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Would you do BrainstormxPerceptor • "Just let me take care of you.”

“We can’t do this here.” He was trying to keep his voice low, but Perceptor found it slowly getting louder and louder the more Brainstorm bit at his neck. “Someone is going to see us.” He didn’t push Branstorm off, but did continue to voice his concerns. “If Magnus sees us-” His mouth gaped and he closed his optics when Brainstorm pushed his hips flush against him, hiding his spike up into Perceptors valve. “A-Ah~” He covered his mouth with one hand.

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Seeds To Sow - Bubonicc - The Transformers (IDW Generation One) [Archive of Our Own]   
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Transformers (IDW Generation One)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Brainstorm/Perceptor
Characters: Brainstorm (Transformers), Perceptor (Transformers)
Additional Tags: Sticky Sexual Interfacing

Brainstorm spends time sculpting roses to present to Perceptor, if only he could work up the courage to do so.

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Brainstorm/Perceptor "I-I don't want to overload yet!" (or if u prefer, "You seem to be running a little hot. Mind if I help you with that?") please and thank u!

Brainstorm pressed his nose to the underside of Perceptors chin, smirking at the soft groan that escaped the scopes mouth. He had Perceptor backed against a wall, his own frame just barely touching him. He leaned forwards once in a while so their chests would bump but kept his own heated groin away from Perceptor until he was sure Perceptor wanted him.

            “You seem to be running a little hot. Mind if I help you with that?” It hadn’t been a secret that Perceptor was on his first day of his heat cycle. The tangy scent that had been emitting from him all night had alerted Brainstorm to his friends needs. He hadn’t put in any effort to try and win Perceptor over until Perceptor had started to do strange things around the lab. Mostly by ‘accidently’ dropping tools and picking them up in a lewd fashion, making sure his aft was always facing in Brainstorms direction. Not to mention the little wiggle he would do before standing back up and walking off as if it never happened.

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"Spread your legs for me" Brainstorm/perceptor pleaaaase ?

“Spread your legs for me” Brainstorm nested himself between Perceptors legs and laid across his frame.

           "Take your mask off.“ Perceptor reached for it but Brainstorm pulled back just out of reach.

           "Only if you take your optics scope off.” Smirking under his mask when Perceptor pouted, he waited. “Come on Perceptor I want to see your optics, both of them.” He did his best to make puppy eyes but wasn’t very good.

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