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I’m sad and there’s not enough hanahaki and Gabriel Reyes fanfiction out there. This is an idea I want to expand upon someday but right now this is the only thing that would come out from my fingers.

Talon team bonding over Amélie taking care of flowers, kind of (Amélie/Gérard and Reaper76 implied).

Widowmaker remembered Gerárd Lacroix coughing lily petals before he died. 

When she remembered how much she loved him, how much she would always love him, it was too late.

Amélie left lilies at Gerárd’s grave whenever she could.

When they, Talon, stole Gabriel Reyes’ corpse they found dead roses in his lungs.

Black, withered, dry.

The flower were thrown away and Amélie picked them up before they could notice. Before she herself could really notice what she was doing.


Years later, Amélie found herself watering a garden of blue roses, behind an abandoned house in Paris.

Sombra helped her from time to time, always suggesting to bring Gabe to admire how beautiful it looked.

Would he remember?

Would he care?


Reaper remembered feeling whole once upon a time.

Whenever he left blue roses, directly from Amélie’s garden, at Jack Morrison’s grave, he swore he felt like Gabriel again.

"What If" Headcanon time

You know what would absolutely break my heart? I know in the photo releases it looks like Matt and Shiro are fighting TOGETHER but what if they’re not?

Like what Matt has basically become the Winter Soldier to Shiro’s Steve Rogers? Matt obviously looks like he’s gained some sort of fighting skill so maybe the Galra for some reason trained him and brainwashed him and turned him into a mindless soldier to fight against the Paladins?

So maybe the first time Shiro sees Matt, he might call him by his name and Matt will turn and say “Who the hell is Matt?” and it would absolutely break my heart.

Oh and don’t think about that this would mean he wouldn’t remember Pidge.

I love Stephenie Meyer’s writing. It’s so realistic. Bella mentioning small, insignificant details about her life makes her speech so relatable. She mentions how drinking a glass of water that was on her bedside table all night tastes funny. When she wakes up at 5:30 in the morning she just groans, falls back and rolls over onto her face, and when she finally sits up after a bad night’s sleep her head spuns for a minute as the blood flows downward. When she argues with Edward she means to sweep dramatically out of the room, but naturally she catches the toe of her boot on the door jamb. Eating hot food just makes her tongue burn. When she wants to rescue Jacob from Sam’s bad influence she just mentions she once saw a PBS show on deprogramming the brainwashed. She only feels like herself again when she smells her shampoo while taking a shower. She is so real, and the way she tells us about her daily life in a world full of mythological creatures trying to kill her is so vivid. It’s not just that she is awkward and shy and therefore relatable to many young girls out there. The way she describes her own life is so explicit and genuine. I’ve never read a book that feels so personal. You will never convince me that Stephenie’s writing shouldn’t be praised.

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people acting like smart & pretty are mutually exclusive things messed with me a lot in middle school/early high school. i felt like i couldn't be smart if i looked pretty or cared about my appearance and it caused me to be very judgmental against other girls. I finally in my junior got over myself and since then have been embracing my femininity more and more, while still be very focused on my studies (currently pursuing a STEM degree!) but I still struggle with these two things and I hate it

It really can mess you up. I remember that commercial a little while back where the little girl was saying “this is your brain on glitter” and acting like enjoying glitter and girly things was making you stupid. Nothing short of brainwashing that makes girls feel shitty for the things that they enjoy. Doesn’t sound very feminist to me.

Instead of Ultear,

You know what would’ve been a decent–no, amazing–alternative to Ultear being revealed as the one behind Jellal’s brainwashing instead of Zeref? Brain.

Because unlike Ultear, Brain was not a villain who was going to be redeemed and he did not have a tragic backstory cushion to fall on. He is up there with Hades and Mard Geer when it comes to villainy, and literally has an even more evil personality that wants to blow up the world hiding inside him. Brain was already behind Ultear’s own path down to darkness, so I have no trouble at all believing that he’d happily run a slave tower full of children.

In fact, it would also fix a lot of problems with that slave tower and the Oracion Seis themselves. We know Brain was looking for kids who would grow up to be suitably strong wizards to use as keys for his Six Prayers body link spell to seal Zero with. A while ago, I made a post specifically detailing how badly Jellal fit into the Nirvana Arc. Putting Brain behind the brainwashing of Jellal fixes the following problems:

