really made me mad.
My little sister is in the third grade with a teacher that is fresh out of college. My sister comes home today with a comment in her planner from her teacher that says “you need to use ‘I disagree with…’ instead of just ‘Donald trumpin’ it” and she also said this to her with other kids around.

First off, “Donald trumpin’” isn’t even grammatically correct. It’s not even a thing. If anyone is “Donald trumpin” it’s Donald Trump himself.
Second off, this is elementary school. This is where kids are pure and don’t have political views (or they shouldn’t, because brainwashing kids into your beliefs is ludicrous) and they won’t until they are in maybe 8th grade or even high school. A teacher, a professional, used her political views in a classroom. Teachers aren’t supposed to be talking politics in classrooms, ESPECIALLY ELEMENTARY CLASSROOMS. High school and college classrooms are one thing, but an elementary school classroom? Did I mention she’s fresh out of college and it’s her first year? Yeah that doesn’t look good.
Finally, she disrespected my sister by doing that. She’s in third grade and yeah she has a loud mouth and is opinionated but it’s on stuff like books and minecraft. It made her visibly upset and someone’s gonna have to speak to my stepmom. Mama bear is coming for you.

Moral of the story: Keep your god damn political views away from children, especially elementary school.

P.s. if you feel like attacking me with your opinion then don’t, just unfollow. I’m done with this political bullshit.

lesbianrukiakuchiki replied to your post “crossroadsandkeys replied to your post “BY THE WAY, a few weeks ago…”

Counterpoint: it’s not really accurate to say that shinigami dont believe in the idea of ancestors when the seireitei are huge believers in the sacredness of nobility and being born into “divine right”. izuru being the last of his lineage may have been raised to idealize his parents purely because seireitei encourages brainwashing its kids into believing in the cultural hierarchy

absolutely true

I just meant that it’s not an overarching belief of ALL shinigami. It’s not automatic.

And while lots of shinigami would eventually feel the pressure of their origin (like, coming from inuzuri for example~) because the seiretei fucking sucks, that doesn’t mean they believe in the concept of an ancestor or blood lineage, even though they feel the pressure of it.

There are adults out there that still believe in adult privilege, not all of us are brainwashed. There are kids out there wondering about how this system works and if their concerns are valid – while being gaslighted into believing they are too young to understand anything. The universal belief that adults should be treated with more respect than children, is a choice, not a part of “growing up”. I also believe adult opinions should not be the main voice for this movement because that would only devalue the point. Kids should feel free to be leaders and express their opinions without the fear of being dismissed because of their age.

Who is behind ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’?

So I don’t exactly have a theory of my own for the whole Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared series, I have seen many theories and my brain is a whole mishmash of all these smart philosophical people’s ideas and stuff like that.

One thing I believe however is that Roy, the yellow guy (sometimes known as Manny)’s father is behind all of it.

Since his first appearance in Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 2: Time, ‘Roy’ has somehow always made an appearance in each of the episodes in the series. Here he is seen wearing one of the ‘brainwashing helmets’ as I like to call them, and the pan on the yellow guy’s head with jewels decorated to look like the one that Roy is wearing. This can be seen as Roy is somehow influences the yellow guy, linking back to the brainwashing, which I think is what the whole message of the series is about: kids being brainwashed through children’s media.

Here is a screenshot from the Kick-starter video released between 2 & 3. In this video there is a scene at the beginning where they have all been kidnapped and are confused as to where they are-well, all except the yellow guy who says ‘Why are we in my dad’s house?’. His question is quickly dismissed by the red guy (aka Harry) who says ‘I don’t think this is your dad’s house.’ and the subject is ended there and spoken of no further.

For the rest of the series, Roy makes no prominent appearances. He is, however, always there. Hidden almost. Watching. Here in Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 3 Roy is seen to appear for a moment just after Malcolm, the King, appears…

…and here, along with appearances from past ‘friends’ like the notepad and the clock. Just like I said, always watching.

And this is where I first noticed something strange. The credits. From the 3rd episode if you look at the credits right at the end, Roy is the last name to be mentioned. The only ‘puppet’ or character to be mentioned in the credits. At first I thought it was just like a sort of jokey thing, something DHMIS funny.

Okay, take a look here. When things start to go bad for the red guy in Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 4, look who appears in the corner. There, in the back, at the right. Roy. R O Y. Okay so I’m guessing you’re also starting to see some sort of weird trend here too right? Or maybe it’s just me. Anyway he always seems to appear when things go wrong. Interesting…

And there he is again. Roy’s name right at the end of the credits. Credits. That means he had something to do with it. He has something to do with this.

And now, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 5 comes out. I watched this the day it came out and I found it, well…unnerving. Especially the fact that one of the trio is missing and another ends up gone at the end of the episode. Anyway as I watched this and read through the comments, someone said that they could see Roy at one point and I kept pausing and playing until I got to this really bad quality screenshot. Oh well. Anyway this is the point when the green duck guy says that he doesn’t want to do this any-more, knocking over the camera. Now, when the camera is knocked over you can see glimpses of little things, and one is where the set ends. And who is looking over the top, or should I say watching over? Roy. The fact that he is looking down from above could mean that he is higher up and the person in control. I don’t know, call me crazy.

And that’s when me and some friends, whilst freaking out over the meaning of the video on WhatsApp, stumbled across the possibility of Roy being the director. Being the main person in charge. In control. Brainwashing his own child. Brainwashing society’s children.

And there it is again, that sneaky ‘& Roy’ at the end of the credits. Hey maybe I’m wrong but that’s my theory. I hope you enjoyed. :)

Plus I’m really sorry its sooooo long I know.

Does no one find it weird that the bathtub incident with Charles and Alison resembles Jessica and Mary’s story?

Mary said she got the blame for it…
Isn’t it highly possible that Charles got the blame for it, too? Is history repeating itself?
WHERE exactly was Jason when this happened? He was suspiciously missing from Charlotte’s story. Like he didn’t exist.
Was it really Jason who hurt Alison? Or was it Jessica herself?

Why did Alison have a mysterious scar? How did she get the broken arm?
We have a scene where Jessica nearly chops off Alison’s finger with the piano…

Who gave Alison the bloody lip?

I always got the feeling that Alison was physically abused by someone.
Now if Charles hurt Alison in the past (prior to the bathtub incident), and he was sent away because he kept hurting Alison, then why was Alison obviously still being hurt after Charles was out of the picture?

We know how good Jessica was at brainwashing her kids. The scene with the yellow dresses proved this. She could have easily done the same to Charles…

Things to think about:
The A in the dollhouse had a thing for Aria’s pink hair, just like Jason.
The liars found pictures of a sleeping Aria in Jason’s shed. He said Alison took them, but Alison never confirmed that.
Someone took Aria’s file from the storm cellar… Jason was one of the people who were present when Mary brought that particular piece of information up…
Jason was hiding someone in the house… we still don’t know what that was about.
Jason, conveniently figured out what Apple Rose meant… He and Spencer found Alison’s anklet there…
Jason was the one who went through Alison’s things that Maya had given to him… He could have easily found the anklet and planted it there for Spencer to find.
Jason is the founder of the NAT club.

Alison to Spencer about Jason: “Your family has the worst apples.”

Is Jason the bad seed?