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Human for a Day - Gemsona Event

On May 21st of this year 2017 from 12am EST to 11:59pm EST, gemsona makers will be asked to post and submit creations of their gemsona(s) disguising themselves as humans for the first time to @gemsonaresources! This event will explore how gemsonas first immersed themselves in humanity and why they were curious to learn about the way humans live on Earth.

How do I participate?
Create art, literature, videos, playlists, animation, or use any other medium to show your gemsona(s) figuring out the world of humans!

Where and how do I send in my work(s)?

Two ways:
1) Post your works on Tumblr, use the hashtag #gemsonasashumans within the first five tags on your post and tag me @gemsonaresources in the description or the first five tags so I know where to find your works.

2) If you do not have a Tumblr blog or prefer to submit your works on another website (deviantArt, Twitter, etc), please send me a link to your work and I will post it onto my Tumblr page.

Are early and late submissions accepted?
Yes and yes! If you are unable to be online on the 21st, you may send in your work(s) to me early and I will queue them for the date. For late submissions, I will keep checking the #gemsonasashumans tag until May 24th!

**If you have any questions or wish to send in your work(s) early, feel free to send in an ask, fanmail, or chat message to @gemsonaresources or @macbeth-macdeath (my main blog)! Click the “Read More” for rules on submissions and prompts to help you brainstorm ideas!

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Follow the Rules

Original request:  awesome, you’re alive! can I request some Yixing fluff? It can be about anything, really. You’re just really good at fluff and there isn’t a lot of good Yixing fluff unfortunately :(

Sorry this took so long! I originally started a different Lay scenario but lost interest in it, and then this one came to me. Hope you like it!

“The popcorn’s ready!” You hurried into the living room and plopped down on the couch beside Yixing. You held out the huge bowl between you both and tossed a handful of popcorn into your mouth. “I’m glad you got time off work today. But are you sure you don’t mind staying here and watching Netflix all day?”

He smiled back at you, his dimple making an appearance. “I don’t mind what we do for our anniversary. Besides, I really need to catch up on our shows.”

He started scrolling through the list of titles available and selected your favourite show. You set the bowl of popcorn down onto the table in front of you as the show started, and snuggled up to Yixing’s side. He put an arm around you and pulled you close.

“How about we make things interesting?” he said with a smile that brought his dimple back out to play.

“Interesting how?”

“Let’s make up rules for a drinking game, but where we have to kiss instead.”

“Alright,” you said, a bit too eagerly. “I’ve got one. Any time there’s a flashback.”

You both brainstormed a few more rules for the game, until Yixing said, “How about any time you laugh or make fun of the show?”

You groaned and rolled your eyes. “You’re going to be sick of kissing me by the time we’re done, then.”

You felt his soft lips press to your cheek gently, and his hand clasped around yours before settling his fingers between yours. “I don’t think that’d be possible,” he murmured, breath against your ear.

You felt your cheeks warming. “Well okay, then. Let’s start.” You turned your attention back to the show and laughed. “What do you know - it’s a flashback. I guess we have to follow the rules…”

“I think I’m going to like this game,” he mumbled, before leaning in close and planting his lips on yours.

Is it bad that I just had the mental image of the entire “All Hail Optimus” arc turning out to be the crew of the Lost Light playing a tabletop rpg?

Like, zoom out to a table and everyone is staring at like Brainstorm or something. And Rodimus is like, “New rule: Brainstorm isn’t allowed to play Optimus anymore.”

GM Magnus: “You can’t make up rules in the middle of the campaign.”

Rodimus: “He’s too out of character! Annexing Earth? Seriously?!”

Brainstorm: “I told you guys. Critical fails are no joke.”

Tailgate: “Okay, uh, I shoot Optimus’s arm off.”

GM Ultra Magnus: “Roll.”

Cyclonus: “Natural 20. Impressive.”

Rodimus: “I hate this campaign.”

Brainstorming - POI Drinking Game?

So I want to write up a Person of Interest Drinking Game, since getting smashed while watching things you enjoy can be a fabulous time. (I mean, one time the Star Trek: TNG drinking game knocked my companions and I flat in a signal episode, everyone smooched, and I woke up the next day with money stuffed down my bra. Thanks, Picard! TV drinking games are simply the best.)

I’m brainstorming rules. Here’s what I have so far - please reply, reblog-comment, or send asks with additional ideas if you have any! I will compile them all into a new post and credit whomever’s ideas get used. :3

Take a drink when:

-Someone gets kneecapped
-A phone is destroyed
-A phone is bluejacked
-A computer/network/system is hacked
-A car is crashed/smashed/flipped/blown up
-Someone is described as “relevant” or “irrelevant”
-Someone says “man in the suit” or “man in a suit”
-Someone dies

-Finch worries about Reese (“Are you alright Mr. Reese? Is everything okay Mr. Reese?”)
-Finch says he’s a “very private person”
-Finch uses another bird alias (Wren, Gull, Swift, etc)

-Root corrects someone about her name (“My name is Root!” etc)
-Root flirts with Shaw
-Root tasers someone

-Shaw rolls her eyes
-Shaw enthusiastically eats food
-Shaw says something sarcastic at another character’s expense (”What would Mr. Reese do?” “Brood.” etc)

-Fusco nicknames another character (“Mr. Sunshine” for Reese, “Cocoapuffs” for Root, etc)

-Bear chews up something he shouldn’t

Finish whole drink when:

-A main cast member gets kissed
-A main cast member gets shot
-A main cast member is tortured
-A main/recurring character dies
-Someone other than Finch says they are a “private person”
-Reese isn’t wearing a suit
-The Machine speaks through Root