Rise of the Iron Legion

The metropolis of St Lima was a bustling city, sky-rise after sky-rise rose above the streets. Business flourished here and the economy continued to grow and grow. This success came with its cons as this flow of money attracted the wrong crowd. The city had long struggled with crime. Due to its size an under-funded police department struggled to cope. 

That was until the wave of superheroes. For reasons unknown people across the globe grew powerful, able to augment powers science had deemed impossible. St Lima nowadays was patrolled by a band of superheroes in order to keep the city safe. Two of the more powerful heroes were Neurora and Minda. This dynamic duo of super heroines both possessed the same power of being able to control emotions. They could often waltz into an armed robbery and leave the theirs begging for mercy without lifting a finger. 

Super heroines such as these posed a great threat to the Iron Legions ascension to power. The legion were a faction of criminals, those with and without powers. The legion had lurked in the shadows controlling cells of criminals in secret, slowly gaining wealth and power. Their goal was to claim St Lima as the wealthy haven it should be for people like The Legion. For their city-wide domination The Legion had to get their foot in the door with a power move. The great minds behind the organisation had deemed Neurora and Minda as a top priority to take out first due to their powers being so manipulative and powerful. The Legion lay a carefully constructed plan for the heroines to walk right into. First they sent outa cell of Legion thieves to make some noise and then return back to the designated warehouse. A few minutes after the thieves arrival Neurora and Minda found themselves standing outside. “Well… looks like we got ourselves a game of cat and mouse!” giggled Minda. Neurora smirked and looked over at her accomplice “The mice don’t stand a chance” She gave a playful purr as they strode into the building confidently, the trap was working.As they wandered in the warehouse was dark and dingy, their were a variety of monitors dotted everywhere and various air vents in the ceiling. Boxes were stacked both to the left and right side of the entrance corridor. As they went further Neurora could swear there was some sort of faint noise but Minda didn’t seem bothered so she left it. As they neared an opening there was a large circular area surrounded by a 360 of screens as they neared to the centre the air vents suddenly kicked in as a strange pinkish gas erupted from every vent. Both Minda and Neurora went to react but found themselves weakened in the gas. Minda gasped as both felt their legs go jelly as they helplessly slumped to the floor “ *cough* *wheeze* what is this stuff!” Minda looked towards Neurora for assistance but saw that she too was helplessly frollicking “ gah *gasp* not.. sure.. but I feel weird almost hot?” Neurora and Minda both began to hear the noise Neurora had heard earlier as it slowly got louder and the screens whirred into life. Images of porn and women in heat whizzed round the screens burning themselves into the girls minds. The noise became more distinguishable as it grew louder “OBEY…Make each other happy…horny…obedient to your master…OBEY”. The girls felt themselves growing warmer and warmer, images of sexual bliss and obedience whizzed through their dazed and mumbled minds, the gas caressing every part of their skin as it leaves them panting on the floor. The mantra over the speaker picks up volume and intensity as they begin to strip and massage their clits. Both began falling to the suggestions as they began to create intense arousal and susceptability into each others minds. Soon they were stripping each other down as they submitted themselves to their programming.

Hours later they were still all over each other. Trapped in their own loop of arousal, bliss and conditioning as they continued to strengthen each others programming. Minda leaned over the top of Neurora as she fed thoughts and feelings into her brain “Yessss yes yes mmhmmmm… Obey our masters… make each other happy….”. Neurora lay there caressing minda as her heat grew and grew “Ahhhh..Mhhmmm..Ah.AH…AHHHHH….OOooooo yesss obeyyyyy”.

After weeks of further conditioning, brainwashing and hypnosis the two were now strongly devoted to The Iron Legion. The two received heavy modifications to their bodies in order to compliment their devotion to the Legion. Hair dye, Hair extensions, facial reconstruction, lip injections, permanent makeup, a series of tattoos as well as a tit job each and a new fake butt. The girls were now dripping in sex appeal and were now The Legions deadliest weapon Minda stared mischievously at Neurora “Mhhmmmm looks like us kittens just wanna play”. Neurora looked back with a lustful gaze “Purrrrr you bet I feel sooo good” Neurora felt a wave of euphoria as she gazed into Minds eyes, she swiftly returned the feeling as they both giggled as they aroused each other with their new looks.

 With the new and improved Minda and Neurora all sorts of possibilities opened up for The Legion as they progressed their ascension to domination. Who would be next on their takedown list.

——————————————————————————————-Hey guys! definitely a little lengthy to my normal stuff but I thoroughly enjoyed writing this one and am more than happy to continue this into a series on my page. The super heroine theme was a request from @moriarity75 so thank you for that.          

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