  • Why the slave tower was being run. While initially being used by Zeref cultists to resurrect him, I repeat, we know Brain was looking through the children in that tower to find keys for the body link spell. When Ultear gives the reasons behind the brainwashing, we’re given a vague and undefined “yeah we found a key to revive zeref by doing this” thing that very unsatisfactorily explains why she would waste an entire 10 years running a slave tower for no discernable reason and renting out a chunk of her magic to Jellal. Brain’s explanation is much more clear-cut and really, it’s all he needs.
  • The immensely bipolar and insane actions of Jellal while possessed; sometimes he’s cool and calculating and likes playing with his opponents, like Brain, and sometimes he’s a laughing lunatic who will blow up his hard-earned Tower of Heaven just to kill Natsu and Erza, like Zero. Let’s say that Brain was possessing Jellal in order to seal away Zero in another person while he was still looking for keys to do it properly. The calculating, chilling Jellal is Jellal when Brain is in control, and the insane Jellal is Jellal when Zero is in control.
  • Why Jellal didn’t blow up Brain when Brain tutored him in Destruction Circles. In-story, Destruction Circles are only used one time, which is for Jellal to blow up Nirvana and then himself, which both fail. They’re also hastily given an explanation in why Brain can undo them: because he’s the one who invented them and personally instructed Jellal in their use. However, this takes a different, retroactive turn when Ultear is revealed as the one in control. We know Brain spent weeks torturing her as a child, creating part of her tragic backstory. You would think that an Ultear-controlled Jellal would immediately recognize Brain and blow him to kingdome come in rage. With Brain being the one in control, this problem is not present.
  • How Brain knew where to find Jellal. Why, exactly, does Brain need Jellal to find Nirvana? Answer: he doesn’t. How, exactly, did Brain know where to find Jellal’s assumed-atomized body? Answer: he shouldn’t. With the current story, this just comes off as Mashima determinedly jamming Jellal back into the story at literally the worst time with no logical explanations whatsoever. However, if Brain is the one possessing Jellal, it obviously makes sense that Brain would know where to look to find Jellal’s body.
  • Jellal’s amnesia. In-story, this is a very poorly-used and convenient device to absolve Jellal of his wrongdoings by wiping his mental slate clean and reverting him to Good Pure Jellal. It’s got a lot of holes in it that are never explained, such as how Jellal can still use magic that isn’t his, how Jellal can use magic he learned while possessed, and Jellal very conveniently hearing a “voice” in his head that told him “I must find Nirvana”. This becomes better explained with Brain in control: Brain is still actively possessing him in the Nirvana arc.
  • Why Cobra couldn’t hear Jellal’s thoughts at first. In the same instance as the amnesia coming into play, Cobra is for some reason unable to hear Jellal’s thoughts in order to (badly) preserve the tension. This doesn’t really make sense, because memories and active thoughts aren’t the same thing. However, we can deduce that Cobra couldn’t hear Brain’s thoughts either, because as detailed here, he was shocked when Brain stabbed him in the back and took it pretty damn hard. If Brain knew how to hide his thoughts from Cobra, it makes sense he’d know how to also hide Jellal’s thoughts from him, too.
  • The Oracion Seis being willing to work with Jellal. In canon, the Seis have no clue that Jellal was possessed and only know him as a monstrous lunatic that terrorized their childhoods. Which is why it makes no sense that, when Brain brings them Jellal in a coffin, they seem pleased at the idea of his resurrection and willing to work with him–they should hate him and want Jellal to stay dead to the point of mutiny. If Brain is the one controlling Jellal, then it makes sense that they’d be okay with this–they’re in on the brainwashing plot. It would also make it a decent catharsis when Jellal later pulverizes them in the Tartaros arc and gets confronted with the Zero illusion, instead of Jellal being a horrible tyrant beating down and enslaving the people whose childhoods he ruined to the point of post-traumatic stress disorder. I don’t really like that one, since I prefer the Oracion Seis as the anti-villains they are, instead of complete monsters like Brain. So instead, you could also have Jellal walk up to Brain’s corpse and be relieved that he’s dead, stating that he owes Cobra and the Seis, explaining that Brain was the one behind his possession and wants to work with them, or something along those lines. 
  • The source of Jellal’s brainwashing feels genuine, and not just there to give him an out by turning another character into a scapegoat. I’ve already said before that I heavily suspect why Ultear was made the one behind Jellal’s brainwashing last-minute: because fans weren’t on Jellal’s side yet and still didn’t like him, so Mashima turned the blame onto another villain so Jellal could be redeemed–much like he turned Acnologia into the new overarching villain when he decided he wanted Zeref to be a tragic, redeemable villain. However, he should have been more careful with it. He decided in that same arc that he wanted to redeem Ultear Milkovich, and so we have Ultear, with her suitably tragic backstory, being the one behind another character’s entire set of crimes despite being on the heroes’ side now. That slave tower was run for 10 years and many atrocities were committed that stripped hundreds of innocent children of not only their bodily health, but their mental health, and people died. In doing this, Mashima is breaking a basic rule of drama, as established by Aristotle: do not show a bad man (villain) coming to a good end. What I’m saying is that by stacking Jellal’s crimes onto Ultear’s already heavy ones, her sins become completely unforgivable and she looks like a monster, no matter how sad her story is. This would be okay if Ultear were Brain, a remorseless villain who has been shown willing to brainwash, torture, and manipulate people as he pleases and who is a complete monster as is already established. But Ultear became a redeemed villain. The Tower of Heaven is a crime worthy of death–death by execution, not death by self-sacrifice or suicide. This would make it, again, amazing catharsis when Cobra kills Brain–he was the one behind not only Jellal’s suffering, but the Seis’ as well, and he then gets exactly what he deserves. Mashima should have turned the blame onto a villain that wasn’t going to be redeemed so he wouldn’t have to deal with this atonement bullshit, and Brain was there, but instead he chose Ultear. 

