How Liberals really feel about black people.


Have you noticed that the attack of Istanbul did not receive any candle?

In case you did not know, on the night of 31, 39 people were killed, and there are 70 others injured, in a nightclub.

Why are we Paris when things like this happen in Paris? Why do we put candles on our profile when this happens in Brussel?

Is Istanbul not as important?

Paris, Brussels, Nice, Munich, it´s horrible that all that has happened. But the people who have died there, are not more valuable then those who have died in Istanbul, Syria, Iran, or Palestine.

I know the other cities are closer to where we live, and I think it´s a very lame excuse, but don´t we always say that distance does not matter? Or does this only count for “love” and “friendship”?

I think all human beings deserve to be treated equallly, but as they are not from here, we do not put candles on our profile, nor are we Istanbul.

I will not do this in this message either, since I do not do it for ANY city, neither Nice nor Paris, nor Istanbul. Why? What difference doe it make to put a photo of a candle on Facebook? NOTHING, the damage is already done.

I just wanted to mention that the world has been divided, in an very unfair way. And nothing is what it appears to be. We’ve all been brainwashed, believe whatever you want to believe.