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gonna share my ugly headcanons 1. max has a dimple 2. david needs reading glasses 3. max can fucking rap like a boss 4. david can play the ukelele as well 5. max had a cat ages ago 6. david is bad at talking to animals and hes scared of dogs 7. max loves sunflowers (this one is super random?) 8. david used to take ballroom dancing classes (seriously @brain wtf) -🍭

These are beautiful ;-;

  • me: wonders if we're really supposed to buy that all the guests at Felix's art opening just accepted that each new 'sister' was the same person dressed up in a different costume
  • me, twelve hours later: remembers that each of the sisters actually IS the same person dressed up in a different costume

tiny brain: fairy tales i.e. beauty and the beast, snow white, and cinderella are romantic

slightly bigger brain: fairy tales are sexist as fuck #WhatPrincessesTaughtMe

slightly slightly bigger brain: actually fairy tales are empowering for example cinderella is about a woman escaping her abusive home situation and beauty and the beast is about love between social outcasts

large brain: most of these stories are old as shit and reflect the gender roles of the time of their conception but whether or not they are intolerably sexist depends very much on the execution and interpretation of the critical plot points by the adaptation and you can’t paint every adaptation with the same brush

astral brain: fairy tales… but gay


• The 1975 - new albums music Lockscreens !
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Make a point of noticing things that you usually go without acknowledging. That jogger you pass every morning; you see them every time, but don’t take notice. That perfectly built birds nest right outside your house; it’s beautiful, but have you noticed? There so many things around you that you have yet to experience, I guarantee it. Just take your mind off of autopilot.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin


The second half of my commission from @kurogoesinthedas – seriously thank you so much for bringing this to life, it’s completely perfect.

(a good morning from my more srs post-Trespasser business)

It takes more brain activation to lie than to tell the truth. Save yourself the extra trouble, and only speak the truth. Always.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin