Let me preface by saying that I know this subject differs drastically from individual to individual, though of those I speak are the majority…and believe me when I say I’ve met all the types…To answer your question, it’s because the majority of the time the same people who obsess over these bands or idols are doing so for incredibly shallow reasons. Let’s be truthful with each other here….it sure as hell isn’t for the artistic integrity of the product they create. It’s often times a lust built on hype.

Cole and I (though I am usually much less vocal) don’t condone these band’s messages at all. For the most part, all they do is prey on young tween girls to brainwash and sell to whilst creating a perverted image of “love” and “how a man should be.” This model has been used for, what seems like generations now, to make profit off the backs of targets who keep letting them fool them out of more money. Not only is it pathetic and immoral that this cycle continues on the side of production, but disheartening that it has yet to be broken by a generation wise enough to see through its ruse.

We hold a special kind of shame because this kind of brainwashing, idolatrous, shallow, beauty obsessed culture is one we had a hand in manipulating unknowingly.

Keen eyes would see a bit of regret in both Cole and I’s input on the matter, as we continue to search for ways to remedy what we deem an unhealthy fascination. Cole’s way of doing so may be more blunt and offensive, but it certainly harbored some attention didn’t it?