“Where is my self control” I whisper, as two new AU versions of Arthur settle themselves into my brain alongside the rest

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So...I've read a lot of fics with Bull risking his life and Dorian almost losing him due to injuries...but what if Dorian was the one that got the massive injuries? Just a thought. it can be sad/fluffy if you wish.

Lots of people asked for a variation on this, kind of hurt/comfort stuff, and it latched onto my brainnnn ugh I love it. What a good prompt. SO HERE WE GO:


“You piece of shit, stay with me,” Bull snarls from somewhere… up, upwards. Dorian’s eyelids feel heavy, but every time he shuts them something jostles his head, only stops once his eyes are open again. Annoying. He’s tired.

“Rocky, hold his arm—”

“Focus, Dalish!”

“Shut up, shut up, I’m trying, shut up—!”

Everyone sounds so very angry. Frantic. Panicked. Dorian tries to ask what’s wrong but he’s not sure he says anything; the voices don’t stop, no one responds. That hurts. That hurts, that hurts, and there’s weight on his chest, weight and pain, his arm stretched above his head, he’s coughing and that hurts.

“Chief, you need to move.”

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it’s been 2 weeks and I still crying almost every nights, even in sleep,( wtf brainnnn), this emotional pain unlike the time I read the last book of Harry Potter or watching that damn movie,,, I dont know…
I think what Snape would see in “mirror of erised” would be the time when he was young with Lilly, sharing their precious memories together I guess…..

apparently I seem to love torturing myself

so if NCT has the new unit, it would probably be the group of kids we’ve seen walking around with johnny and kun, and there’s maybe a possibility that NCT U could comeback because of the whole more than 1 unit promoting at the same time thing but if U comes back, they could add as many people as they want right? Making the “entirety” it NCT true?? And if NCT U comes back with just 1 song with choreography and 1 song with vocals it wouldn’t be a problem for members who are in the new unit to dance with U Idk maybe theyd perform switch at MAMAs and idk WOW MY BRAINNNN HURTSSSS WEEE OOOW EEE OOOO WEEEE OOO