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I haven’t told her the things she says when she’s drunk. I’ve never seen someone be so cruel. She slanders her own name. When I go to undress her, she shudders, she’s been programmed to think something so intimate is nothing more than fraudulent affairs. I’ve been denied her femininity, she claims her skin been touched by too many. Her profession is slowly manipulating her self image. I’ve noticed the nights when her dried tears clump her eyelashes together. She cloaks herself in black to mourn her beauty but her beauty is not lost, she’s simply given it away. It’s ambitious for me to think I can alter her perception. Simply put she is breath taking. 

Please understand you’re enchanting, Nessy. 

Brains Over Beauty (Part 4) // Stiles Stilinski

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Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 (FINAL)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x reader
Word Count: 1,363
Warnings: making out, fluff, implied smut, angst?
Original request from @hungergamesteenwolf:  “Hi could you make an imagine where the reader is a veela (a beautiful supernatural creature with hypnotic powers) and everyone gets attracted to get because of her looks but only her soulmate gets attracted to her because of personality and until she finds out who her soulmate is the world is in black and white and she finds out stiles is her soulmate who she has been friends with since childhood. Thanks.”

A/N: Another update! There will only be one more part for this series, that should hopefully be up within the next few days. Please don’t ask me to make the next part the smut because I have never actually written before so…yeah. It would be a train-wreck so just don’t. Anyhow, hope you still enjoy!

P.S most of the facts about the creature in this are true

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