So the marching band at my school put on an indoor show called “Knightmare on Pleasant Street” and it was almost cancelled yesterday because of the snow BUT IT WASN’T YAY. anyways the show was amazing and we did Thriller and the crowd went nuts. and we wore makeup. it was quite the experience.

and also there were more people in the audience than there usually is for our drama club shows. awko taco.  

b2utyrisa asked:

Omg I miss your writing so much and all these drabbles are seriously the cutest

Thank you! Drunk chelsea gets done more than sober chelsea ever could. I have several more rly great prompts but I passed out before I could get to them. I’m gonna do them today though, it’s my new resolution to keep up w asks!!

Also I do have stuff in the works fic-wise, I just take forever to publish! ….and also some of it is not vmin whooppps.