It also accomplishes this much for Brain himself instead of Jellal:

  • It connects him to the overarching plot better. When it comes to Brain’s relevance to the story, all he’s really there to do is be a villain for the Nirvana arc; he isn’t present in the Neo-Oracion Seis for obvious reasons, and is promptly killed when he gets free from prison by the dude he backstabbed. Even the responsibility for Ultear’s childhood torture is anime-only (although I accept it as canon for this exact reason). Putting him in charge of Jellal’s brainwashing connects him to the Tower of Heaven arc, in turn connecting him personally to Jellal, Erza, the Tower of Heaven gang, and everyone else that involved. It also adds another layer to the relationship between him and the rest of the Seis: they were terrorized by Jellal until he saved them, taking them them out of the tower and teaching them their magic. In reality, he’s directly responsible for that horrible experience.
  • It gives him more of a connection to Nirvana. Nirvana is, essentially, a brainwashing magic. It forcibly switches the alignments, personalities, and allegiances of anyone it affects, and is probably pretty fucking powerful since we can deduce that its original intended target was Acnologia. Brain is called Brain because of his vast intelligence collection, research, and surveillance abilities, but adding brainwashing to his arsenal would give him even more reason to pursue Nirvana: he likes control and he’s already started figuring out how to achieve it. 

so i’ve been thinking about BW!Matt and realized Haggar probably would have experimented on him too. i’m thinking maybe cybernetic eyes and hands for his advancements,,,

the hands would work like Shiro’s mechanical arm, but the eyes are different. i’m thinking maybe they have different settings on them?? maybe infrared vision/night vision?? could be a thing, and also they can zoom in on things like binoculars 

(the reason i chose eyes is because Matt had poor eyesight, which would be a disadvantage for a soldier like him, and it would make sense for Haggar to fix that i think)

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Hello Ms. Talented :D! I wanted to request you do the prompt “You make/made me so happy.” for Mc and Yoosung OR Mc and Saeran.

(I actually use Mx. as a title, rather than Ms/Mr/Etc. It’s pronounced Mix/Mux ^^ But don’t worry, it happens all the time!)

Unknown/Saeran and MC – Night Time Panic

Prompt: You make me so happy

(AN: I felt this fitted Saeran so well, thank you for the prompt! My apologies for how late this is, I was reading (fanfiction, cough) and then I went to sleep so I’m only getting around to this now, and at the point I’m writing this, it has taken me a good two and a half hours to get through a bit over half of it even though it’s less than 2k words total ;;. Check the tags for potential triggers if you have any! Also, there will definitely be spoilers in this because it’s based around Saeran!

I’m still building up to the second secret ending, and so I haven’t actually played it. I’m going fully on headcanons here as I delve in to Saeran’s past, and so this may be incredibly inaccurate. It was fun to write though. Sorry for always going way beyond the prompt ;u; Enjoy!)

Saeran cuddles up to you, nuzzling his face in to your back sleepily. The two of you were exhausted after a long day dealing with Saeyoung’s shenanigans and constant teasing, which actually caused the two of you to just leave and go a walk together because Saeran was getting close to his breaking point, and you hated seeing him like that.

Now, as you both relax together, your breathing slowing as you feel his steady breaths against your back, you feel your eyelids drooping closed, so you shift yourself slightly to make yourself comfortable, feeling Saeran tighten his arms around you and bury his face deeper in to your back. You feel yourself smiling as you drift off to sleep.

It doesn’t take much longer for Saeran to fall asleep too; with your presence and warmth beside him, he has been finding it much easier to fight his anxiety and insomnia at night. His sleep, though, is plagued with nightmares.

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For a while I wondered about Clint being on Cap’s team. At first he seemed like an add-on to level out the teams because what reason did he have to take anyone’s side, especially with a spouse and three kids at home?

Then it hit me: of all of the Avengers to be on Steve’s side, of fucking course the most logical choice would’ve been Clint. Of course Clint would be on-board with Steve wanting to protect Bucky.

Clint Barton understands brainwashing. Clint Barton, the man that was mind-controlled by Loki. The man who would’ve killed Nick Fury if not for the Director’s bulletproof vest and Maria Hill if Fury hadn’t warned her. The man who shot and killed several fellow SHIELD agents in Germany. The man who led the attack on SHIELD’s helicarrier, resulting in a lot of damage and casualties. The man who used all his top level training trying to kill his best friend, Natasha.

He understands having your mind scrambled, stripped of your autonomy and forced to kill others. During Civil War, Bucky’s response to “do you even remember them?” was ‘I remember all of them.’ After Clint recovered his mind, Nat wouldn’t tell him how many SHIELD agents he’d killed, that he shouldn’t blame himself. I have no doubt Clint didn’t stop until he had that list and looked at every face and name until he could never forget them.

What HYDRA made Buck do is no more his fault than what Loki made Clint do and while he might not be able to change anyone’s opinions, I believe Clint will one-hundred percent have Bucky’s back on this.

Can I have a Winterhawk BROTP??? I NEEDZ IT.